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January 2016

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Certain fixed point theorem
Aradhana Sharma and G.S. Sao

In this paper, we prove a fixed point theorem using compatible condition. Our result generalizes the result of Kang and Rhoades satisfying contractive condition of integral type.

Effect of physico-chemical parameters on plankton and fish fauna population of bhopal lakes and ponds
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Napit

All the 18 lakes and ponds in Bhopal Distt. Were studied to analyse the effect of change in Physico-chemical parameters on the planktons fish population and distribution. Due to manhandling of these ware bodies, the parameters changed, which led to population fluctuation of phytoplanktons and fish fauna.

Study on a discrete time three-dimensional probability mac protocol with three-way handshake mechanism in wsn
Hongwei Ding, Shengjie Zhou, Yifan Zhao, Qianlin Liu and Zhijun Yang

Wireless Sensor Network which is a very important emerging technology in the information age, has caused great concerning all over the world, has much more development potential. IEEE802.11 provides the following solutions. The introduction of RTS / CTS mechanism, and set the upper limit of the number of bytes transferred, ensuring the plurality of mutually invisible transmitting station at the same time send a signal to the same receiving site. The paper presents a discrete time three-...

Prevalence and incidence of ticks in goat on the basis of nutritional status
Gaherwal, S., Sahu, P., Kanhere, R. R. and Aziz, R. U

The present study deals with prevalence and incidence of hard ticks in goat on the basis of nutritional status. The proposed investigation was done in Mhow (Indore region) (M.P).The survey and sample collection was done in 100 animal observed in which 50 animal with poor and 50 animal with fair nutritional status in villages of Mhow. 56 animals were found infected with ticks, in which 38 animals with poor and 18 animals with fair nutritional status. It is indicated that the parasitic...

A modified entropy based fuzzy clustering for software quality data
Jaya Pal and Vandana Bhattacherjee

In Data mining, Fuzzy clustering algorithms have demonstrated advantage over crisp clustering algorithms in dealing with the challenges posed by large collections of vague and uncertain natural data. This paper presents concept of crisp clustering, fuzzy logic, fuzzy clustering and classical entropy based fuzzy clustering. Based on study of classical entropy based fuzzy clustering, we propose modified entropy based fuzzy clustering algorithm using distance measure between the data points....

Shelf life stability studies of university of benin (uniben) proff’s kilishi product
Igene J.O., Evivie, S.E. Ebabhamiegbebho, P.A. and Uwadia, O.E.

Meat samples were taken at each of the stages of the production process which includes fresh beef, cleaned/washed beef, first stage dried meat, infusion slurry, second stage dried meat, finished product and stored kilishi. Microorganisms were enumerated and identified from the various stages of the production process and storage period following standard morphological and biochemical methods. Sensory evaluation was carried out on finished products using a 9-point Hedonic scale, using trained...

Analysis and prediction of methane emission in India, china, Japan and southeast Asian Countries
Sumit Nandi and Pijush Basak

Methane, one of the greenhouse gases (GHGs), is less discussed regarding global warming than carbon dioxide though influence of methane gas for the global climate change is significant. It is the second most damaging GHG after carbon dioxide. Emission of methane is primarily rests on wetlands, paddy fields, enteric fermentation, landfills and waste products. The paper makes an attempt for modelling of methane emission in some Asian countries such as India, China, Japan and Southeast Asian...

The role of health websites in health education
Abdullah Alyahya, Meshaal Almotair and Abdullatif Alkhuraiji

Due to the Internet technology, hundreds of web sites are accessible for health information, and the retrieval of such information is quite rapid. Once you as a consumer obtain all of this information, how do you determine whether the information you are looking at is valid and current and even relevant to your needs? In this study we obtained the answers and further information about that. A cross-sectional study for an open sample 214 people participated through Self-Administered...

Improving growth of canola (brassica napus L.) plants by seed inoculation and inorganic - organic nitrogen fertilization
EL Sabagh, A., Abd El-Rasool, S., Islam, M. S., Barutçular, C. and Omar, A.

Extending the role of organic and bio-fertilizers in crop production can reduce using of mineral fertilizers. Demands of edible oil are increasing in Egypt. Therefore, Two field experiments were conducted at farm of Faculty of Agriculture, Kafr El-Sheikh University, Egypt, during two consecutive winter seasons of 2005 and 2006to study effects of bio-fertilizer (control and bio-fertilizer), compost (control, 6, 12 and 18 ton ha-1) and nitrogen (control, 36, 72 and 108 kg ha-1)on growth and...

The effect of health education about smoking on high school students
Mohammad Aljameeli, Abdulaziz Bin Askar, Weal Al-Zahrani

Tobacco smoking lead to major diseases worldwide. Such as COPD, CVD and different type of Cancers. 80% of smokers start smoking around the age of 18 year ,according to the CDC. The objectives of this study is to measure the effect of smoking awareness among high school students and to know the best warning method to educate students about smoking effect on their health. By looking to the commonest methods that used for smoking awareness, which are Religious advisor, family and relative, anti...

Ecological risk assessment and contamination levels of heavy metals and pesticide residues in water and sediment from ondo coastal region, Nigeria
Akinnawo Solomon, Olajide Ayodele and Edward Olanipekun

Contamination levels of heavy metals and pesticide residues were studied in water and sediment samples from Ondo coastal region of Nigeria. Pesticide residues were extracted from water and sediment and analysis was done using gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometer. Heavy metals in water and sediment was obtained by digestion, the digestate was analyzed using atomic absorption spectrometer. The result shows that the water and sediment samples is contaminated with levels of...

Plant response to two types of weather- based irrigation controllers under subsurface drip irrigation system in arid regions
Dewidar, A. Z., Mohammad, F. S., Alazba, A. A. and Al-Ghobari, H. M.

This study was carried out to investigate the suitability of weather- based irrigation controllers (WBICs) for agricultural applications under subsurface drip irrigation system. WBICs were evaluated on the basis of irrigation application and agronomic parameters of tomato crop compared to a time-based irrigation controller (control) under arid climatic conditions. Experimental site was located at educational farm of King Saud University, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia on a sandy loam textured soil....

A mathematical model for analysis of blood flow in a Stenosed artery with permeable wall
Rupesh K. Srivastav, Atul Kumar Agnihotri and Manisha Gupta

The present study examines the characteristics of steady blood flow in a bell shaped mild stenosed artery with permeable wall using Newtonian fluid model. It is assumed that the permeability of the arterial wall obeys Darcy Law, which states that the rate at which a fluid flows through a permeable substance per unit area is equal to the permeability times the pressure drop per unit length of flow, divided by the viscosity of fluid. The expressions for the flow characteristics, namely, the...

Some extension formulas for lauricella’s function of the first kind of several variables
Ahmed Ali Atash

The object of this research paper is to established two extension formulas for Lauricella’s function of the first kind of several variables. The results are established with the help of generalized Watson’s theorem on the sum of the series obtained by (Lavoie et al., 1992). Further, some new and known results are deduced as special cases of these extension formulas

Use of intravenous cannula in patient management: Practices of health workersat a teaching hospital in Trinidad
Use of intravenous cannula in patient management: Practices of health workersat a teaching hospital in Trinidad

Aim: To determine the practices of the health workers at two hospital in Trinidad with regard to cannula use in the management of their patients.
Design: A cross-sectional descriptive survey was conducted using all categories of health who consented to participate in the study. Data was collected with researchers’-designed questionnaire structured to provide information on the health workers catheter use and practices. Data was analyzed using the SPSS programme.
Result: Results...

Jserelec – An open source optimized serelec
Vishwas Raval and Padam Kumar

World Wide Web has immense resources for all kind of people for their specific needs. Searching on the Web using search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask have become an extremely common way of locating information. Searches are factorized by using either term or keyword sequentially or through short sentences. The challenge for the user is to come up with a set of search terms/keywords/sentence which is neither too large (making the search too specific and resulting in many false negatives)...

Monitoring the autumn color change in leaves of amphelopsis quinquefolia
Elif Bozdoğan

Colors became important as they help us to feel the world by providing significant information on the environment. It is accepted that color affects people physically, psychologically, physiologically and sociologically. Color is important for the cultural environment and it is considered as the determinant of the change in season. Color change in leaves by aging increase the visual value of trees with their red, orange, yellow and brown colors. With these characteristics, it is an important...

Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and antimicrobial activity of manganese (ii) complexes with unsymmetrical bidentate schiff bases
Swati Sharma and Nighat Fahmi

New title complexes of transition metal ion Mn (II) have been synthesized by the reaction of unsymmetrical bidentate Schiff bases with MnCl2.4H2O. The characterization of these newly synthesized mixed ligand complexes Mn[(N∩O) (N∩O)] and Mn[(N∩O) (N∩S)] was done by elemental analysis, melting point, molecular weight determinations, magnetic moment, IR, electronic, EPR and these complexes were found to be monomeric and nonelectrolytic in nature. These studies showed that the ligands...

Jiu-jitsu athletes’ cardiovascular responses in an adapted Burpee test
Felipe Carmo De Moura, André Accioly Nogueira Machado, Lucas Lima Vieira, Ewerton Sousa de Abreu, Paula Matias Soares, Gerly Anne De Castro Brito, Patrick Simão Carlos and Eder Evangelista Costa

Sports combat practitioners number is increasing, and one of the most popular sports is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), thus it is necessary to use cardiovascular monitoring methods to estimate heart effort. As sport combat a dynamic exercise, adaptation of sport test to resemble one increase its accuracy. The aim study is to determine cardiovascular responses in BJJ athletes through an adapted Burpee test. The sample selection was not probabilistic, for convenience, and comprised 54 fighters BJJ...

Performance evaluation of cluster-based routing protocols used in wireless sensor networks
Neha Sahu, Surendra Dubey and Tarun Dhar Diwan

Here in This Paper, A key concern in WSN technology is to enhance the Network lifetime and to reduce the energy consumption of the sensor network. Wireless sensor nodes are dispersed typically in sensing area to monitor earthquake, battle field, industrial environment, habitant monitoring, agriculture field physical atmosphere conditions and smart homes. Sensor nodes sense the environment, gather information and transmit to BS through wireless link. Due to escalating in Micro-Electro-...

A study on biodiversity of hydrophytes in Panna Sagar Talab, Khetri of Jhunjhunu District (Raj.), India
Sunita Verma and Khan, J. B.

Hydrophytes are an important component of an aquatic ecosystem and play a major role in primary productivity of the aquatic ecosystem. Biodiversity of hydrophytes of Khetri region of Jhunjhunu district was investigated during July 2012 to June 2013. We identified 13 species which belongs to 10 family. They occur submerged below or floating on the surface or growing up through the water surface. In present time the fresh water ecosystems are exposed to the serious threats as compare to...

Determination of surface tension of different fruit juice at different compositions to ensure the suitability for processing applications
Shaziya Mohammed Irfan Momin and Jayashree Sharad Thakre

The determination of surface tension of three selected marketed juice formulations were carried out using Traube’s Stalagmometer technique by drop number method which in turn aid in further identification, structural elucidation as well as determining chemical constituents. The formulation I (Guava Juice), formulation II (Sweet Lime Juice) and formulation III (Orange Juice) were selected and their values of surface tension were compared with the original fresh Guava, Sweet Lime and Orange...

Polycystic ovary syndrome: review from a dental perspective
Aydın Gülses, Yaşam Kemal Akpak, Mustafa Ayna, Yahya Açil, Nilay Karaca, Yasemin Çekmez and Serkan Oral

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which the ovaries contain many cystic follicles that are associated with chronic anovulation and overproduction of androgens. PCOS is a collection of problems that are found together. Dental diseases and disorders may develop for many reasons. In the past, dental consequences of this condition were typically ignored. In the last years, oral findings and affects of this syndrome have became the subject of various studies. PCOS may affect the...

Effect of Surface sterilants on the tissue germination and Biomass production of Hypsizygus Ulmarius (Bull.ex.Fr.) Redhead. (Blue oyster mushroom)
Sutha Raja Kumar, R. and Eswaran, A.

Experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of different surface sterilants on the tissue germination and biomass production of Hypsizygus ulmarius. Tissue bits from the inner part of the basidiocarp of Hypsizygus ulmarius, were sterilized with different surface sterilants at different concentrations. Among the various sterilants tested, sodium hypochlorite @ 2 per cent concentration recorded maximum tissue growth with nil contamination. Out of nine culture media tested Potato Dextrose...

Depression among Medical students in Riyadh city
Dr. Abdulaziz Saeed Al-Ghamdi and Abdulatif Almutairi

The incidence of depression among students, trainees and qualified physicians internationally is increasingly reported in the literature showed that 53.3% of medical students who reported high levels of depressive symptoms. The depression has a negative effect on the medical students. It's very famous syndrome with medical students. It makes the students confused between the studies, unable to analysis the problems and unable to make decision in their life. The aim of this study is to...

Residual effect of nutrient management practices on the yield, NPK uptake and profitability of rice fallow Balckgram
Senthilvalavan, P. and Ravichandran, M.

Field experiments were conducted during rabi season of 2008-09 and 2009-10 on clay soil at Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar to investigate the residual effect of cultivation methods and different nutrient management practices imposed to preceding rice crop on the yield, NPK uptake and economics of blackgram grown in rice-fallow blackgram cropping sequence consecutively for two years. The treatments imposed to rice in split plot design with two methods of...



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