The frequency of rhesus alleles, haplotypes and genotypes in major sakaka city population, aljouf region, Saudi Arabia

Fathelrahman M. Hassan, Meshref A. Alruwaili and Atef H. Abdelhamid

Rh-D distribution also varies worldwide. The aim of this study was to document the frequency of Rhesus alleles, haplotypes and genotypes in Aljouf region, Sakaka. The EE genotype is not generally represented in the Aljouf province, and DcE/Ce genotypes were the shared (30.8%), while Dce/Dce and Dce/ce genotypes were less familiar (1.4%). The frequency distribution of Rh haplotypes among Aljouf population in the present study CDE(0.701) has the highest observed frequency followed by Cde (0.250), cDe (0.116) and CDe (0.040), cDE(0.028), cde(0.021) and cdE(0.008). The data generated during this study would be important, will be a base line for advance to be catalogued by molecular rather than serological criteria, and of polymorphisms between RHD and RHCE, which will be a useful for DNA typing and to provide the development of suitable DNA techniques.

Chief Editor

Olufemi ADU
Federal University of Techonolgy, Nigeria          ...