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May 2015

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Impact of unilateral eyestalk ablation on lipid profiles in freshwater female crab Oziotelphusa Senex Senex
Samyappan, K., Saravanan, R., Vijayakanth, T. and Prabakaran, D.

Reproduction in crustaceans is one of the energy demanding process. In crabs various aspects of reproduction like egg maturation, ovulation, spawning and incubation of eggs are completed within the intermoult stage. Unilateral eyestalk ablation was performed in freshwater female crabs Oziotelphusa senex senex. Eye stalk ablated crabs were maintained for a period of 25 days along with non eyestalk ablated control crabs. Hepatopancreas and ovarian lipid profiles after the completion of 25 days...

Diversity of aquatic Hemiptera in Ghaga Beel of Nalbari District of Assam, India
Alakesh Barman and Dr. Rantu Mani Deka

Ghaga Beel is a freshwater perennial water body of Nalbari district of Assam. Geographically it lies at the intersection of 26o 28 ∕ 21.10 // N – 26 o 28 / 25.05 //N and 91 o 28 / 51.84 // E – 91 o 29 / 19.80 // covering an area of about 50 hectares. Study on the aquatic Hemiptera in Ghaga Beel carried out for a period of one year (2013-2014), covering three seasons pre monsoon (March-May), monsoon (July-September), and post monsoon (November- January) seasons. Study revealed 15 species...

Wet coffee processing waste management practice in Ethiopia
Asrat Gebremariam Woldesenbet, Belay Woldeyes and Bhagwan Singh Chandravanshi

Coffee is one of the most important agriculture commodities in the world. Ethiopia had been the origin of coffee because coffee plant was initially found and cultivated in the Kaffa province. Due to the great demand of coffee, large amounts of residues are generated in the coffee industry, which are toxic and represent serious environmental problems. 100 kg of fresh berry gives about 40 kg of wet waste pulp. Coffee pulp contains caffeine, tannins, polyphenols and organic solid residues. It...

A Diarrhoeal outbreak due to Rota virus in Kolkata and its surroundings
Bhattacharya, M. K., Sarkar, M. C., Dutta, S., Acharyya, M., Bhattacharya, A. and Sharma Sarkar, B.

Modernism Rotavirus is well recognized as a major cause of severe gastroenteritis in young children worldwide. In India 20-30% cases of hospital admission is due to rotavirus etiology. Rotavirus causes upto 5,00,000 childhood death annually in developing countries. Although the incidence of infection in children in industrialized and developing countries is similar, outcomes vary widely. In countries classified by the World Bank as high-income, the risk of dying from rotavirus before age 5...

Electric field strength along a thin vertical wire on the earth's surface
Ghada M. Sami and Mnerh N. Al-qahtani

In this paper, we will perform theoretical and numerical analysis of the electric field strength along a thin vertical wire on the earth's. The wire is assumed to be placed vertical to the earth’s surface in a stratified homogeneous medium, which is represented by a finite set of horizontal plane layers characterized by conductivities. The electromagnetic properties of the electric field will be reviewed and a solution will be given for the boundary value problem of a wave propagating, the...

Multi scale analysis of cardiovascular variability
Butta Singh

Cardiovascular variability refers to the beat-to-beat alterations in RR intervals of electrocardiogram (ECG) and a decrease in its value or abnormalities in its patterns have been used as a measure for predicting the future coronary events. Multiscale entropy (MSE) is a will developed complexity measure to quantify the concomitant effect of the cardiovascular regulating mechanisms at different time scales. This paper investigate the performance of MSE to classify the normal healthy and...

Phreatic line and pore pressure stresses in zoned Rockfill dam
Osuji, S. O. and Adegbemileke, S. A.

The position of the phreatic surface influences the stability of the earth dam because of potential piping due to excessive exit gradient and sloughing due to the softening and weakening of the soil mass as it touches the downstream slope or intersects it. The phreatic surface should be kept at or below the downstream toe. In this study, finite element software, ABAQUS, is used to determine the phreatic line within the Jebba dam (zoned rockfill dam) with a drainage system in steady-state...

Effect of ultrasound on the quality of crude palm oil-in-water
Suraya Suhaimi Khalis, Zurina Zainal Abidin and Robiah Yunus

The need to attain a good oil extraction rate and hence reduce oil loss is very important in palm oil industry. Some of the oil loss is encountered at the digestion process and ultrasound has been proposed as an alternative method to assist better oil recovery at this step of milling process. Hence, this work investigates the effect of ultrasound on crude palm oil (CPO) quality when mixed with various amount of water. A combined level of ultrasound amplitude (0 - 90 %), treatment time (5 -...

Comparison of the equivalent circuit model and the TLM method for frequency selective surface analysis
Dominic S. Nyitamen, Muhyaddin J.H. Rawa, Steve Greedy, Chris Smartt and David W.P. Thomas

The Transmission line modeling method (TLM) and Equivalent circuit method are applied to the analysis of a dual band frequency selective surface (FSS) based on a double square loop design. The results are compared with experimental work. Results obtained from experiments conducted were then compared with those predicted by the numerical models. Good agreement between both numerical approaches and measurement has been demonstrated. The TLM results proved to be more accurate and robust,...

Studies on CR (VI) Biosorption using cost effective Biosorbent: Peanut hulls (Arachis Hypogaea Linn.)
Amit S. Sharma, Sandip D. Maind and Satish A. Bhalerao

The effectiveness of low-cost biosorbent: peanut hulls (Arachis hypogaea Linn.), was studied for Cr (VI) biosorption from aqueous solutions in a batch system. The FTIR study of acid treated biosorbent showed that the possibility of availability of function groups such as hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxylic etc. The SEM represents a porous structure with large surface area. The effects of operational factors including solution pH, biosorbent dose, initial chromium (VI) concentration, contact time...

Effect of Irrigation deficit and Nitrogen Fertilization on the uptake of Nitrogen and grain yield of rice in Adamawa...
Alhassan, I., Mustapha, Y. Mallam, Mohammed and Maunde, M.M.

Water and Nitrogen deficiency are the most important yield limiting factor in rice production. The effect of various irrigation regimes and nitrogen fertility levels on lowland rice (FARO 44) and soil properties aimed at improving water and nitrogen use efficiency was studied for two years during the dry seasons of 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 in the field at the Lake Geriyo Irrigation scheme farms, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Six Irrigation regimes involving three irrigation intervals (4, 8...

The Phytochemical and Antimicrobial analysis of Pterocarpus Santalinoides plants
Nwokorie, C. C., Nwachukwu, N. C., Ezeanokete, C. C. and Ike, C. C.

Sequel to the use of the plant parts of P. santalinodes (Nturu Ukpa) in traditional medicine the phytochemical and antimicrobial analysis of the leaves and stem were undertaken. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the phytochemical was made using standards methods. The microbiological analysis of the ethanol and methanol extract of the samples were performed on some test organisms Escherichia. coli, Staphylococcus. aureus, Klebsiella. pneumonia, Pseudomonas. aeruginosa, Bacillus....

Botany, Taxonomy and Cytology of Crocus Orientales-Series
Saxena, R. B.

The genus crocus (Family – Iridaceae or Iris) contains Ca. 150 small, corm bearing, perennial species distributed C S Europe, N. Asia and W. China. These species are highly valuated as ornamental plants of their colourful flowers, horticultural varieties and industrial application, sub-genus crocus – crocus orientales –series are closely related species; and are difficult to be separated taxonomically and have a complex cytology. Botany, taxonomy and infra-specific of crocus orientales...

Architecture of data publishing tool for the linked data
Shilpi Saxena, Vaishali Tyagi and Mrityunjay singh

In the recent past, the attention has been paid for publishing the structured data on web, know as linked data. Linked data is simply about using web to create typed links between data from different sources. These may be as diverse as databases maintained by different organizations in distributed over different geographical locations, or heterogeneous within the same organization, which are not easily interoperated at the data level. Technically, linked data refers to data published on the...

The Anti-Diarrhoeal effect of Ethanolic-bark extract of Sterculia Setigera in mice
Idyu, I. I., Deshi, E. F., Idyu, V. C. and Ogundeko, T. O.

Sterculia setigera is a widely used plant for numerous herbal preparations. There are various folkloric claims for its use for the treatment of many diseased conditions. Examination of theanti-diarrhoeal effect of stem-bark ethanolic extract of Sterculia setigera was carried out. Results showed that extract has an inhibitory effect on castor oil diarrhoea– induced mice (Mus musculus), with 0.5ml/10g (9.01± 1.07) and 0.1ml/10g (1.83 ± 0.41) respectively. Inhibitory activity was characterized...

Measly Pork – A Hidden health problem
Dr. Y. Damodar Singh

Porcine cysticercosis is a disease caused by Cysticercus cellulosae, the larval stage of Taenia solium. Pig acts as intermediate host for perpetuate the life cycle of C. cellulosae. Human is the only natural host of adult stage of T. solium which causes taeniasis, a serious parasitic zoonosis. Cysticercosis in humans occurs due to the ingestion of diseased (measly) pork meat containing C. cellulosae or tape worm eggs when eating contaminated foods. The human has then become an accidental and...

Motivational factors and techniques at the workplace: Perspectives of nurses in two major hospitals in Trinidad
Onuoha, PC., Ramcharan, M., London, N., Ramlal, I., Sheen-Daniel, LA. and Ezenwaka, CE.

Purpose: To ascertain the perspectives of nurses in Trinidad about their experiences with motivational factors and techniques used in their hospitals. It also was to determine if their experiences are associated with their demographic characteristics.
Design: A cross-sectional survey was undertaken. All nurses who consented to respond to the researchers-developed questionnaire were engaged. 467 nurses responded from two major hospitals in Trinidad in an instrument used between...



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