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May 2013

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Bibliometric study of pakistan’s research output and comparison with other selected countries of the world
Muhammad Bashir

This study attempts to analyze the growth and development of publication output in Pakistan during the period 1996-2010.The scientific output of Pakistan has been evaluated by focusing on its publication growth characteristics, research impact and quality, patterns of research collaboration and broad research fields.This bibliometric study also compared the productivity, growth and impact of research output of Pakistan with other 14 selected countries by using many types of bibliometric...

Physico-chemical properties and metal ions content of oil extracted from cicket (Brachytrupes membranaceus) in bosso...
Paiko, Yohanna Bello, Dauda, Bukar Emmanuel Naroka, Suleiman, Mohammed Abubakar Tanko, Akanya, Helmina O. and Jacob, John Olusanya

The proximate, mineral composition, physico-chemical properties and fatty acid compositions of oil extracted from cricket (Brachtrupes membranaceus) were investigated. The result of the proximate analysis showed that the insect have ash, moisture, carbohydrate, protein and lipid contents of 6.40 ± 0.11 %, 4.50 ± 0.51%, 25.13±0.13%, 16.80 ± 0.22% and 18.52 ± 0.12 % dry weight respectively. High proportions of sodium, potassium calcium, iron and phosphorus (127.50, 72.50, 9.21, 27.10 and...

The enhanced implantable intrathecal pump on CSF-compensation
Kwang Shin Park

This paper accounted for an advanced intrathecal infusion pump by using never-tried-before celebrospinal fluids compensation for pain patients by transplantation. The system provided the authentic administrations of morphine with one-way valve to cope with the problem that celebrospinal fluids flowed backward. In addition, it was possible to connect the catheters with case that the devices to hold catheter was embedded according to doctor’s advices, or to create sealed-reservoir...

Urban transportation problems in Owerri, Imo state
Uzondu Chinebuli and Chris Ikeogu

Owerri urban is one of the historical cities in Imo state and has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years. It has become the educational hub, and also the industrial and tourism developments during this period has increased. Due to a burst in population, the city is facing severe urban transport problem like traffic congestion, traffic fatalities, air pollution, poor traffic management etc. These traffic problems are mainly due to limited transport infrastructure,...

Traditionalism, professional identity, and the attitudes of academics and physicians in India toward alternative...
Ariela Keysar, Barry A. Kosmin and Umesh Gidwani

We hypothesized that attitudes of professionals and academics towards traditional practices would be the result of three interacting factors: professional identity and ideals; individuals’ traditionalism (as expressed in religiosity); and social-historical givens. An Internet survey of 1,100 Indian academics in 130 institutions assessed their attitudes towards several forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and towards the official recognition of such practices. The findings...

Matehematical modeling in two phases pulmonary blood flow through arterioles in lungs with special references chronic...
Neha Trivedi, Dr. Agrawal, A. K., Dr. Upadhyay, V. and Pandey, P. N.

In the present paper, we will discuss the pulmonary blood flow in Lung. Pandey and Upadhyay have considered the blood flow of two phase, one of which is that of red blood cells and other is plasma. They have also used Herschel- Bulkley non- Newtonian model in purpose of bio fluid mechanical set-up .We have known that as the velocity of blood flow decrease successively because of the fact that arterioles, venules and veins are far enough from the heart. We have collected clinical data in...

Characterization of a specific purified protein fraction for diagnosis of Cephalopina nasal myiasis in camels in Saudi...
Ibrahim AL NASR, Mohammad EL-BAHY and Mosaed AL-DUBIB

Cephalopina titillator is a common parasite that infest camels all over the world and causes nasal myiasis. The infestation is diagnosed only on post-mortem examination of the animal after slaughtering. The goal of the present study was to isolate and characterize a special protein fraction extracted from the larvae of the parasite, which can be used for sensitive and specific diagnosis of early infestation in living camels in Saudi Arabia. Four soluble antigens were extracted from the...

The interplay of the college of home economics’ seven sub-disciplines and dzup in addressing key issues and concerns...
Ines Alcantara-de Guzman

This qualitative study was done to assess the extent the College of Home Economics was able to achieve its objectives and create awareness among students on its various degree programs through DZUP’s Monday noontime radio program “Ekonomiyang Pantahanan. Specifically, it was conducted to describe the participation of the College of Home Economics in the DZUP’s noontime radio program; to assess the interplay of the seven sub-disciplines in creating an impact in addressing issues of the daily...

Contamination level and biomarkers responses in Aphanius fasciatus fishes from Tunisian coast
Annabi, A., Kessabi, K., Said, K. and Messaoudi, I

The environmental impact in natural populations of female Mediterranean killifish Aphanius fasciatus was monitored, in four sites of the Tunisian coast, by measuring metal contents (Cd, Cu, Zn) as well as levels of three oxidative stress biomarkers: Metallothioneins (MTs), Protein Sulfhydryl (PSH) and Thiobarbituric Acid-Reactive Substances (TBARS) in liver and gonad tissues. Site 2 appeared as the most polluted site, since it contains the highest concentrations of analyzed pollutants (...

Study on efficiency of effluent treatment plant of Mohan Meakin Ltd. Mohan Nagar at Ghaziabad (U.P.) India
Sadhana Chaurasia, Radhe Shyam and Raj Karan

Water is one of essential requirements of all life supporting activities. It is the master solvent and all metabolic reaction of living beings depends mainly on its presence. It is also essential for agriculture, industries, drinking and many other domestic purposes. One of the most important environmental problems faced by the world is management of waste water. Industrial processes create a variety of wastewater pollutants; which are difficult and costly to treat. Wastewater...

Physico-chemical analysis of groundwater in the gazi-mrima hill region of Kwale county, Kenya
Chege, M. W., Hashim, N. O. and Merenga, A. S.

195 groundwater samples were collected in the dry period of February/March. These were analyzed for Mn, Cd, Pb, Cu and Zn concentration by atomic absorption spectrophotometer and the results compared with the US EPA action levels. Mn and Cd groundwater pollution was the most prevalent with 42 % of all samples having concentration of each element above the EPA action level. 23 % and 11 % of the samples had respectively Pb and Cu levels above the EPA limits while none of the samples had...

New methods for time correction of energy, momentum, and heisenberg uncertainty principle
Manoj B Agravat

Time correction is a new approach that explains a fourth dimension parameter value of time that is now capable of being calculated for special relativity and energy plus momentum (Agravat 2012 A). New methods are derived in this article about calculation for time correction or wavelength based methods, as well as Newton’s linear momentum, and a newer time correction method based on ellipses. The proof of the photoelectric effect is shown by a new method. Derivations of complex equations...

Effect of interferential current on pain and function of chronic low back pain
Emad T. Ahmed, Mikhled F. Maayah, Amr A. Abdel-Aziem and El-Morsy A. El-Morsy

The aim of the current study is to study the effect of interferential current on pain and function of chronic low back pain patients. Research methodology: Twenty patients complaining from chronic low back pain lasting more than 3 months was randomly assigned into 2 equal groups. Experimental group which received interferential current in addition to medical treatment and control group which received only medical treatment. The main outcome measures of the current study was present pain...

Analysis of methane gas content from desorbed gas volume during coalbed methane
Swapan Suman, Saxena, V. K. and Samardeep Prasad

During the present days of energy crises and increasing gap in the demand and supply of energy all over the world, it is utmost important to make an optimum usage of all the energy resources to its best exploitation and also to search for the alternate energy source for meeting the present and future energy requirements for sustainable development and economic growth. The search for the alternate energy brought the advent of Coal Bed Methane development. Coal Bed Methane is a greenhouse gas...

Geoelectrical determination of groundwater potentials of Ughelli , delta state, Nigeria
Ugwu, G. Z., Ezema, P. O. and Ugbomeh, C. C.

Sixteen vertical electrical soundings (VES) were carried out at Ughelli, Nigeria in order to ascertain the groundwater potentials of the area. The instrument used was the ABEM Terrameter SAS 300B, employing the Schlumberger electrode configuration. Interpretation of the VES data by computer aided modelling showed that the subsurface structure can best be described in terms of three or four geoelectric layers. The first layer showed resistivity range of 14.0 - 763.2Ωm and thickness range of 0...

Effect of storage conditions on the postharvest physico-mechanical parameters of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)
Reza Tabatabaekoloor and Rahimeh Ebrahimpor

The physico-mechanical parameters of pomegranate were determined with respect to storage period under ambient (18ºC and 75% RH) and refrigerated (7.5ºC and 60% RH) conditions. Also, effects of individual fruit wrapping with EPE-foam, Polyethylene-film and non-wrapping were investigated. The physical parameters such as aril weight, rind weight, rind thickness, rind moisture, weight loss, and mechanical parameters including firmness, failure stress, failure strain and modulus of elasticity...

Jayachitra, S., Kannan. T. A., Sivgnanam, S. and Geetha Ramesh
Jayachitra, S., Kannan. T. A., Sivgnanam, S. and Geetha Ramesh

The skeleton of the domestic fowl can be used to study the avian morphology in teaching and comparative anatomical studies of skeletal features of aves with other vertebrates. Adult bird of 72 weeks old was sacrificed and the feathers, flesh and internal organs were removed manually by using scissors, forceps and knife. The disarticulated bones were prepared by using domestic pressure cooker, hot air oven, acetone and bleaching powder. The skeleton was assembled by standard method.



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM