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January 2017

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Analysis of the water quality characteristics of Intawaogba River
UGBEBOR, John Nwenearizi and OYINLOYE, Adetayo

This study examined the water quality characteristics and self-purification capacity of Intawaogba River. This was done by collecting samples from five (5) sampling points over 300m distance, analysing the physiochemical and heavy metal parameters (pH, Temperature, Salinity, TSS, Turbidity, DO, BOD, Colour, Phosphate, Sulphate, Lead and Iron). The physical parameters were analysed on site while the chemical parameters were analysed carefully in the laboratory. pH, Temperature, Turbidity, TSS...

Evaluation of thermal properties and life time of multilayered thermal barrier coating obtained from suspension plasma...
Mujeebulla Khan Guttal and Abdul Sharief

The aim of the study was to find the effect of thermal cyclic furnace (TCF) on thermal properties and life time of multilayered TBC obtained from new coating technology called suspension plasma spray (SPS). Porosity and Microstructure of multilayered TBCs before and after thermal aging were analyzed to understand the effect of sintering. Study uses single layer 7% YSZ and Lanthanum Zirconate (LZ) La2Zr2O7, double-layer LZ/YSZ TBC deposited with SPS. The overall coating thickness in all TBCs...

Strength properties of concrete using ternary system
Kannan, V.

Utilization of industrial waste materials and other supplementary materials in concrete compensates the lack of natural resources, solving the disposal problem of waste and to find alternative technique to safeguard the nature. Also it can be used to enhance the mechanical and durability properties of the concrete. There are a number of supplementary materials such as silica fume (SF), Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), Fly Ash (FA), Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and more used as partial...

Promotional effects of Co and Ce ON V-W-Ti catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of no
Ashish R. Kavaiya, Deepak Yadav, Pratichi Singh and Ram Prasad

NO has been identified as a major pollutant causing various concerns like, health, acid rain, greenhouse gas, photochemical smog, etc. Different environmental legislatives have forced to control NO emissions around the globe. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO has been emerged out as the best prominent NO control technique. Three, V-W-Ti-catalysts (V1W9Ti90, Co0.01V0.99W9Ti90, Ce0.01V0.99W9Ti90) were prepared by wet impregnation method with and without promoter (Co or Ce) in a minute...

A control scheme for storageless dvr basedon characterization of voltage sags
Poonam Deshmukh, Anant K. Shukla, and Pawan C. Tapre

Voltage sag remains a serious power-quality (PQ) problem by being the most common and causing more economic losses. The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is a definitive solution to address the voltage-related PQ problems. Conventional topologies operate with a dc link, which makes them bulkier and costlier; it also imposes limits on the compensation capability of the DVR. Topologies with the same functionality, operating without the dc link by utilizing a direct ac–ac converter, are preferable...

Dystocia due to congenital hydrocephalus and arthrogryposis calf in a cross bred cow
Kalirajan, R. and Senthilkumar, A.

A very rare case of Hydrocephalus and Arthrogryposis calf in a crossbred Holstein Frisian cow from the rural area of Madurai District in Tamil Nadu was reported. This report would help in drawing the attention of animal breeders of Madurai with respect to collection of sire and dam’s pedigree information before breeding of their cattle as the condition is hereditary in nature.

Incidence on human and animal health of the fluvial and terrestrial malacofauna of the municipality of santa clara,...
Rigoberto Fimia-Duarte, Jaime Wilfrido Aldaz-Cárdenas, Jorge Jagger Segura-Ochoa, Nancy Guadalupe Aldaz Cárdenas, Jenny Janeth Segura Ochoa...

The investigation was carried out with the purpose of determining the grade of incidence of the fluvial and terrestrial existent malacofauna in the municipality Santa Clara, in the human health and animal during the period corresponding to the years 2011 -2015. The species of mollusks were identified, so much fluvial and terrestrial existent in the municipality Santa Clara whose identification process, was made in the laboratory of the Provincial Unit of Surveillance and Antivectorial Fights...

An experimental investigation of machining parameters for EDM using copper electrode of aisi p20 tool steel
Lalta Prasad and Anshika Gupta

In this investigation, an optimization approach is used for the estimation of maximum material removal rate and minimal surface integrity of surface created in electrical discharge machining (EDM). The significant input parameters such as pulse current (Ip), pulse duration (Ton), discharge voltage (V) and spark off time (Toff) are considered, and material removal rate, tool wear rate and surface roughness have been considered as responses for this study. Nine experiments were conducted on...

The some parameters of full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance and the quantity of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen atoms in...
Ambaga, M.

We revealed the following lawfull relationship existed between the full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance inside human body and CxHyOz + (x + y/4 - z/2) O2 → x CO2 + (y/2) H2O formula: The quantity of the released CO2 in the 2-th stage of the full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance inside human body is equal to Cx existed in the donator molecules as CxHyOz. The quantity of the O2 participated in the 7-th stage of the full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance inside human body...

Evaluation of the opportunities of the business processes reengineering application as an approach for improvement of...
Almalki Sultan Musaad, O. and Zhang Zhuo

This research aims at studying the evaluation of opportunities of applying the process reengineering approach to improve the competitiveness in the pharmaceutical companies in Jeddah. This approach is based on main rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in the known measures of performance, then to transmit to the thinking based on the business processes, which includes a change in thought and practices. The researcher came to a result...

DNA binding, DNA cleavage and antibacterial activity of NI(II) and CU(II) complexes derived from pyridoxal...
Saritha Aduri, Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy and Sireesha, B.

Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes of Pyridoxal thiosemicarbazone (PLTSC) have been synthesized and characterized by ESI-MS, FTIR and UV-Vis spectral studies, elemental analyses, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility measurements and thermal analysis. The spectral and analytical data suggest the tridentate nature of the ligand and formation of complexes in octahedral geometry. DNA-binding properties of these metal complexes with CT-DNA in a potassium phosphate buffer (pH 7.2) were investigated...

Normal haemocytological and serum biochemical profile of Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822) as a diagnostic tool in...
Gayatri Acharya and Prafulla K. Mohanty

The aim of the present study was to obtain a baseline data on the blood cell size, morphology, differential leucocyte count, haematological parameters of and biochemical parameters in Catla catla since there is a limited information in the published literature. Blood samples were collected from the caudal vein of apparently healthy fish (male: n=15 and female: n=15) were collected. Haematological and biochemical values of the blood samples were determined using standard techniques. The...

Accessibility of credit facilities to women farmer
Pooja Kumari

The present study examines the accessibility of women farmer to source of credit facility. A total of 100 farm women were selected from four villages namely Harpur, Mahmadda, Gorai and Madhurapur from the Samastipur district of Bihar. Structured interview scheduled, personal observations and analysis of records were used to collect information for the study. The findings revealed that women in the study area were engaged in farming activities such as crop production, storage of grains and...

Macrophage activation syndrome in secondary dengue: a rare presentation
Dr Tapan Biswas

We describe a 60 year old female developing dengue-associated macrophage activation syndrome. The condition was diagnosed according to the established criteria of the International Histiocyte Society and Application of H-score. Patient was full recovery with corticosteroid therapy. Macrophage activation syndrome in adult mimic severe sepsis, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, or multi organ dysfunction syndrome and lead to diagnostic difficulties. This report adds to the limited...

Effect on flexibility of volleyball players by some selected exercises
Dr. Khan Muneer Aslam

The aim of the study was todetermine the effect on flexibility of volleyball players by some selected exercises. For this purpose 20 male volley ball players (10 for control group and 10for experimental group) of Government Boys Higher secondary school charirshareef Budgam were selected randomly as subject and the age was ranging from 17 to 21 years. Exercises were restricted to Trunk twisting, Rope skipping, Shoulder and chest stretch, Alternative toe touch zigzag Running, Hip stretch and...

Seborrheic keratosis – a clinical case
Tsvetan Tsvetanov

The aim of this case report is to review a case of a patients with seborrheic keratoses pigmented type. Clinical examination of the right extraoral site revealed a single, well-defined brownish nodular mass situated by 1.5 cm below the right pinna, near the mandibular angle and close to the sternocleidomastoid muscle. The treatment include extraoral excision and histopathological examination. The postoperative period was without complications.

study of dielectric properties of PPy with NBR based CEC usingtwo point method at X-band using microwave bench
Vijaya Bhaskar, M. and Dr. Padmasuvarna, R.

Thе dielectric propertiеs like dielectric constant, loss tangеnt, loss factor, conductivity, Absorption Coefficient, Skin depth, Dielectric hеating coefficient of various conducting polymers like PPy basеd on Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) with conducting elastomer composites (CECs) methods and using two point techniquе, at microwave frequenciеs in the X- band (7-13 GHz).were studied. The absolute value of thе dielectric constant, absorption coefficiеnt and AC conductivity of the...

Doctor of physiotherapy program in ethiopia
Mengestie M. Belay, Biruk L. Wamisho and Serebe A. Gebre

Background: Beginning in 2012, the Government of Ethiopia implemented the Human Resource Development (HRD) program to enhance capacity building in the Ethiopian healthcare system. Through this program, physiotherapy residency program at Addis Ababa University (AAU) was started. The aim of this presentation is to describe Physiotherapy residency program in Ethiopia.
Methods: We performed a descriptive analysis of the physiotherapy residency program in Ethiopia after initiation of...

The effects of estradiol benzoate injection to intact and castrated male rabbits on glucose, total protein, albumin,...
TamourElkhier, Shams-Eldein Hassaballa and Shadia Abdo-Elatti Omer

This study was conducted to estimate the effects of estradiol benzoate injection to intact and castrated male rabbits on glucose, total protein, albumin, calcium, urea and creatinine concentrations. A total of Seventy two adult male rabbits were used in this study. The rabbits were randomly divided in to two groups (Thirty sex per group) .One group was used as intact group, the other group of rabbits was subjected to bilateral orchiectomy, and used as castrated group. Each group was further...

Investigating the feasibility of land consolidation in rwanda: evidence of china
Tuyishime Delphine, Wang Yong, Byukusenge Laetitia and Cao Xuan

Feeding the growing population is the main concern of the worldwide and it is more urgency to increase agricultural productivity, particularly crops as those are the main sources of food of the population. Developing countries are more challenged with agricultural activities due to the environmental changes; some major should be taken substantially. Rwanda as one of developing countries is coping with these challenges and land use consolidation is one the majors taken to confront them. It...

Fire safety preparedness in the central business district of Kumasi, Ghana
Kofi Agyekum, Joshua Ayarkwa and DeGraft Joe Opoku

In Ghana, the incidence of fire outbreak has become the order of the day, as there is no single day without news on fire outbreaks in some parts of the country. These fires affect different buildings. Knowing how to use installed facilities within buildings is very important in tackling fire emergencies. This study was conducted to assess the perceptions of occupants on fire safety preparedness in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kumasi. The key objectives set out were to assess fire...

Vulnerability evaluation of millet and sorghum cropping system to climate change and adoption of new technologies in...
Penda Sissoko, Jens B. Aune, Gry Senneväg, Bino Teme and Philippe Lebailly

This study analyzes the vulnerability of agricultural cropping systems based on millet and sorghum and the adoption of new technologies in Sahelian and Sudano - Sahelian areas in Mali (West Africa). Semi-structured interviews (ISS) using questionnaires addressed to the chiefs of family farm (FAE) were used for the collection of data. The descriptive statistics and matrices were realized for the data analysis using the following softwares: EXCEL and SPSS20.The results of the surveys conducted...

Osmotic dehydrated ginger candy
Sinthiya, R. and K. Poornima

The aim of this paper is to make osmotic dehydrated ginger candy. Palm sugar syrup is used as an osmotic agent. Ginger is pretreated and osmosis is done with palm sugar syrup. The water is drained after osmosis process. The product left after draining is dried, packed and stored. The acceptability of the product is evaluated using 5 Point hedonic scale.

Recent and past floods in Kashmir: causes and consequences with special reference to Srinagar city
S. Shakeel and T. A. Mayer

Floods are common in Kashmir valley due to its physiographic disposition but the kind and devastation caused by them against the human life and property needs immediate attention. The present paper highlights the causes, consequences of floods and aimed to provide inventory in the identification of the priority areas which needs certain conservative and preventive measures for curbing the manace in Kashmir valley in general and Srinagar city in particular.

Socio-economic impacts of apparel industries in Bangladesh
Kamrul Hasan, Nasrin Ferdous and Reashad Bin Kabir

The Textile and Clothing Sector in Bangladesh is by far the main and most important industry with 85.9% of all exports. Very low wages and trade deals with Western countries have helped make Bangladesh the world's second-largest garment exporter after China, with 60% of its clothes going to Europe and 23% to the US. The Ready Made Garment and Apparel Industries has a more excellent potential than whatever available part as far as other employments and foreign trade profit to diminish state...

Haemocyte count in silkworm bombyx mori l.: a comparative study in different multivoltine races
Yojana S. Munivand Ganesh P.Bhawane

The total and differential haemocyte counts were carried out in three different multivoltine races of BombyxmoriL. from 4th moult day upto the last day of 5th instar larvae. Total haemocyte count was found more at 5th day of 5th instar larvae in all the races under study but the more count was found in Nistari race (13785.50 ± 470.23) than Pure mysore (10713.50 ± 1723.22) and Kolar gold (10048.50 ± 246.78). In differential count seven types of haemocytes were found viz., Prohaemocyte (PR),...

Influence of product attributes on purchase decision of modular kitchen in Chennai city
Gomathy, M. and Sabarirajan, K.K.

In the present scenario, the fierce competition has made the modular kitchen industry market very insecure. This paper tried to detect influence of product attributes in modular kitchen industry market in Chennai. The purpose of this study is to investigate the product attribute influence on the consumer decision of buying modular kitchen. In order to accomplish the objectives of the study, a sample of 130 consumers were taken by using convenience sampling technique. The study indicates that...

Effect of aqueous extract of Eclipta alba on cadmium chloride induced hypertension in Wistar albino rats
*Dr. Ritu Yadav, Dr. Jai Prakash Singh, Dr. Ajay Kumar Sahu and Gaurav Sharma

Objective: Hypertension is asymptomatic in nature but produces dreadful effects on the body. The causes, so also the drugs are many & usually the treatment is lifelong. Hence research is going on to find out a suitable & safe drug. Aqueous extract of Eclipta alba has been taken to see the antihypertensive effect.
Material and Methods: In the study firstly the hypertension was induced in group 1,2,3,4 by giving CdCl2 1mg/kg i.p for 15 days. After that group1 was given normal...

“I am tired of being childless”: social experiences of women with infertility
Deborah Y. Kussiwaah, Ernestina S. Donkor and Florence Naab

In the African setting, the presence of a child is seen as a necessity to continue the family’s bloodline. It is also believed that, the presence of a child enhances the status of any woman. Therefore, failure for any woman to portray her motherhood role leads to a lot of social atrocities. The purpose of this study was to explore the social experiences of women with infertility. The social component of the bio-psychosocial model was used as a guiding framework to understand the experiences...

Cross-sectional analysis of food consumption and dietary habits of Chinese residing in Urban Cities
Abdelhadi Halawa, Zheng Ma and Shao-wei Ai

Background: Dietary habits and food consumption of Chinese are influenced by urbanization, sociodemographic factors, religious dietary restrictions, and belief in the medicinal values of food. Since the 1980s, China has experienced the largest rural-to-urban migration in its history. Urban lifestyle and dietary habits may be contributing to increasing the risk factors for noninfectious diseases. Objective: This study was designed to examine the differences in dietary habits, food consumption...

Soil stabilization by alkali activated fly ash
Anusha, T. and Ramakrishna, M.

Soil is a peculiar material. Some waste materials such Fly Ash, rice husk ash, pond ash may use to make the soil to be stable. Addition of such materials will increase the physical as well as chemical properties of the This research work presents the efficacy of sodium based alkaline activators and class F flyash as an additive in improving the engineering characteristics of expansive Black cotton soils. Sodium hydroxide concentrations of 10, 12.5 and 15 molal along with 1 Molar solution of...

Hot-spots areas of fern diversity in Dehradun district
Chhaya Singh and Anju Rani

The paper deals with the study of the hot spots of fern distribution in Dehradun distrcit mostly above 1500m altitude. The rich areas harbouring the fern diversity are Lal tibba, Landour, Cloud’s end, Camel’s back, Hathipauan, Jabberkhet, Jharipani, Chakrata hills, Deoban, Kanasar. The major concern is the conservation of these areas to protect the natural habitat of these areas.



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM