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August 2014

Development of a fish oil extracting machine
Bako, T., Umogbai, V. I. and Obetta, S. E.

This study aimed to develop a fish oil-extracting machine. An electric-motor powered screw press machine was used for extracting oil from fishes. The machine is made up of a feed hopper, upper casing, screw drum, perforated screen, shaft, oil trough, cake tray, and frame. The total weight of the machine is 82 kg with height of 132 cm. The components of the machine were fabricated using locally available materials which include mild and galvanised steel, that were sourced from the local...

Effects of hall currents and variable fluid properties on MHD flow past stretching vertical plate
Khaled K. Jaber

The effects of Hall currents on free-convective steady laminar flow of fluid of variable properties, along a semi-infinite vertical plate for large temperature differences, in the presence of Hall current has been investigated. The fluid density is vary exponentially and the thermal conducting linearly with temperature, while the fluid viscosity is vary as a reciprocal of a linear function of temperature. The usual Boussinesq approximation is neglected. The sysem of nonlinear equations...

Importance of anthropometric measurement for designing relaxing chair for restaurant workers
Tulika Khare

Restaurant workers, who works in the kitchen, doing the different activities in continuous standing posture and spent most of the time inside the buildings and therefore experience the greatest amount of exposure while performing various activities and at greatest risk. The workers working in the restaurants withstand the pressure, string of working for long hours, suffering from high blood pressure due to prolong standing posture, lifting heavy pots and kettles and working near hot ovens...

Optimal transportation network using challenges as catalytic factors on insurgent-activities-characterized routes to...
Oladejo, M. O. and Tamber, J. A.

Transportation problems in the country Nigeria are very hectic, especially with so many challenges on the highway, such as: obstacles, armed robbery attacks, insurgency and terrorism, which hinder the free flow of traffic of goods and services. This study is designed to address these challenges by using Dynamic Programming on transportation networks using traditional technique, traditional technique with incorporated task of obstacles and traditional technique with incorporated...

Cost analysis of a photovoltaic plant connected to a 315 KW solar grid in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
Azad Azabany, Khalid Khan and Waqar Ahmed

Most of the world’s energy supply comes from non-renewable energy sources based on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. In the last three decades “Global Warming” has become a major concern for the future of the Earth and its environment. Dependency on fossil fuels to generate electricity to match the escalating demands of increasing populations has resulted in a massive rise in pollution and damage to the environment. Therefore, reliance on fossil fuels needs to be reduced by efficient...

Reductions in Co2 emissions from electricity generation from solar energy at Sulaymanyah airport in Kurdistan, Iraq
Khalid Khan, Azad Azabany and Waqar Ahmed

The gradual increase in the earth’s temperature in the last three decades highlights how global warming has become a major concern for the future of our planet. To meet the world’s needs for low CO2 power generation, alternatives to conventional fossil fuels are required. Solar energy is an attractive alternative that represents a vast resource which can be harnessed in all regions of the world. Dependency on fossil fuels to generate electricity in order to match the rapid power demand and...

Comparative asssessment of degradation potentials of bacteria and actinomycetes in soil contaminated with motorcycle...
Idemudia, M. I., Osula Amalaowa Nosagie and Odigie Omorede

The degradation potentials of bacteria and actinomycetes of spent motorcycle lubricating oil were investigated using standard microbiological procedures. Ten composite soil samples were collected from ten different motorcycle mechanic workshops in Benin City. The mean heterotrophic count for bacteria and actinomycetes ranged from 68 x 104 cfu/g to 155 x 104 cfu/g and 43 x 104 cfu/g to 85 x 104 cfu/g respectively. The mean hydrocarbon degrading bacteria counted ranged from 47 x 104 cfu/g to...

Estimation of sire index for Murrah bulls for average daily milk yield
Vijay Kumar and Chakravarty, A. K.

In the present study, breeding information spread over a period of 14 years from 1995 to 2008, was collected from the history-cum-pedigree sheets and milk yield registers of Murrah buffaloes maintained at four centres of Network Project on Murrah Buffalo Improvement (National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal; Central Institute for Research on Buffalo, Hisar and Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana and Choudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar...

Sources of resistance in screening of elite material in Niger (Guizotia abyssinica cass) genotypes against Alternaria...
Prashant B. Sandipan, Jagtap, P. K. and Patel, M. C.

A field experiment was laid out with the three replications in IVT, four replications in AVT and single row of three meters each of two hundred Germplasms was conducted at the All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on oilseeds at Niger Research Station (NRS), Vanarasi, Navsari, Gujarat on the screening of different elite materials against the two major diseases of niger crop (Guizotia abyssinica Cass). Significantly differences in resistance to all the diseases were found in the...

Investigation on the nutritional value of edible mushrooms viz., Auricularia polytricha and Pleurotus ostreatus
Usha, S. and Suguna, V.

Nutrition is the main living reason for all societies of the world. Food supply should be both an economic and ecological subject. Health and nutrition involve balanced and sufficient functional food components. In the present study edible mushrooms viz., Auricularia polytricha and Pleurotus ostreatus were taken and their nutritional values in terms of protein, carbohydrate, lipid, fat, crude fibre, moisture, and ash content were assessed. Mushrooms were rich in protein (33.3% to 36%), fibre...

The effect of abattoir discharge on the Obot Okoho stream quality in Nassarawa village Calabar, Nigeria
Eni, D. Imoke, Etu, S. James, Oka, P. Onen

The study examined the effect of abattoir discharge on the Obot Okoho Stream. Water samples were collected for laboratory analysis and data in health related diseases were collected from the health centre located at Abenyo Health Centre. Mean values for physico-chemical parameters such as (pH, DO Temperature, turbidity, conductivity, Tss, TDS, BOD, Total coliform and feacal coliform were 65.96mg/L, 12842E3, 3.50 mg/L, 5.69 (Cfu)/100mL, 2.76/100ml respectively. Abeny Health Centre recorded a...



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