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January 2014

Abdominal strength in Korean and American populations: The development of norms using abdominal test and evaluation...
Jordan McKenzie Glenn, Barry Brown, Bae Yoon Jung and Robert Ferguson

Core-strengthening exercises have become an integral foundation of most training programs, however when developing normative data for core-strength it cannot be assumed that recommendations are appropriate for all populations. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to develop normative core strength data for the Korean population in comparison to established American norms as measured by the Abdominal Test and Evaluation Systems Tool (ABTEST). Core-strength data collected from American (...

New time dilation, time correction, photoelectric effect, de broglie equation, and hypotenuse axiom method
Manoj B Agravat

Time dilation came suddenly into quantum mechanics but the impression is lasting. In this article, the author discusses features introduced to implement time correction and various methods involving lambda method demonstrating properties of time dilation. The photoelectric effect and DE Broglie equations are discussed and are derived for time correction showing slightly different results as well as corrections based on time that are important. The hypotenuse axiom method is utilized to...

Purification and characterization of a raw starch digesting alpha-amylase from the digestive juice of the snail...
SEA Tehi Bernard, SORO Yadé René, SAKI Suomion Justin, COMBES Didier and DIOPOH Koré Jacques

An α-Amylase was purified to homogeneity from the digestive juice of L. flammea by Sephacryl S-200 HR gel filtration, DEAE-Sepharose CL-6B anion exchange and Phenyl-sepharose CL-6B hydrophobic interaction chromatography, with a 19.55-fold increase in specific activity and 7.8 % recovery. The molecular weight of the α-Amylase was estimated to be 62 kDa by sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and gel filtration. The optimum temperature and pH were 45°C and 5.0...

Determinants of sustained use of improved cassava production technologies among smallholder farmers in Imo state,...
Chukwu, A. O. and Obi, K. U.

The study determined sustained use of improved cassava production technologies by Smallholder farmers in Imo State, Nigeria. Specifically, it examined farmers level of sustained use of the technologies; determined sustained use of the technologies in relation to farmers socio-economic characteristics; and ascertained sustained use of the technology in relation to technology attributes. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 180 respondents which formed the sample size. A...



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