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October 2013

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A novel approach for the synthesis and characterization of Ginkgo biloba gold nanoparticles- An alternative approach...
Thavaprakasam Arundoss, Subramaniyan Arulkumar, Karumbayiram Senthilkumar, Muthukumaran Sabesan and Krishnamoorthy Vasudevan

Background: Biological approaches using plant extracts for metal nanoparticle synthesis have been suggested as valuable alternatives to chemical methods. In the present investigation, synthesis of gold nanoparticles is done by using Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts.
Methods: Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles was characterized by UV-visible spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.
Results: The formation of...

Effect of Naringi crenulata extract on histopathological changes in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats
Gowri, K., C. Elanchezhiyan., S. Hemalatha., Sartaj Ahmed Allaye., V. Shoba., S. Suhasini and A. Babby

In India Traditional treatments have been recommended is an alternative system of medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Naringi crenulata is a traditional herb used in therapeutic agent shown to possess hypoglycemic, hypotensive, and diuretic properties. The purpose of this study was to examine the histopathological changes due to Methanolic leaf extract of N.crenulata on the pancreas of diabetic rats. The animals were treated with N. crenulata leaf extract at dosages of 600 mg/kg...

Viability of planning hydrolandscape with reference to zero discharge concept in industrial setup in faridabad region
Manavi Suneja and Dr. Gauhar Mahmood

Water experts world over are advocating the process of water harvesting—capturing, diverting and storing non-potable, or “reclaimed”, water for landscape irrigation and a variety of other uses. In keeping with the concept of zero discharge, harvesting rainwater and storm water can greatly reduce the possibility of damage from flooding and erosion at building sites. Furthermore, the water available from water harvesting can be used effectively as a resource to create an aesthetic landscape...

Effect of biomethanated distillery spentwash and biocompost application on soil quality and crop productivity
Selvamurugan, M., Ramkumar, V. R., Doraisamy, P. and Maheswari, M.

A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of biomethanated distillery spentwash and biocompost application on soil quality and crop productivity at Research and Development farm of Bhavani distilleries and Chemicals Ltd., T. Pudur, Arcot Taluk, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India using ragi as a test crop. The experiment was conducted with five different treatments, having different combinations of spentwash and biocompost to supply the required plant nutrients along with...

Static analysis of lattice structures using different modeling approaches
Yeshwant M. Sonkhaskar, Abhishek Choubey and Avinash Singh

The use of a linear elastic model or the beam equivalent of a structure for its analysis is the current norm. This paper intends to present the advantages and limitations of the analysis of a lattice structure using the solid modeling approach. A lattice steel tower is modeled using linear elastic and solid modeling approach. The linear elastic model is analyzed using the finite element analysis software’s ANSYS and STAAD Pro. Analysis of the three dimensional solid model is performed in...

Solar radiation on horizontal surface based on sunshine hours over Owerri, Nigeria
Mfon David Umoh, Sunday O.Udo, Ye-obong N.Udokah

Multiple linear regression models were developed to estimate the monthly daily Sunshine Hours using four parameters during a period of eleven years (1997 – 2007) for Owerri, Nigeria (Latitude 5o38’05.1’’N); The parameters include Relative Humidity, Maximum and Minimum temperatures, Rainfall and Wind Speed. The results of the correlations show that the four variable correlations with the highest value of R gives the best result when considering the error term Root Mean Square Error (RMSE)....

Epoxy resin plastination for light weight poultry specimens
Sivagnanam S., Geetha Ramesh, Kannan, T. A. and Jeyachandra Kemphasi

Plastinated specimens make significant and quick references for the understanding of Gross Anatomy. The birds were collected from the Institute of Poultry Production and Management, Nandanam, Chennai. The birds were sacrificed in humane method and are fixed in Keiserling I solution and the body cavity was dissected to show the visceral organs in situ. Dehydration was done by a number of changes in acetone followed by xylene. The air drying of the specimen in the following step permits...

Fatty acids composition in muscle and fat tissues of the nile fish Clarias lazera and Labeo niloticus from Sudan
Elagba Haj Ali Mohamed

Fatty acids from muscle and fat tissues of Clarias lazera and Labeo niloticus were investigated and compared. The FAME were determined by GC-MS and were identified using retention time locked methods and retention time databases. Both species contained (4 ± 0.8 and 11.4 ± 1 mg/g, TFA) in muscle and (248.6 ± 22 and 670.8 ± 38 mg/g) in fat tissues. Saturated fatty acids (SFA) formed (58.3 and 59%) and (70.5 and 86.3%), (PUFA) formed (22.9 and 24.9%) and (5.2 and 7.9%) in muscles and fat...

Energy utilization practices of the university of Northern Philippines
Manuel A. Bajet Jr., Nelson A. Bajet, Elvin A. Balallo and Crizzle B. Paz

This study assessed the energy utilization practices of the University of Northern Philippines, ViganIlocos Sur. In particular, it compared the energy consumption for the year 2009-2012 which include the electricity, water and fuel. It also calculated and compared the energy consumption of air conditioning unit at eight and five hours of use and the savings generated and physical inventory of luminaries. Results disclosed that electrical and water consumption for 2012...

Development and adoption of prototype machines for organic fertilizer production
Manuel A. Bajet Jr., Nelson A. Bajet, Joussie B. Bermio, Crizzle B. Paz and Junel Bryan Bajet

The study focused on designing machines for organic fertilizer production Developed machines undergone series of trials to test its performance. Chopping capacity and texture were sued to evaluate the dual powered foliage chopper. On Multi-purpose mechanized chopper, outputs on different trials were analyzed using t-test and on mechanized bio-fertilizer pulverizer performance was evaluated analyses of the data were done using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Results showed that...

Study of yeasts and molds from distillery waste, dung, ipomoea weed substrate and biogas digester effluent
Dr. Deshmukh, H. V.

Agricultural and agro industrial wastes were used for bio gas production. The different types of microorganisms were involved in this process. The present paper deals with the study of yeasts and molds present on Ipomoea weed surface, distillery waste, dung slurry and biogas digester effluent. The experiments were carried out in 100-L biogas digester. SPC of yeasts and molds from Ipomoea weed, distillery waste and dung slurry was 7.3 x 102, 1.06 x 105, 1.45 x 103 and 3.91 x 101, 2.28 x 102...

A comparative study of halothane and sevoflurane for maintenance of anaesthesia in canines
Jodumoni Kachari, Lokhande, D. U. and Jayashree Chiring Phukon

The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of Halothane/Sevoflurane on quality of anaesthesia, cardiovascular and hematobiochemical parameters. Study was conducted in 12 female dogs a temperature controlled environment and dogs were pre-anaesthetized with Atropine sulphate, Dexamethasone Sodium and Butorphanol. Induction was done with Ketamine and Diazepam. Maintenance of anaesthesia was done with Halothane at 2 to 4 per cent in oxygen in Group I and with Sevoflurane at 2 to 5 per...

Effects of fruits wastes (Apple, Grape and Orange) incorporations on the growth of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium...
Saravana Bhavan, P., Kirubhanandhini, V., Muralisankar, T., Manickam, N. and Srinivasan, V.

The growth promoting effects of fruits wastes, apple scrape, remains of grape after crushing, and peel as well as remains of orange after crushing, on the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii post larvae (PL-30) was studied. Basal diet equated to 40% protein was prepared by using soybean meal (36%), groundnut oilcake (30%), cow gram (11%), wheat bran (5%) and maize bran (4%). Each fruit waste powder was separately incorporated with basal diet at three proportions viz., 5%, 10% and 15...

Science and technology indicators study in Pakistan and comparison with selected Asian and Nordic Countries
Muhammad Bashir

The experiences by different societies reveal that consistent social and economic development results from the development of science and technology, and the latter takes place only in a process that includes: comprehensive policy making; precise planning; determining relevant strategies and finally the effective implementation of plans in different areas. Providing a clear picture of science and technology status is an essential requirement of this process. In this paper we use descriptive...

Proximate and mineral composition in muscle and head tissue of seven commercial species of the Nile fish from Sudan
Elagba Haj Ali Mohamed

Proximate and mineral composition of muscle and head tissues of the Nile fish: Barbus bynni, Labeo niloticus, Mormyrops anguilloides, Marcusenius cyprinoides, Mormyrus niloticus, Clarias lazera and Protopterus annectens was determined. Protein content was (84%) in muscle tissues of L. niloticus and P. annectens and (66%) in M. cyprinoides, (70, 74 and 76%) in head tissues of M. niloticus, P. annectens and C. lazera, repectively. Lipid content was (23 and 26%) in muscle tissues of M....

Assessment of ground water quality in vicinity of industries and along Yamuna river in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India
Manju Sharma and Smita Chaudhry

Ground water is the major source of drinking and irrigation water in both urban and rural areas. The industrial waste and domestic sewage are the leading causes of ground water pollution. The main focus of this study is to assess the suitability of ground water quality for drinking and irrigation purposes in vicinity of three selected industries (sugar mill, paper mill, thermal power plant) and along Yamuna river located in Yamuna Nagar District of Haryana state, India. Twenty ground water...

Water quality index (WQI) of three historical lakes in Mahoba district of Bundelkhand region, Uttar Pradesh, India
Amit Pal, Annu Kumari and Jamshed Zaidi

The area Bundelkhand region comes under semi arid climate with low precipitation (900 mm/yr) and higher evaporation rate (1800 mm/yr). Surface water is the main source of water for domestic, irrigation and other purposes for local inhabitants. After treatment, the surface water is supplying to various areas through pipelines for municipal uses also. So the surface water is very much valuable resource for this region. The present works have been carried out on the three historical lakes of...

Physicochemical characterization, enzymatic and Rheology of the flour of young shoots of palmyra (Borassus aethiopum...
Niamké Arthur Michel, Saki Suomion Justin, Sea Tehi Bernard, Pierre Ezoua, Olivier K. Chatigre, Georges N'zi Agbo and Joseph Allico...

In this work, the physico-chemical composition of flour of seedlings of palmyra (Borassusaethiopum mart) (18%) and the physico-chemical properties were determined by conventional methods of determination. With a moisture content of 52%, flour of young shoots contains 9.52% of protein, 73.42% of starch, 8.16% fiber. The significant energy value is 4038 Kcal / kg. Flour of palmyra seedlings is rich in potassium (37.67%) and contains small amounts of iron 0.13%), magnesium (2.6%), calcium (1.07...

Versatile little millet therapeutic mix for diabetic and non diabetics
Dr. Sunanda Itagi, Dr. Rama Naik, Professor and Dr. Nirmala Yenagi

The inclusion of little millet in diabetic diet has been reported from ancient days in India. Studies indicated that millets such as little, foxtail and barnyard exhibit hypoglycemic effect due to presence of higher proportion of complex carbohydrate, resistant starch, slow rising sugars and water-soluble gum -glucans. The study was conducted to develop little millet composite mix and test glyco-lipemic responses among 6 non diabetic and 9 type 2 diabetics with four week feeding...



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