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October 2016

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Germination characteristic of green gram under copper exposure
Parveen, M. and Subramani, A.

The present investigation has been carried out to assess the effect of copper on the seed germination characteristic of green gram. Various concentration of copper were prepared and utilized for the germination purpose. The seeds were germinated under the exposure of different concentrations of copper. The percentage of germination, vigour index, tolerance index and seedling growth parameters increased at low concentrations of copper. However the germination rate and seedling growth...

Hisab and ru’yah in Islamic law (Syara’)
Rusdin Muhalling, Zulkifli, M., Sulaemang, L. and Chairan M. Nur

This article is an study with study of Hisab and Ru’yah, utilized by Islamic people (Muslims) in religious practice especially salat, fasting and religious service of Haji. It includes of the fundamental solution of science execution in determining early time of salat, instructing Kiblat, and early month; for Qamariyah moon precisely. Thereby, the writers elaborate them for theoretically and practically in this article, about how the these sciences used in determining early time of salat,...

Sarekoppa Kaan: a forest patch was under community management in sorab taluk of Shivamoga district, Karnataka
Shruthi, B., Sasya Samhita, Deepa M. S. and Shrikant Gunaga

Kaans are relic forests managed by indigenous communities in Malnad regions of Karnataka since time immemorial are supposed to be highly diverse with respect to plants. In this attempt Kaan forest of Sarekoppa village of Sorab taluk of Shivamoga district, Karnataka was selected to study the plant diversity. We prepared a checklist of plants of Sarekoppa Kaan and assigned the threat status and endemicity of the documented plants. Totally, 101 species of 88 genera belongs to 46 diverse...

Bioefficacy of some plant extracts against fusarium species causing wilt in tomato
Pratibha Rawal, Adhikari, R. S. and Tiwari, A.

This study was carried out with an objective to investigate the antifungal potential of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (Family Zingiberaceae ), Black pepper (Piper nigrum ) (Family Piperaceae) and Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) (Family Myrtaceae). The aim of the study is to evaluate the potential of antifungal activity against fungal strains Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici causable for wilting in tomato plant and to determine the zone of inhibition . The antifungal activity of dried parts...

Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial studies of heterobinuclear iron (III) – Tungsten (V) Complexes of...
Sangeetha, D., Lakshmi, D. and Sundaram, R.

The heterobinuclear complexes [FeWO2(L)4(H2O)] (L=dithiocarbamates) were prepared by the interaction of Iron tungstate with the respective ligands in aqueous DMF. The magnetic moment (6.71 and 6.66 BM) and EPR studies suggested the presence of tungsten in the pentavalent state. The FT-IR spectral bands suggested the presence of (W=O) (900cm-1) and (Fe-O-W) (790cm-1) and bidentate dithiocarbamate ligands (1500 and 960 cm-1) in the molecule. The FT-IR and thermal decomposition studies...

Microbial contamination of doorknobs in public toilets during HAJJ
Omar B Ahmed and Bashir Sirag

Although there are plenty public toilet facilities in the holy sites during Hajj, the presence of the pathogenic bacteria on the doorknobs poses a potential risk to the pilgrims. The present study aimed to identify microbial contaminants and evaluate the prevalence of MRSA and PVL strains from doorknobs surfaces of the toilets in Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina places. Bacterial contamination was performed by swab method from 224 randomly selected toilets. Identification was done using standard...

Assessment of renal function tests in Sudanese patients with recurrent typhoid fever in Gazera state – Sudan
Mutaz Ibrahim Hassan, Mohammed El-Siddiq Abbass, Asma AlaEldeen Abdo and Marwa Siddig Mohammed

Background: Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria. Typhoid fever is rare in industrialized countries. However, it remains a serious health threat in the developing world, especially for children. Typhoid fever spreads through contaminated food and water or through close contact with someone who's infected. Signs and symptoms usually include high fever, headache, abdominal pain, and either constipation or diarrhea. Most people with typhoid fever feel better within a few days of...

Review of environmental impact assessment for planning projects in Nigeria: a comparative analysis with policy...
Eduak Eduok

The EIA process that is directed towards best practice for sustainable development is beneficial to both the society and the environment. The paper assesses the effectiveness of EIA practice in Nigeria by ascertaining whether the EIA practiced in Nigeria is in line with guidelines for best practice as provided by International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), with specific focus on public participation and EIA follow-up. A questionnaire survey was conducted with 49 respondents from...

Optimizing matrix multiplication using multithreading
Harsh Patel, Anubhav Chaturvedi and Vishwas Raval

Multicore applications can deliver better performance with Pthreads ,which is an API for writing multithreaded applications to boost the performance of a computer. With the examples presented in this paper for the multiplication of two NxN matrices with a serial application and a parallel application using p_threads,one can understand the power of the Pthread apps.

Evaluation of tomato genotypes (Solanum lycopersicum l.) for fruit shelf-life and tomato leaf curl disease
Sujeet Kumar and Ramanjini Gowda, P.H.

Tomato fruit shelf-life is an important fruit quality trait and tomato leaf curl is most devastating plant disease in the world. In this study, fifty-five genotypes were screened for resistance/ susceptible reaction against tomato leaf curl disease under field conditions (summer) 2014 at UAS, Bangalore and estimated the shelf-life of tomato. Out of fifty-five genotypes, seventeen genotypes recorded leaf curl resistance as shown in the bracket EC816103 (0%), EC816101 (0%), EC816099 (2.77 %),...

Taxonomic, physicochemical and biochemical evaluation of phellinus allardii (Bres.) s. ahmad
Uzma Azeem, Gurpaul Singh Dhingra and Richa Shri

Phellinus Quél. (family Hymenochaetaceae) is a genus of wide occurrence and includes a number of species with great pharmacological significance. The present study is focused on taxonomic identification, physicochemical and biochemical evaluation of the specimen collected from district Dehradun, India. The specimen has been identified as Phellinus allardii on the basis of macroscopic and microscopic characters and is reported here as a new record for district Dehradun. Standardization...

Mathematical modeling of oscillatory chemical reactions in closed vessels
Lakshmi Narayanan, K., Saranya, K., Rajendran, L. and Subbiah, S.P.

Oscillating reactions are among the most fascinating of chemical reactions .The system is considered here with two chemical species, the reactant and autocatalyst. The non steady-state concentration profiles of the reactant and autocatalyst in this model are obtained using He’s Homotopy pertuburation method for all values parameters. Furthermore, in this work the numerical simulation of the problem is also reported using SCILAB/MATLAB program. A satisfactory agreement with numerical results...

Health monitoring system for underground miners
John Colaco and Dr. Lohani, R.B.

The underground coal mine environment is hazardous. Humans working in these surroundings may face uneasiness and gasping. The emission of various toxic gases like carbon monoxide, methane may increase stress level. This might create risk in their health and life. Therefore a proper and regular monitoring of their health is needed in order to save their health and life. Hence it is important to monitor various health parameters such as stress level, respiration and heart beat by using various...

An investigation influencing factors on job satisfaction of employee in agricultural research, extension, and education...
Hassan Alipour, Neda Alizadeh and Farhad Farzin

The purpose of this study was to investigation influencing factors on job satisfaction of employees in Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education organization (AREEO). The statistical population includes all employees in 66 institutes and centers in AREEO in Iran (N= 4630). Among them 357 employees (n=357) were selected by stratified random sampling method and finally 245 questionnaires were returned and analyzed. Data collection in this research was done in two general sections....

Volume equalization method for land grading design: uniform sloped grading in two directions at rectangular fields
Kadir E. TEMIZEL and Yasar AYRANCI

This paper presents a new method (Volume Equalization Method-VEM) which has been developed to perform land grading design at designing the uniform sloped grading in two directions. The method is a second design alternative of the method developed by Ayranci and Temizel (2011) which about uniform sloped grading in one direction at rectangular fields. The main goal of this method is to minimize the volumes of earth work required for acceptable smooth surface. The method based on the assumption...

Insight on audit efficiency in the Macedonian insurance market
Dushica Stevchevska-Srbinoska

The internal and external audit functions are indispensable for maximizing the operative efficiency of insurance companies. While internal auditors look into the risk and control culture and advise on how to maximize operating efficiency, external auditors are charged with the task of obtaining reasonable assurance that the financial statements prepared by the undertaking subject to audit are free from material errors and misstatements, i.e. that the financial statements are presented fairly...

Los conceptos observacion y experimentacion en la obra del cientifico claude bernard
Santiago Nieto Martín and MARÍA Luisa Sevillano García

En el presente artículo tratamos de llevar a cabo una reflexión metodológica cual es bucear en el pensamiento y obra del científico Claude Bernard, investigador de reconocido prestigio universal y que ha realizado una brillante aportación intelectual al campo de la investigación experimental desde al ámbito de la medicina, siempre, situándonos en la época y momento en que desarrolló su actividad científica. Y lo hacemos realizando un paralelismo entre lo que conlleva la práctica...



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