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November 2016

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The youth unemployment in Russia and Germany: A spatial panel data analysis
Evgeny Inozemtsev

The purpose of this article is the comparative analysis of spatial effects and development of small business on the level of youth unemployment in the European part of Russia and Germany. The research was carried out usingthe panel analysis on 55 regions of Russia and 38 regions of Germany with use of various options of spatial weight matrixes. The special attention is given to influence of the distance to the capital on an unemployment rate.

Pushover analysis of soft storey building under seismic load
Athira, A., Kiran Koshy Samuel, Steffi Sara Abraham and Simon, J.

During an earthquake, the disaster is mainly caused due to the collapse of buildings. The main objective of the seismic analysis is to make the structure serviceable even after the minor intensity earthquake without causing any damage. It is essential to provide open ground stories also called “Soft stories” in commercial and residential buildings for parking. In this paper, a soft storey building having G+9 storey is analyzed using ETABS where the soft storey is provided on the ground floor...

Pushover analysis of a multistoried building with and without shear wall under seismic load
Jasim Anamangadan, Glani G. Maria, Ankita Degaonkar and Simon, J.

This paper discuss a comparative study of G+9 building with and without shear wall is carried out so as to understand lateral displacement, storey drift and base shear of the building. The main objective of this paper is to reduce the storey drift of the multistoried building by introducing different configurations of shear wall. In the beginning seismic analysis is done by using static linear response spectrum method and based on the results obtained the dimensions of beams and columns are...

Understanding parent-adolescent communication (pac) about drugs abuse through community-based participatory research (...
Dr. James Ngamije and Kalulu

Drugs use and abuse among the adolescents affect the individual, family and community in Rwanda. However, the current arsenal of effective approaches to increase adherence to risk-reduction strategies and communication with Rwandan adolescents remains insufficient. Despite the potential protective role of parent-adolescent communication (PAC) program about sexual and drugs use behavior, much remains unknown about the process and contexts in which these communication encounters occur in...

A study on the impact of buying behavior of youngsters in Chennai city
Dr. Irin Sutha, A.

The Study was conducted on the impact of Buying Behavior of youngsters in Chennai city, the objective of the study was to find out the level of customer awareness and preference towards malls, and to find out the reasons for visiting the mall and their spending pattern. The need for the study is to analyze the impact of various behavioral changes caused among youngsters in Chennai city due to the recent trend mall and to study the changes in buying behavior of youngsters in Chennai city. And...

Nasopharyngeal schwannoma: A case report and clinicopathological analysis
Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Behera, Dr. Chinmaya Sundar Ray and Dr. Kalpalata Tripathy

According to literature 50% Schwannoma cases are seen in Head & Neck region and only <4% occur in sinonasal tract. In our case a female patient presented with 10 months history bilateral nasal obstruction and snoring. CT scan revealed a well defined moderate enhancing homogenous soft tissue density lesion noted in midline and prevertebral space extending into nasophrynx abuting skull base displacing left great vessels of neck inferiorly extending to orophrynx. The mass was excised by...

Ultra structural and biochemical changes induced by cadmium nanoparticle in the muscle of fresh water fiddler crab,...
Deepa Rani, S., Kavitha, R., Padmaja, M. and Sangeetha, S.

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology which deals with the production and application of Nanoparticles of heavy meals in various fields of day to day life such as food, cosmetics, medicine, pharmacy, energy, environment and material application. But its industrial runoff may affect the aquatic ecosystem. In the present study ultra structural and biochemical changes induced by Cadmium nanoparticle in the Muscle of fresh water fiddler crab, Scylla olivacea (HERBST, 1796) was studied....

Study on different parameters during hydrolysis of colloidal chitin using trichoderma harzianum, a vegetative fungus
Suneetha, Y. K., Divya S. Tuppad and Dr. Rameshaiah, G. N.

Chitin is the only nitrogen based abundantly available natural biopolymer and its derivatives have wide applications in food/health supplements, cosmetics, biomaterials, coagulants and adsorbents used in water treatment. Species of Trichoderma are effective chitinolytic enzyme producing fungi. The raw chitin procured from Enviro Biotech Pvt. Ltd, is used as substrate for enzymatic degradation by Trichoderma species, which acts only on modified chitin, thus the raw chitin is treated with...

Measurement the diameter of abdominal aortic and femoral artery in cta using mdct
Mahasin F. Ali, Suhaib Alameen, Mohamed E. M. Gar-Elnabi and Caroline Edward Ayad

The objective of this clinical study was to establish normal values of femur artery dimension using Multi Detector Computed Tomography, and to find the effect of gender on the size of the femoral artery. Abdominal part (aorta at bifurcation) and femoral artery was measured at three sites in the femur of 100 healthy subjects using RadiAnt DICOM viewer system. The study showed that the dimension of abdominal aorta and the right and left femoral artery its slightly bigger in male than female in...

Measurement the diameter of abdominal aortic and femoral artery for diabetic and hypertensive patients in cta using mdct
Mahasin F. Ali, Suhaib Alameen, Mohamed E. M. Gar-Elnabi and Caroline Edward Ayad

This study concern the measurement of the diameter of abdominal aortaat its bifurcation to right and left femur artery, for diabetic patients and hypertensive patients and normal ascontrol group using Multi Detector Computed Tomography MDCT 64 slice. Information was available for 300 patients, 100 patient’s diabetics, 100 hypertensives and 100 normal as a control group, Diameter measurement of abdominal aortic at its bifurcation to right and left femur artery and the study sample diabetic...

Effect of iba, phb and time of planting on rooting of pomegranate (punica granatum L.) cuttings CV. Ganesh
Simranjit Kaur, Amarjeet Kaur and Gurpinder Kaur

The study entitled “Effect of IBA, PHB and time of planting on rooting of pomegranate (PunicagranatumL.) cuttings cv. Ganesh’’ was undertaken at the nursery of Department of Horticulture during 2015-2016. The objective of the study was to determine rooting ability of cuttings of pomegranate in response to (a) Effect of IBA, PHB and their combination (b) The time of planting (August and January). To achieve the objectives the same experiment was carried out in the both months. Uniform sized...

The effect of leadership style of headmasters on the job satisfaction of teachers in senior high schools in the...
Augustine Adu Frimpong, Addai Kyeremeh Emmanuel and Batola David

Education equips people with knowledge and skills that enable them to function as agents of economic and social change in the society. When people are educated, their standard of living are likely to be improved, since they are empowered to access productive ventures which will ultimately lead them to an improvement in their livelihoods. In the developed part of the World like America and Europe, studies have shown that there exist a very strong relationship between leadership styles and job...

Biological activity of transition metal complexes of 4- formylpyridine thiosemicarbazone; equilibrium studies
Mydhili, S. P., *,1Sireesha, B., Venkata Ramana Reddy, CH and Acharya Nagarjuna, P.

Metal complexes of 4-Formylpyridinethiosemicarbazone, H4FPT (L) with Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) were prepared and characterized by various spectro-analytical techniques such as elemental analyses, molar conductance, LC-MS, TGA, IR and 1H-NMR. Elemental analyses and LC-MS studies reveal the composition as ML2 for all the complexes. Equilibrium studies were carried out in 70% v/v DMF-water medium to calculate dissociation constant of H4FPT and the stability constants of complexes with Zn(II)...

South asia confronting its greatest challenge: catching-up but over-heating
Jan-Erik Lane

South East Asia is poised to become the next set of Asian miracles. But they face a terrible threat from the environment, as global warming picks up speed. Can these almost 2 billion work and find food and water, if temperature rises more than 2-3 degrees? Can peasants survive? And how to generate enough electricity for housing?Without massive financial assistance, there will occur widespread reneging on the COP21 objectives (Goal I-III). The system of United Nations Climate Change...

On special d(2)-quadruple
Gopalan, M.A., Vidhyalakshmi, S. and Shanthi, J.

This paper concerns with the study of constructing a special Dio quadruple (a,b,c,d) such that the product of any two elements of the set difference with their sum and increased by 2 is a perfect square.

Removal of lead(ii) by adsorption onto parthenium stem powder as bioadsorbent
Siva Kumar, K., Naga Rajani, M. and Nageswara Rao, V.

Heavy metal accumulation in waste water could affect aquatic life, human health and overall ecosystem adversely. Therefore, in recent years much emphasis has been given for the use of industrial waste water as low cost adsorbents for the removal of metallic contaminants from waste water. In this paper, the studies on removal of Pb (II) by adsorption on Parthenium stem powder as adsorbent. Batch adsorption experiments were carried out to examine the effect of various parameters such as...

Doping of some organic materials (talha & hashab)
Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed, Sahar Osman Ahmed Idris and Mubarak Dirar Abdallah

In this work we used powder of Aluminum hydroxide AL(OH)3 and the solution of iodine as doping materials for two type of Arabic Gum(Talha and Hashab ) with different in concentration and doping rate. The samples were heated first then pressed to act as p-type sheet. The energy gap at Talha was 3 eV as maximum when doping rate was 0.8% and concentration was 0.8mg/L while Hashab the maximum energy gap was 2.199700 eV when the doping rate was 0.2% and concentration was 0.2 mg/L. These new...

Growth, herb yield, oil content chlorophyll and nutrients uptake in lemongrass (cymbopogon flexeosus) as affected by...
Jolly Singh, Shashank Sharma, Khanna, S.K., Bhavtosh Sharma and Prasad, F.M.

The results showed that the height number of tillers at various intervals oil content fresh and dry weight of herb yield chlorophyll content N;P;K; Ca and Fe declined at higher concentration of RSC i.e. 15meL-1 levels except Na which tremendously reduced.the treatment R3 G0 having 15 meL-1 sodic water without chemical amendment resulted marked reduction in oil production,chlophyll content and N,P,K, Ca and Fe uptake in comparison to other levels of RSC wather in association with...

Innovative nursing products developed by nursing teachers and students in Taiwan
Ya-Lie Ku, Pi-Yu Lee, Yueh-Chin Wang and Mei-Chy Wang

Taiwan’s Minister of Education encourages industry–school cooperation for developing innovative products; therefore, in 2011, the author developed a nursing practicum project course in which nursing faculty and students can develop innovative nursing products. The present study developed five innovative nursing products for solving various clinical problems experienced by patients. The structures and functions of these products are presented with design illustrations and model photographs....

Morphological evolution of nanocrystalline cds thin films synthesized by two different chemical deposition techniques
Narayani M. Gosavi, Shende, D. A., Rane, Y. N., Chaudhari, K. B., Kanke, V. M. and Gosavi, S. R.

Nanocrystalline thin films of cadmium sulfide (CdS) have been studied extensively in view of their potential industrial applications. Notwithstanding to this, this material is also important both academically as well as scientifically. In this work, we report the synthesis and morphological evolution of nanocrystalline CdS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition (CBD) and successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method. The films were characterized by X-ray diffraction...

Local community attitude and perceptions towards tourism conservation policies in rwanda case of volcanoes national park
Kalulu Ronald, Tushabe Emmy and Nsabimana Emmanuel

National Park contains the rich biodiversity that attracts many tourists. Despite being an attractive destination, Volcanoes National Park is facing different threats resulting from human activities including poaching, hunting, bamboo collection, and others although policies to conserve the VNP were set up. It was due to these challenges that the study was conducted to investigate the local community attitude and perception towards conservation policies around the Park. It was based on...

Structural, morphological, optical and magnetic properties of Fe3o4 nanoparticles prepared by microwave combustion...
Sendhil, M. and Sundaram, R.

Fe3O4 nanoparticles were synthesized by microwave combustion method by using thiourea as stabilizer. The synthesized Fe3O4 nanoparticles were characterized by powder XRD, HR-SEM, HR-TEM, EDX, PL and VSM studies. XRD results showed the well-crystalline cubic spinel structure of synthesized Fe3O4 nanoparticles with size of 49 nm. The morphology of Fe3O4 nanoparticles was confirmed by HR-SEM and HR-TEM images. In room temperature PL studies exhibited a strong UV emission and a suppressed green...

Evaluation of mungbean (vignaradiata l.) as green manure on some soil characteristics under perlis condition
Ghassan J. Z., Zakaria, W., Shaari, A. R. and Mohammud, C. H.

Adding plant residue with or without mineral fertilizers tosoilsis seen as an excellentapproach in agriculture due to the fact that it enhances the quality of the plant and the fertility of the soil. The study intends to elucidate the influence of green manure on the properties of soil and enumerate suitable amounts of green manure that would be optimum for the soil. A field experiment was conducted at the experimental farm of Institute of Sustainable Agro technology, University Malaysia...

Risk assessment of zika virus and optimization of mosquito surveillance in the port and city of chittagong, Bangladesh
Thomas M. Kollars, Jr.,

Several mosquito species and mosquito-borne pathogens are capable of invading new geographic regions and exploiting niches that are similar to their natural home ranges where they may pose a serious threat to spreading pathogens. Zika virus is spreading throughout the world, posing significant health risk to human populations, particularly pregnant women and their infants.Invasion by infected mosquitoes through marine and air ports are a likely route of invasion of Zika virus. The mosquito...

High efficiency h6 transformerless topology based single phase full bridge pv grid tied inverters
Madhuri N.Kshirsagar and Dr. P. J. Shah

The use of transformerless Photovoltaic inverters is increasing day by day, because of benefits of achieving lower cost, smaller volume, higher efficiency compared to ones with transformer inverters. The transformerless inverters eliminate the leakage current from the circuit. In addition to this, according to international regulations, transformerless inverters should be capable of handling a certain amount of reactive power. In this paper the H6 topology is proposed by using Inverted sine...

A novel magnetic activated carbon produced via hydrochloric acid pickling water activation for methylene blue removal
Fang Wang

A novel biomass-based and low cost magnetic activated carbon (MAC) was synthesized from a peanut shell via a simple one-step method using hydrochloric acid pickling water as an activating agent. The effectiveness of MAC in the removal of methylene blue (MB) has been investigated extensively. The morphology and surface chemistry of the obtained MAC were characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR), X-ray diffraction spectra (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Brunauer–Emmett–...

The oxidation of carbon monoxide by using different cobalt precursors prepared catalysts
Subhashish Dey, Ganesh Chand Dhal, Ram Prasad and Devendra Mohan

The carbon monoxide is a toxic and life-threatening gas to humans and other forms of air-breathing life. In present time, the low-temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide is applicable in large scale of application in automobile and other fields. In this paper, the different types of cobalt precursors were prepared in the laboratory for oxidation of carbon monoxide at low temperature. The precursor was converted into the catalyst by calcination at 300oC temperature. The cobalt precursor...

Aspects of loitsiansky’s type of invariant
Ghosh, N. C., Pijush Basak and Abhijit Bhattacharya

Turbulence is seen as one of the last outstanding unsolved problems in classical physics. In the last century, great minds viz, Heisenberg, von Weizs"acker, Kolmogorov, Prandtl and G.I. Taylor had worked on it. Einstein put his last postdoc Bob Kraichnan on the subject of Turbulence. Despite the fact that isotropic turbulence constitutes the simplest type of turbulent flow, it is still not possible to render the problem analytically traceable without introducing the two point double and...

Cooling the building using passive strategies by implementing reflective material to reduce cooling load
Megha Jain and Pathak, K. K.

Reflective coating applied to building envelopes are becoming increasingly important because of their benefits in terms of internal cooling and energy savings. Because of their optical properties, reflective materials stay cooler than standard materials under the same conditions; therefore, they are also known as cool materials. This paper presents a review on the application of reflective materials on buildings’ walls, fenestration and roof. The thermal performance of these materials has...

Anthropomorphic engineered arm work and controlled suspension exercise in treatment of subacromial impingement syndrome...
Bellomo, R. G., Supplizi, M., Palermo, T., Barassi, G., Barbato, C. and Saggini, R.

Subacromial impingement syndrome represents one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. The rehabilitation of this problem is focused on reduction of pain and improvement of dysfunctional motor pattern. The main goal of our study was to determine if a rehabilitation method called controlled suspension exercise (CSE) made in an unstable setting could improve the condition of patient with a subacute phase of subacromial impingement. The study was focused on 19 athletic subjects diagnosed...

A study on the heavy hydrocarbon degradation potential of bacterial strains isolated from uttarakhand
Shweta Rawat

Screening of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms from crude oil contaminated soil (near Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun) by selective enrichment technique, resulted in the collection of two distinct study species (Bacillus sp.and Micrococcus sp.). Both strains were firstly cultivated in liquid media with Glucose as the carbon and energy source. Morphological characteristics of strains were determined by preparing nutrient agar plates parallel. Further, both strains growth was...

Forward reasoning: An inference method of expert system for the bombay stock exchange of India prediction and knowledge...
Kamley Sachin, Jaloree Shailesh, Thakur R.S. and Gour Sanjeev

Stock market has emerged as one of the well-known powerful areas due to economic globalization as well as representing the overall economic growth of the country. In the past two decades, there were many research efforts have been put by various researchers and academicians in the field. The major problem of the stock market is that it embodies the vast amount of knowledge of different sectors at one place and representation of this knowledge is very chaotic. In this direction, an expert...

Studies on antidiabetic activity of aegle marmelos (L.) corr. serr.in normal and alloxan induced diabetic rats
Beena, V. L., Subhash, C. P. and Brijith Lal,

Medicinal plants have been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine to maintain health and treat diseases. Aegle marmelos is one such plant the leaves and fruit of which have been reported to have varying medicinal properties. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the antidiabetic principle present in the aqueous extract of the leaves of Aegle marmelos in Alloxan diabetic animal model. Albino rates were selected for the study. Diabetes was introduced by a single intra peritoneal...

Multiple-pipeline to minimise antibiotic resistance
Zhi-Tian Li, Kai Wu and Zhong Jia

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a global issue, mainly because of abuse or excessive antibiotic using in developing countries of Asia, which has aroused more attention and criticism.
All data was collected from publically published official reports or via searching antibiotic resistance-related articles in PubMed. Based on the evidence and expertise, some valuable suggestion was proposed.
Antibiotic resistance is not only...

An analysis of challenges in agile development
Arvind Pillai and Mythili Thirugnanam

Software project management techniques and business methodologies have been developed from practices in the Information Technology industry to ensure a high rate of success with the given deadlines. These techniques have been adopted by almost all the top firms to ensure a lucrative and efficient solution to a problem. Moreover, the size of the project management team and model embraced to ensure success depends on the nature of the project. Agile development model using agile teams are one...

Antibacterial and phytochemical screening of pimpinella anisum through optimized extraction procedure
Zubaida Marufee Islam, Kashmery Khan, Shagoofa Rakhshanda, Rabab Mahdi and Iftekhar Mahmud Chowdhury

Since synthetic drugs failed to work on microbial resistance we focused on antimicrobial properties of naturally occurring Pimpinella anisum, which may help in the search for newer and less expensive antibiotics. Antibacterial effects of ethanol and methanol extracts taken of second, fifth and seventh days, along with aqueous extracts of aniseed were observed on nine bacteria by disc diffusion method. Aniseed extracts of different days showed positive antibacterial effects on only three...

Determination of spearmans correlation coefficient of aerosols of tropical urban coastal station Chennai, India
Najma Nikkath, S. and Samuel Selvaraj, R.

Chennai is a (E80ᵒ 14’51” and N13ᵒ 03’ 40”), tropical urban coastal site on the east coast (Bay of Bengal) of southeast India. For the period from April 2015 to April2016 ,correlation coefficient is determined by the method of Spearmans Rank correlation coefficient .The main objective was to study the correlation analysis of the particulate matter PM 10 and PM2.5 of various regions of Chennai. An inverse relation exist between aerosol and rainfall. Hence the aerosol analysis can be...

The features of urban storm drainage in Aba, Nigeria
Ogbonna Chukwuemeka Godswill, Eleazu Eberechi Ijeoma, Obinka Azubuike Nnaemeka and Ukpabi Jane Ijeoma

Urban storm drainage is a network of closed or open conduits that receive runoff from inlets or surfaces, and conveys it to an outfall or downstream outlet. Drainage plays a very important role in evacuating stormwater from cities thereby reducing the possibilities of flood. This study examined the features of urban storm drainage in Aba, Nigeria. The study adopted geometric survey technique, and relied mainly on primary data which were collected through direct observation and measurements....

Investigation and mechanisms of action of the aqueous extract of hibiscus sabdariffa (aehs) on the aorta isolated from...
Méa Arsène, Kiessoun Konaté, Kassi Yomalan and Abo Kouakou Jean Claude

Objective: Hibicus sabdariffa L. is traditionally used in Africa to treat several ailments and associated diseases. Despite the extensive use of these plants in traditional health care, literature provides little information regarding its pharmacological properties even if in the last three decades, a lot of concerted efforts have been channeled into researching this local plant with pharmacological values effects. This work was therefore designed to investigate the hypotensive and...

Mebendazole spectrophotometric determination. Theoretical and experimental study of the interaction with sodium...
Mario R. Delfino, Celina M. Monzón, Nelly L. Jorge and María del C. Sarno

USP, EP, and Argentinian Pharmacopoeia proposed HPLC-UV for quantitative quality control of mebendazole (MBZ) tablets. In this work, a spectrophotometric method is proposed. A mebendazole solution was prepared by dissolving the active ingredient in an ethanolic solution of HCl (1: 100) and adding NaOH 3N. It was allowed to stand 10 minutes. Absorbance spectrum was scanned between 350 and 700 nm. Maximum was found at 400 nm. A calibration curve in the range of 0.05 to 0.25 mg / mL, responded...

Overview of metal-organic framework based drug delivery systems
Smita Nayak, Shivali Singh and Vaidhun Bhaskar

While the last few decades have brought about significant advances in the area of novel drug delivery systems, there is still scope for further research. One of the areas that is gaining prominence is Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), a class of compounds that is exhibiting potential in drug delivery. MOFs are coordination polymers, new class of highly tunable hybrid materials self- assembled from organic bridging ligands and metal ion cluster connecting points that display permanent porosity...

Anti bloat effect of leucas aspera in cattle – A field trial report
Umadevi, U., Madhu Mathi, P. and Umakanthan, T.

Twenty six cattle, age ranging from 8 months to 4 years and different sex were employed in this study. All were clinically diagnosed as bloat due to different causes. On humanitarian ground no control maintained. All the 26 were orally drenched with the extract of finely grounded Leucas aspera. Purgation occured within 1 – 2 hours and 22 cattle were found relieved of the bloat. 84% recovery rate noticed.

Fabrication and characterization of tin sulphide (sns) based thin film solar cells
Lasisi, A. R., Babalola, O.A., Taleatu, B. A., Alabi, A. B. and Akomolafe, T

This study reports fabrication and characterization of Tin sulphide (SnS) based thin film solar cells. The solar cell was fabricated using simple two electrodes electro-deposition technique to deposit window layer; Zinc sulphide (ZnS) and absorber layer; Tin sulphide (SnS) thin films on an Indium doped Tin oxide (ITO) coated glass slide and Silver paste was paste on the absorber layer (SnS) as back contact of the cell. Thus, a device structure of glass/ITO/ZnS/SnS/Ag solar cells is obtained...

A study on the heavy hydrocarbon degradation potential of bacterial strains isolated from Uttarakhand
Shweta Rawat

Screening of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms from crude oil contaminated soil (near Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun) by selective enrichment technique, resulted in the collection of two distinct study species (Bacillus sp.and Micrococcus sp.). Both strains were firstly cultivated in liquid media with Glucose as the carbon and energy source. Morphological characteristics of strains were determined by preparing nutrient agar plates parallel. Further, both strains growth was...

Bioinspired algorithm for the control of cardiac pacemaker
Jeyanth Fedal Castro, V and Malathi, R

Designing the controller for the control of cardiac pacemakers to maintain the heart rate in a efficient way is very challenging. Proportional - Integral - Derivative control schemes continue to provide the simplest and effective solutions to most of the control engineering applications today. However, tuning of these controllers is time consuming, not easy and generally lead to poor performance especially with non-linear systems. This paper presents a...

Study of water quality parameters in drinking water samples collected from different areas in and around Cheyyar Taluk...
Muthu, M. and Subramanian, N.

Water is the major constituent of all living things and needed by them for various purposes. The drinking water samples were collected from ten different source (Periya Koil Bore well (A), Periya Koil Pond (B), Kil pudhupakkam Bore well (C), Thiruvathipuram River (D), Valarpuram Bore well (E), Perunkalathur samathuvapuram Bore well (F), Perunkalathur Bore well (G), Vanniyanthangal open well (H), Thumbai open well (I) and Mangalam Bore well (J) of Cheyyar Taluk,...

Study on intestinal parasites of madras red sheep in and around Kancheepuram district
Sangeetha, M., Subramanian, N., Soundararajan, C. and Muthu, M.

The Study on intestinal parasites of Madras red Sheep in and around Kancheepuram district was carried out for six months from March 2014 to August 2014. Parasitoloical examination of dung samples revealed the eggs of Amphistomes, Moniezia sp, Strongyle, Strongyloides, Trichuris sp. and Eimeria sp. The overall prevalence of parasitic eggs and oocysts was 72 per cent. Of this overall prevalence of 72.0%, 36.0% was infected by nematodes, 26.0% by trematodes, 16% by...



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM