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April 2013

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Studies on sensory evaluation of yoghurt prepared from yoghurt powder
Gnanalaksshmi, K. S., Dhanalaksshmi, B., Ayyavoo Premnath Manoharan and Baskaran, D.

A study was undertaken on sensory evaluation of yoghurt prepared from yoghurt powder . For that a standardized recipe of formulation were used to prepare the yoghurt with lactic acid fermenter viz., Lactobacillus delbruecki ssp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius ssp. thermophilus and then subjected to spray drying and freeze drying. In spray drying outlet air temperature of 70˚C was found to be optimum as the percentage of survival of yoghurt culture was higher. The survival of...

Convective heat transfer enhancement by internal heating of sugarcane juice
Mahesh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Pankaj Khatak and Om Prakash

In this research paper, the experimental study on internal heating of sugarcane juice for sensible mode during jaggery making in an aluminum pot for the heat inputs varying from 200 to 360 W has been reported. The experimental data were used to determine the values of the constants in the Nusselt number by simple linear regression analysis and consequently, the convective heat transfer coefficients were determined. Its values were observed to vary from 2.98 to 6.00 W/m2 oC for the given...

Ethnicity: A continuum on education
Sujata Chakraborty and Bhola Nath Ghosh

This paper seeks to develop a clearer understanding of the role of education in the formation of ethnicity. The basic meaning of the term ‘ethnicity’ is that it gives a distinct identity to a community and distinguishes one community or an individual from another. It has been found that ethnic consciousness or ethnic identity has been in increase even in the most developed countries of the World. Ethnic strife and conflict is the topic of the day everywhere. Education being one of the most...

Comparative study on the rate of biodegradation of crude oil by bacteria and fungi isolates
Uba, B. O. and Ifeanyi, V. O.

Comparative study on the rate of biodegradation of crude oil by bacteria and fungi isolates was carried out using growth and biodegradation indices in an oil supplemented mineral salt medium. The bacterial genera that were isolated from oil-polluted sample from location 1 of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), at Ukwugba Village in Egbema include: Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Micrococcus and Acinetobacter, while the genera of fungi include: Trichosporon, Aspergillus and Mucor. Bacillus sp...

Fatty acids composition and profile in the liver oil of three commercial nile fishes in Sudan
Mohamed Elagba HA and JN Al-Sabahi

The composition of fatty acids in liver oils from the Nile fishes, Polypterus senegalus, Clarias lazera and Lates niloticus was studied by gas liquid chromatography. Polypterus senegalus liver oil contains 65.5%, saturated acids (Myristic 5.4, Palmitic 36.9, Stearic 10.8, Tricosanoic 7.7, Heptadecanoic 2.8 % and Pentadecanoic 1.9) and 34.5% unsaturated acids. Clarias lazera liver oil contains 57.5% saturated acids (Palmitic 28.1, Stearic 13.5, Tricosanoic 12 and Heptadecanoic 3.9) and 42.5...

Effects of processing methods on antinutrient composition of seeds from a wild legume Bauhinia petersiana
Sigauke, M., Chidzwondo, F., Nyanga, L. K., Zvidzai, C. J., Mushipe, S., Muzaka, A. and Chidewe, C.

The effects of processing on the levels of antinutrients in Bauhinia petersiana seeds were investigated. On dry weight basis, raw seeds had the highest levels of tannins (0.6 + 0.1 g catechin equivalents (CE)/100 g), alkaloids (7.1 + 0.1 g/100 g), saponins (9.8 + 0.5 g diosgenin equivalents (DE)/100 g), cyanogen glycosides (6.3 + 0.3 g /100 g), phytates (73 + 8 mg/100 g), oxalates (216 + 21 mg/100 g), and trypsin inhibitors (174 + 60 trypsin inhibitor units (TIU) /100 g). Upon cooking,...

Potential public health hazard of the mycoflora of poultry litter in some selected poultry farms in jos, Nigeria
Chollom, Solomon Chuwang; Agada, Godwin Ojonugwa; Tyem, Dinchi Andrew; Idu, Micheal Unata; Timothy, Victoria...

We investigated the mycoflora of poultry litter in some selected farms to determine their mycological composition and hence their public health implication. The study was done in twenty five poultry farms in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria. Five samples of litter were collected from each farm for mycological analysis. Samples were cultured on Sabouroud Dextrose Agar and incubated at 25oC for three weeks. Positive cultures were identified through standard methods. Results indicated that 80.0%...

Determination of heavy metals found in different sizes of tube wells of district pishin balochistan, Pakistan
Afrasiab Khan Tareen, Imrana Niaz Sultan, Mohammad Waseem Khan and Dr. Ashraf Khan

This study was designed to determine the quantities of heavy metals such as (Cobalt, Chromium, Sodium, Calcium and Iron) in water samples obtained from tube wells having different depths in district Pishin, Baluchistan, Pakistan. A total of 50 fresh water samples were collected and different parameters such as depth of tube well, location of tube well, age of tube well, pH, electrical conductivity, population burden and use of fertilizers in the vicinity of tube wells were correlated with...

Perceived effect of franchising of selected state owned mass transit in Southern Nigeria
Ezenwa, A. E., Chikwendu, D. and Ikeogu, C.

The study examined perceived effect of franchising of selected state owned mass transit in Southern Nigeria. Data was collected with the aid of structured questionnaire from 116 randomly selected respondents involved in the Mass transit system in Southern Nigeria. Data were analyzed through frequencies, and percentages. Findings revealed that franchising has affected the transport companies favourably through improving managerial effectiveness, vehicle maintenance, healthy competition,...

Effect of calcination temperatures on synthesis of zinc titanate nano-crystal powders via combustion technique
Solmaz. Ghanbarnezhad, Ali. Nemati and Maryam. Abolfazli

Zinc titanate (ZnTiO3; ZT) powders were successfully prepared by a combustion technique. The ZT powders were heated at temperature from 500 ºC to 850 ºC for various times 2, 4 and 6 h. Powder samples were characterized using thermogravimetric (TGA), differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray diffractrometer (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and laser particle size analyzer (LPSA). The second phases such as ZnO and TiO2 were detected in the powders calcined below 800 ºC. A single...

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections in dogs in jos, Nigeria
Chukwu, O. O. C., Chukwuedo, A. A., Chukwu, I. D., Bitrus, J. G. and Nonso, C.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has become a major pathogen of damestic animals and there is concern over transmission of the organism from animals to humans. This study investigated the preliminary existence of MRSA and Methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) isolates from dog infections in Jos and its environs. Using standard methods; the morphology, physiology and biochemical characterization of the isolates were identified. One hundred and thirty-five (135...

Allelic polymorphism of MSP1 and MSP2 gene in severe P. falciparum malaria in an area of low and seasonal transmission
Ali E. N, Elhasen I. M., Humodi A. S and Omer M. k.

The severe malaria (SM) and uncomplicated malaria (UM) infections are expected to have different genetic makeup. In this study, blood samples were obtained from 268 patients with SM and UM infection. from Central Sudan Sennar state. The SM group included patients with cerebral malaria (CM), severe malarial anemia (SMA), and other complications. The MSP! And MSP2 locus was exploited for parasite genotyping. We found that the genetic diversity within the parasite population was marked (21...

Butternut squash yoghurt, benefit and consumer acceptance
Dari, L.

Butternut squash is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, low in fat, and dietary fibre for the maintenance of the human body. Yoghurt is custard-like food made from curdled milk. The culturing process makes yoghurt more digestible than milk. Yoghurt has less lactose than milk; the culturing process breaks down the milk sugar lactose into glucose and galactose and these can be easily absorbed by lactose-intolerant persons. The main objective of the research is to assess the proximate...

Synthesis, characterization of schiff base 4[(phenyl imino)methyl]phenol and electrochemical study of cadmium redox...
Elumalai, s. Ramalakshmi, N. and Marichamy, B.

The schiff base ligand 4 [(phenyl imino) methyl] phenol was synthesized by reaction of aniline and p-hydroxybenzaldehyde. The ligand was characterised by elemental analysis FTIR and H1 NMR spectroscopy. Electrochemical behaviour of cadmium ion on ligand modified WIGE was investigated on the WIGE surface by using cyclic voltammetric technique. The modification of 4[(phenylimino) methyl] phenol on WIGE was performed in 0.3V and 2.8V potential range using 100mV/s scanning rate having 10 cycles...

Socioeconomic and demographic profile of marketplace informant: The influence of market maven on Thailand shoppers
Dr. Oluwole Iyiola

The buying decisions of customers are influenced to a greater extent by the suggestions or references given by their friends and near ones than the information obtained by means of advertising or any other medium. The concept of word of mouth is independent of the products and services or the producer. It is a known fact that satisfied customers share their satisfaction with their group, either formally or informally. This satisfaction is shared in the form of information, which is nothing...

Study on air quality of SKS is pat and power Ltd. Raipur (CG)
Dr. Sadhana Chaurasia, Shalini Singh and Anand Dev Gupta

In the present globalization era, climatic change (CC) plays a crucial role in regards to human health and environmental aspects from the pollution control point of view. It is a mandatory criterion to monitor Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) in every industry. In the present study, Respirable Dust Sampler Technique (RDST) was used for AAQ in the SKS Ispat and Power Ltd, Raipur (CG) India. The data collected from various sampling points of SKS Ispat and Power Ltd. The concentration of Suspended...

Pre-assessment for tqm implementation in sepiddasht industrial group as a model of small and medium size enterprises
Amir Hossien Alavifar

At the first glance seen TQM is a change in an organization’s technology and the way of doing work and their tools in organization process such a paperwork, procurement process and other procedures. But TQM is also a change in organization culture, its norms, values and behaviors. Therefore TQM is in fact a large scale systems changes and consequently large scale changes always cause many sources to resist against itself such as employees and middle managers. Therefore it is necessary to...



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