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January 2013

A robust observer design for passivity-based synchronization of uncertain modified colpitts oscillators and circuit...
Kammogne, S. T., Fotsin, H. B., Kountchou, N. M. and Louodop, H. P.

This paper addresses passivity-based synchronization method of uncertain modified Colpitts oscillators. Considering the effect of external disturbances on system’s parameters and nonlinear control inputs, a simple-workable robust passivity controller based on Lyapunov theory and linear matrix inequality (LMI) is designed for the output synchronization between a master system and a slave system consisting of uncertain modified Colpitts oscillators. A sufficient criterion is also investigated...

Effect of cadmium waterborne exposure on histological structure in gut tissue of mosquitofish Gambusia affinis
Annabi, A., Said, K. and Messaoudi, I.

In this study, cadmium (Cd) accumulation in mosquitofish G. affinis tissue and histological investigation of gut tissue was studied following water borne exposure. For this purpose fish were acutely exposed for 48 h to two concentrations of Cd (8 and 12 mgCdCl2/L). Following acute Cd-exposure, metal accumulation profiles differed between the two concentrations. Indeed, Cd content in fish tissue is concentration dependent manner. The Cd levels in control tissue differ significantly than...

EX-SITU bioremediation of crude oil polluted soil using algal species, (Aphanocapsa elachista)
Ifeanyi V. O., Anyanwu, B. N., Ogbulie, J. N., Nwabueze, R. N., Chukwuma V, Ekwudu O’mezie and Nwabunnia, E.

An investigation into the ex-situ bioremediation of crude oil polluted soil using algal species was carried out. The bioremediation was initiated by spilling crude oil on both sterilized soil (SS) and unsterilized soil (UNS) and inoculating with crude oil degrading micro-algal species of Aphanocapsa elachista. The total heterotrophic count was carried out in both the SS and UNS by viable count. Aliphatic hydrocarbon in the remediated soil was determined by gas chromatography...

Effect of salinity on Na+, K+ and micronutrients uptake in some cultivars of oat (Avena sativa L.) at seedling stage
Ashok Kumar, Sanjay Agarwal, Alka Singh and P. Kumar

Salinity is a major problem in arid and semi-arid regions of the world. The objective of our study is to investigate the effect of salt stress on uptake of Na+, K+ and micro-nutrients at seedling stage. For this purpose seeds of different genotypes of oat (JHO-822, JHO-851, KENT and UPO-94) were grown in Petri-dishes for ten days under different saline conditions (viz. 3, 6, 7.2, 10, 12 and 14 dSm-1). Distilled water was used as control. Results showed that Na+ content in coleoptiles of oat...

Does financial deepening follow supply leading or demand following hypothesis? : A look at the Nigerian evidence
Hamilton. O. Isu and Godwin Chigozie Okpara

This study employed the granger causality test to ascertain the direction of causality between various proxies of financial deepening and economic growth in Nigeria over the period, 1990-2009. The study utilized the Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) test for unit root test and the variables were found to be uniformly stationary in their second difference. The co-integration test results indicated the presence of no co-integration among the variables. The result of the granger causality test...

Evaluation of sulfonated tri-block copolymer/ heteropoly acid composite membranes for fuel cell applications
Swaminathan Elamathi, Rajangam Padmavathi and Dharmalingam Sangeetha

A novel composite membrane was prepared by incorporation of phosphotungstic acid (PWA) and silicotungstic acid (SWA) into sulfonated polystyrene ethylene butylene polystyrene (SPSEBS) by solution casting method. The interactions of SPSEBS with heteropoly acids (HPA) were studied by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR). From the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), the thermal stability of the composite membranes was found to be increased with increased inorganic content and the X-ray diffraction...

Effect of enzyme, dried poultry excreta, probiotics and their interaction on the performance of commercial broiler...
Bansal, G. R., Singh, V. P. and Sachan, N.

To assess the effect of enzyme, dried poultry excreta, probiotics and their interaction on performance of commercial broiler chicks, two enzyme and probitics levels (without and with enzyme supplementation) and three levels of dried poultry excreta (0, 5 and 10% DPE) were considered for study. A group of twenty broilers both male and female distributed in 12 treatments replicated twice were taken for study. The chicks were reared in electric battery brooders under same environmental...



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