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Current Issue

Current Issue

study of dielectric properties of PPy with NBR based CEC usingtwo point method at X-band using microwave bench

Vijaya Bhaskar, M. and Dr. Padmasuvarna, R.

Thе dielectric propertiеs like dielectric constant, loss tangеnt, loss factor, conductivity, Absorption Coefficient, Skin depth, Dielectric hеating coefficient of various conducting polymers like PPy basеd on Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) with conducting elastomer composites (CECs) methods and using two point techniquе, at microwave frequenciеs in the X- band (7-13 GHz).were studied. The absolute value of thе dielectric constant, absorption coefficiеnt and AC conductivity of the conducting polymers prеpared arе grеatеr than the polymеrs preparеd by gum vulcanizates. Hеating coefficiеnt and skin dеpth PPy and fibre coated PPy (F-PPy) diеlelctrics dеcrеasеs. For NPFp5, LNPFp3 and BP3 the Diеlectric constants obtained arе 37, 57.5 and 44 rеspеctively. At 10.8 GHz maximum AC conductivity of 6.9 S/m was obtained by thе CEC for NPFp5.

Analysis of the water quality characteristics of Intawaogba River

UGBEBOR, John Nwenearizi and OYINLOYE, Adetayo

This study examined the water quality characteristics and self-purification capacity of Intawaogba River. This was done by collecting samples from five (5) sampling points over 300m distance, analysing the physiochemical and heavy metal parameters (pH, Temperature, Salinity, TSS, Turbidity, DO, BOD, Colour, Phosphate, Sulphate, Lead and Iron). The physical parameters were analysed on site while the chemical parameters were analysed carefully in the laboratory. pH, Temperature, Turbidity, TSS, Salinity and Colour had the mean values of 6.10, 26.820C, 7.22mg/L, 39.60mg/L and 245.20PtCo respectively, while DO, BOD, Phosphate and Sulphate had mean values of 4.35mg/L, 2.39mg/L, 0.78mg/L and 6.67mg/L respectively. Heavy metals Lead and Iron had concentrations of <0.1mg/L and 0.63mg/L. The linear correlation statistics between water values and distances downstream further showed that four parameters (DO, pH, Turbidity and Iron) actually decreased with distances downstream with correlation values of -0.71; -0.71; -0.14 and -0.75 respectively; showing evidences of self-purification. The other parameters (BOD, Salinity, Colour, TSS, Phosphate and Sulphate) increased with distance downstream having correlations values of 0.22; 0.69; 0.65; 0.51; 0.88 and 0.81 respectively; indicating a high correlation values The experimental results indicated that DO and Turbidity in the river actually exceeded the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv) permissible limit for surface water. The researchers call for more stringent law on waste discharge into the Intawaogba river and closer monitoring of its water quality.

Doctor of physiotherapy program in ethiopia

Mengestie M. Belay, Biruk L. Wamisho and Serebe A. Gebre

Background: Beginning in 2012, the Government of Ethiopia implemented the Human Resource Development (HRD) program to enhance capacity building in the Ethiopian healthcare system. Through this program, physiotherapy residency program at Addis Ababa University (AAU) was started. The aim of this presentation is to describe Physiotherapy residency program in Ethiopia.
Methods: We performed a descriptive analysis of the physiotherapy residency program in Ethiopia after initiation of the first cohort group of Doctor of Physiotherapy residents.
Results: Through this cohort program, faculty from USA institutions and private companies supplement the existing Ethiopian Physiotherapy educational infrastructure to increase the teaching capacity, manpower and skilled professionals. In the process of conception of Physiotherapy trainees more than half of them were joined from Addis Ababa region with sponsorship letters. Service-based Physiotherapy residence has been conducted for two years as Advanced Physiotherapy Courses’. Then a year later class-based
training program was started through lectures, E-learnings and data-based educational systems. Lectures remain a foremost part of the educational program, but more focus is placed on clinical practice and peer-education. Shortage of academic staffs, mentor instructors and advanced teaching equipment’s overwhelm learning-teaching process posing a challenge towards providing residents with a broad spectrum of clinical experiences, especially advanced Physiotherapy services.
Conclusion: Through this program, the Doctor of Physiotherapy residency program must be expanded throughout different Universities of Ethiopia. Mean a while, the quantity and quality of physiotherapy residency program is expected to offer scholarship chances to physiotherapists working in African continent.

Evaluation of thermal properties and life time of multilayered thermal barrier coating obtained from suspension plasma spray

Mujeebulla Khan Guttal and Abdul Sharief

The aim of the study was to find the effect of thermal cyclic furnace (TCF) on thermal properties and life time of multilayered TBC obtained from new coating technology called suspension plasma spray (SPS). Porosity and Microstructure of multilayered TBCs before and after thermal aging were analyzed to understand the effect of sintering. Study uses single layer 7% YSZ and Lanthanum Zirconate (LZ) La2Zr2O7, double-layer LZ/YSZ TBC deposited with SPS. The overall coating thickness in all TBCs was kept the same. TBC systems were heat-treated in a normal electrically heated furnace at 1100 °C for 150 TCF cycles. Microstructure analyzed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Porosity measured using mercury intrusion method at 0, 50,100,150 TCF cycles. Thermal diffusivity, specific heat and thermal conductivity of both single and double layered TBCs analyzed using laser flash analyzer. Porosity has reduced due to sintering with increase in thermal conductivity in both single and double layered TBC. Life time of single and double layered TBC coated SPS has shown better life time. Tests revealed that the double layered SPS LZ/YSZ had improved thermal properties with better life time.

The effects of estradiol benzoate injection to intact and castrated male rabbits on glucose, total protein, albumin, calcium, urea and creatinine concentrations

TamourElkhier, Shams-Eldein Hassaballa and Shadia Abdo-Elatti Omer

This study was conducted to estimate the effects of estradiol benzoate injection to intact and castrated male rabbits on glucose, total protein, albumin, calcium, urea and creatinine concentrations. A total of Seventy two adult male rabbits were used in this study. The rabbits were randomly divided in to two groups (Thirty sex per group) .One group was used as intact group, the other group of rabbits was subjected to bilateral orchiectomy, and used as castrated group. Each group was further divided randomly to four sub-group(six for each sub-group).Three sub-groups of intact and castrated rabbits were treated once each alternative day with the intramuscular injections of estradiol benzoate (Estradol ® Animal health care Australia) at a doses of(40, 80 and 120 μgm/ rabbit), respectively for thirty days, whereas the fourth sub-group of each receive placebo and act as control group. After the end of experiment period 30 days, a blood samples were collected, and the serum samples were being harvested for analysis of glucose, total protein, albumin, calcium, urea and creatinine concentrations.The study found that glucose concentration was significantly (P<0.05) increase and decrease in intact male rabbits, significantly (P<0.05) increase in castrated male rabbits, total protein significantly (P<0.05) increase or not changed in intact male rabbits, and significantly (P<0.05) decrease in castrated male rabbits. Albumin and calcium were not change (P˃0.05) in intact and castrated male rabbits. Urea was not changed in intact male rabbits and in castrated male rabbits not changed or significantly (P<0.05) increased. Creatinine was not changed or significantly (P<0.05) decrease in intact and castrated male rabbits. It conclude that estradiol benzoate may induced increase or decrease in glucose and total protein, increase in urea or no change, decrease in creatinine or no change, while albumin and calcium were not affected.

Strength properties of concrete using ternary system

Kannan, V.

Utilization of industrial waste materials and other supplementary materials in concrete compensates the lack of natural resources, solving the disposal problem of waste and to find alternative technique to safeguard the nature. Also it can be used to enhance the mechanical and durability properties of the concrete. There are a number of supplementary materials such as silica fume (SF), Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), Fly Ash (FA), Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and more used as partial replacement of cement. This paper carries out a thorough assessment about the addition of SF and GGBFS, which can be adequately utilized in concrete as cement substitution. For that water cement ratio was fixed as 0.55 and the replacement level is from 5% to 20%. Totally nine mix were prepared in the range of 0 to 25 % of SF and GGBFS in binary and ternary system. Different properties were studied to identify optimum level of replacement such as physical properties, chemical properties of materials and mechanical properties.

Investigating the feasibility of land consolidation in rwanda: evidence of china

Tuyishime Delphine, Wang Yong, Byukusenge Laetitia and Cao Xuan

Feeding the growing population is the main concern of the worldwide and it is more urgency to increase agricultural productivity, particularly crops as those are the main sources of food of the population. Developing countries are more challenged with agricultural activities due to the environmental changes; some major should be taken substantially. Rwanda as one of developing countries is coping with these challenges and land use consolidation is one the majors taken to confront them. It was significantly increased crops production in its first implementation years which then is slowing down by environmental and economic factors and mismanagement of cropping systems in some extends. The aim of this research is to find out the feasible methods to reassure land consolidation to boost crops productivity and ensure food security by referring to Chinese successes. It was shown that the people in rural areas are not happy with the application of land consolidation claiming that they cannot afford food by the application of it. The research concludes that the government should construct facilities to enhance land resources quality, quantity and management and primarily ensure the food self sufficient for farmers. Also the application of land use consolidation needs a strong collaboration with the local government and the farmers for the wellbeing of the rural Rwandans.

Promotional effects of Co and Ce ON V-W-Ti catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of no

Ashish R. Kavaiya, Deepak Yadav, Pratichi Singh and Ram Prasad

NO has been identified as a major pollutant causing various concerns like, health, acid rain, greenhouse gas, photochemical smog, etc. Different environmental legislatives have forced to control NO emissions around the globe. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO has been emerged out as the best prominent NO control technique. Three, V-W-Ti-catalysts (V1W9Ti90, Co0.01V0.99W9Ti90, Ce0.01V0.99W9Ti90) were prepared by wet impregnation method with and without promoter (Co or Ce) in a minute amount. The catalysts were characterized by various technics such as XRD, SEM, and EDX. The influence of promoters and reductants (NH3, LPG, H2-LPG) was investigated for NO reduction over the SCR catalysts. The catalyst activity was evaluated in tubular flow reactor under the following experimental conditions: catalyst = 200mg, NO = 500ppm, O2=8%, NH3= 1.0% in Ar, GHSV =30,000 h−1.The inlet and outlet gases of the reactor were analyzed by NOx chemiluminescence and online GC. The catalyst activity was dependent on the reductants and promoters used. The catalyst, Co0.01V0.99W9Ti90 exhibited the best activity of 99.8% NO reduction at 310 °C with H2-LPG reductant. The activity order of the catalyst is as follows: Co0.01V0.99W9Ti90 > Ce0.01V0.99W9Ti90 > V1W9Ti90. The performance order of the reductants is as follows: H2-LPG>LPG>NH3.

Fire safety preparedness in the central business district of Kumasi, Ghana

Kofi Agyekum, Joshua Ayarkwa and DeGraft Joe Opoku

In Ghana, the incidence of fire outbreak has become the order of the day, as there is no single day without news on fire outbreaks in some parts of the country. These fires affect different buildings. Knowing how to use installed facilities within buildings is very important in tackling fire emergencies. This study was conducted to assess the perceptions of occupants on fire safety preparedness in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kumasi. The key objectives set out were to assess fire disaster preparedness among occupants in the CBD, to assess the perceptions of the occupants on the causes of fire outbreaks and the use of firefighting equipment in the CBD, and to identify the measures which occupants feel should be put in place to control outbreak of fire in the CBD. The study adopted a case study research strategy. Empirically, the findings from the research showed that there is limitless fire safety preparedness among occupants in the CBD of Kumasi. The study recommends, that fire assembly points/emergency shelters, public education on fire safety, enforcement of fire safety policies, among others should be put in place to ensure that fire outbreaks are controlled in the CBD.

A control scheme for storageless dvr basedon characterization of voltage sags

Poonam Deshmukh, Anant K. Shukla, and Pawan C. Tapre

Voltage sag remains a serious power-quality (PQ) problem by being the most common and causing more economic losses. The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is a definitive solution to address the voltage-related PQ problems. Conventional topologies operate with a dc link, which makes them bulkier and costlier; it also imposes limits on the compensation capability of the DVR. Topologies with the same functionality, operating without the dc link by utilizing a direct ac–ac converter, are preferable over the conventional ones. Since no storage device is employed, these topologies require improved information on instantaneous voltages at the point of common coupling and need flexible control schemes depending on these voltages. Therefore, a control scheme for DVR topologies with an ac–ac converter, based on the characterization of voltage sags is proposed in this paper to mitigate voltage sags with phase jump. The proposed control scheme is tested on an interphase ac–ac converter topology to validate its efficacy. Detailed simulations to support the same have been carried out in MATLAB, and the results are presented.



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