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May 2017

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Effect of dimethoate on the lipid content in the fingerlings of cat fish clarias batrachus
Bharathi, A., Krishnapriya, R. and Padmaja, M.

Dimethoate is an organophosphorous insecticide mostly used in the agricultural field. It exhibits contact and systemic action. The aim of the study is to prove the impact of the dimethoate in relation to the alteration in the lipid content in the kidney, liver and muscle of the fingerlings of cat fish. The fishes were exposed to lower (1.923ppm) and higher (0.961ppm) sub lethal concentration of dimethoate for the experimental periods 15, 30 and 45 days. Thereafter, the tissues were taken for...

Numerical solution of burgers’ equation using fourier expansion based on differential quadrature method
Tadesse Mamo, Alemayehu Shiferaw and Masho Jima

The Fourier expansion-based differential quadrature (FDQ) method was applied in this work to solve one-dimensional Burgers’ equation with appropriate initial and boundary conditions. In the first step for the given problem we have discretized the interval and replaced the differential equation by the Fourier expansion basis based on differential quadrature (FDQ) to obtain a system of ordinary differential equation (ODE). The obtained ordinary differential equation was solved by fourth order...

Age estimation using orthogonal locality preservation projection
Vaishnavi, M. S. and Vijayalakshmi, A.

Aging face recognition poses as a key difficulty in facial recognition. It refers to identification of a person face over varied ages. It includes issues like age estimation, progression and verification. Non-availability of facial aging databases make it harder for any system to achieve good accuracy as there are no good training sets available. Age estimation when done correctly has a varied number of real life applications like age detailed vending machines, age specific access control...

Therapeutic and medicinal uses of Vibhitaka: A review
Dr. Nidhi Garg and Dr. Akhil Jain

Terminalia belerica Roxb (TB) is growing widely throughout the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka and SE Asia. In ayurveda medicinal uses have been described as it is works in disease of every system. Glucoside, Tannins, Galliacid, Ellagicacid, Eth ylgalate, Gallylglucose, Chebulanic acid are mainly believed to be responsible for its wide therapeutic actions. It is used as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antidiarrheal, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihypertensive and hepatoprotective agent. The...

Implant backtracking- a valuable tool in forensic identification – An advanced radiological study
Saraswathi Gopal, K., HarshaVardhan, B.G. and Naveen Kumar.B

Introduction: Scientific Advancements come as a boon to mankind. Mishaps bring doom. In mass disasters such as aircraft crashes or bomb blasts where there is gross mutilation of bodies, there has always been a search for the ideal clue which can help in individual identification. There is a demand that the remains be high temperature resistant and can directly point out to the individual without too much hassles. This retrospective study investigates one such valuable evidence- Implants...

Mucoadhesive flims - An over review
Sai Datri, A. Sai Sruthi, A., and Lakshmana Rao, A.

Mucoadhesive flims leads direct access to the systemic circulation through the internal jugular vein bypasses drugs from the hepatic first pass metabolism leading to high bioavailability. Buccal route is an attractive route of administration for systemic drug delivery. Buccal bioadhesive films, releasing topical drugs in the oral cavity at a slow and predetermined rate, provide distinct advantages over traditional dosage forms for treatment of many diseases. This article aims to review the...

Response to treatment with 5-azacitidine in myelodysplastic syndrome in a small mexican population
Alvarado-Ibarra Martha, Gómez-Rosas Patricia, Alvarez Vera José Luis, Ortiz Zepeda Maricela, Mena Zepeda Veronica, Espitia Ríos Eugenia,...

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a heterogeneous group of diseases of the bone marrow, characterized by cytopenia and an increased risk for transformation to acute myeloid leukemia (AML). For patients with high-risk MDS, hypomethylating agents have been implemented recently as 5-Azacitidine (5-AZA) in order to improve the overall survival (OS), and additionally the decreased transfusion requirement and the delayed AML progression to AML. At present, 5-AZA is a drug used in our country, so...

Clinical and demographic correlates of sexual dysfunction among male out-patients attending a tertiary hospital in...
Chukwujekwu Chidozie Donald and Ojiaku Victor Chiemeka

Background: Sexual dysfunction is a frightening experience for many men and is therefore of a huge public health concern. This cross-sectional study aims to determine the clinical and demographic correlates of sexual dysfunction among male outpatients attending a tertiary hospital in Nigeria.
Methods: One hundred and forty one male patients who attended the general outpatient clinic during the study period were interviewed. A questionnaire containing clinco-socio-demographic variables...

Effects of sand on cbr for swelling clays of the far-north region Cameroon
Baana Abouar, M., Dr. Mamba Mpélé and Dr. Elime Bouboama Aimé

The CBR index is a fundamental parameter used in the construction of the earth works or the bearing layers of roadways. The measurements carried out on the swelling clayey soils show that it is still very weak. CBR measurement tests carried out on the swelling clays and sand compounds in the Far North region of Cameroon indicate that with a 40% sand content and a compactive effort of 25 strokes, the CBR of the swelling clay of Maroua moves from 1.27 to 5.58 and that of Fotokol from 2.18 to...

Impact of the motorized ploughing on the structure of tropical ferruginous soils and the efficiency of a corn culture (...
Zokpodo Koessi Lié Barnabé, Akossou Arcadius Yves Justin, Dayou Ephrème Dossavi and Meadan Wilfrid

Agriculture has an important role in the development of the Beninese economy. Now, the sector has a major change with the agricultural motorization. In order to contribute to the sustainable management of farms, this study evaluated the effect of four motorized ploughing depths on soil structure and vegetative growth of maize. Results show that ploughing at 15 cm depth provides the best agricultural yield and does not adversely affect the physical, mechanical and hydrodynamic characteristics...

A study on working capital management in the selected company in India
Dr. Pradip Kumar Das

The study based on different measures, manifests that the overall working capital position of Tata Steel Ltd., the selected company in India is moderate. Though the behavioral patterns of the different indices are the indication of sound working capital management of the company, yet a few suggestions have been offered to improve certain factors like increase in current assets and decrease in current liabilities through maintaining their optimum levels, prompt payment to creditors through...

An in vitro antioxidant and antibacterial potentials of ethyl acetate extract of enteromorpha intestinalis collected...
Kanimozhi, S. and Sridhar, S.

Marine algae are well-known to contain a wide diversity of bioactive compounds, many of which have profitable applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, food and agricultural industries.Accepted antioxidants, existing in several group of algae, which are important bioactive compounds that play a vital role counter to various diseases and including anti-ageing processes and protection of cells from oxidative damage. In this high opinion, reasonably little is known about the...

Adsorptive removal of zinc from aqueous solution by biomass carbon prepared from neem (azadirachta indica) leaf
Anitha, A., Rajeswari, A. and Jinas Mansura, M.

Potentially toxic trace elements, such as zinc, with high levels in water pose very serious problems around the world. Adsorption process is among the most effective techniques for removing of many heavy metal ions from different types of water. In this study, an attempt has been made to investigate the efficiency of economically cheaper, easily available and renewable biomass of Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves for zinc adsorption from aqueous solutions. Biomass carbon samples were prepared...

Effect of different cocentration of acid chloride and neutral chloride medium on al 1100 alloy at laboratory...
Vishwa Prakash and Pruthviraj, R.D.

This paper evaluates corrosion properties of Al 1100 alloy directly purchased from the industry. The corrodent used for the test is different concentration of acid chloride & Neutral Chloride mediums that is 0.1N 0.05N 0.075N 0.025N of HCl & 3.5%,0.35%,0.035% NaCl respectively .As a concentration of acid chloride & Neutral Chloride medium increases the corrosion rate is also increases. All the test are conducted at laboratory temp. The weight loss potentiodynamic and EIS was...

Silicone v/s gallium arsenide: Way to future
Deepak Sharma, Manish Kumar Poonia and Aashish ranjan

A solar cell can be termed as photovoltaic cell is an electrical device that converts the heat energy of solar light directly into electricity by photovoltaic effect that is a physical and chemical phenomenon. We have different type of solar cells like SILICON is the most dominating semiconductor in the field of PV cells and this paper is about comparative study with its close competing material GALLIUM ARSENIDE in different modules like crystalline, MONOCRYSTALLINE and thin film. As well...

Determinants of health status of women employed in agriculture sector
Dr. Varsha S. Zanvar and Aruna R. Kharwade

This study was undertaken to determine the effect of anthropometry, haemoglobin level and common health problems on health status of 500 women employed as agriculture labourers in Parbhani district of Marathawada region of Maharashtra state. The study revealed that majority of female farm labourers were from nuclear families in urban slums (76.8 %) and in rural (67.2 %). More per cent of rural families (79.2 %) were vegetarian whereas urban slums (69.2 %) were non-vegetarian. Maximum numbers...

Remarks on strongly and completely gsα**-irresolute functions in topological spaces
Santhini, C. and Lakshmi Priya, S.

The aim of this paper is to introduce and investigate new classes of irresolute functions called completely gsα**-irresolute functions and strongly gsα**-irresolute functions in topological spaces via gsα**-closed sets and obtain some of their characterizations. Moreover we examine the relationships of these functions with the other existing functions.

Traumatic bone cyst of ramus of mandible: a case report with review
Dr. Saraswathi Gopal, K. and Dr. J.K. Singh Kshatri

Traumatic bone cyst (TBC) is an uncommon disorder of the jaw bones particularly the long bones. Traumatic bone cyst is an asymptomatic, slow growing lesion commonly diagnosed incidentally during routine radiographic examination of the jaw bones. Mandible is most commonly affected than the maxilla. The etiology is unclear and trauma cannot be definitely determined to be the cause. Surgical exploration of the cavity followed by curettage of the bony walls is the...

To assess the sensory properties of food product developed from the cashewnuts and orange juice
Sharma Luxita and Monica Sinha

Cashewnuts are known to have minerals and vitamins richness and orange juice adds to the nutritional content of the product. The present study was done to prepare a food product in different ratios of 50:50, 60:40, 80:20. The cashewnuuts were variated so that the final product could be obtained. Twenty experts (Nutritionists) were selected to carry out the sensory evaluation of the samples prepared. The best sample in terms of color, texture, flavor and overall acceptability was chosen....

Antagonistic activity between bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas sp. rc, azospirillum brasilense, rhizobium meliloti and...
Hamdia Z. Ali, Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader A., Ali A. Abdullah, Hutham M. Saood, Ameera S. Mohammed and Salam D. Salman

The principa This study conducted the tests in vitro with Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas sp. RC, Azospirillum brasilense and Rhizobium meliloti against Bipolaris spicifera, Curvularialunata, Fusarium spp., Nigrospora oryzae, Exserohilum rostratum, Alternari aspp. And Thanatephoruscucumeris via the dual culture technique, and found that each bacterium was varied in its inhibitory effect on each pathogen. The interaction between pathogens conidia, sclerotia germinated and B.subtilis,...

Comparative study of biodegradation of azo dyes from nanoparticles synthesized by using plant (tridax procumbens) and...
Sana Pathan, Durgesh D. Wasnik and Tumane, P. M.

Release of textile azo dyes from industries to the environment is an issue of health concern while the use of bacteria and plants has proved to be the best choice for remediation. The present study reveals that the comparative study of biodegradation of azo dyes from nanoparticles synthesized by using plant (Tridax procumbens) and bacteria (B. subtilis). This study investigate an efficient eco-friendly and sustainable route of silver nanoparticles preparation from 1mM aqueous solution of...

Time series models for area, production and productivity forecasting in cotton crop of India
Sundar Rajan, M. and Palanivel, M.

This study aims at presenting models for the forecasting time-series data of cotton (Gossypiumhirsutum) Area, Production and Productivity of India by using Box-Jenkins Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) models of time-series forecasting. The Time series data covering the period of 1951–2014 was used for the study. Presence of trend was checked through time series data were forecast for the staring from 2015-2021 the cultivated area, production and productivity of cotton in...

Design study and characterization of highly efficient organic solar cells with novel soluble donor materials using...
Hamida M.B. Darwish

The main objective of this project is to develop organic solar cells with highly soluble novel donor materials using inkjet printing technique. It can produce cheap and efficient photovoltaic (PV) and organic solar cells (OSC) thought as the devices which will be used in future for these purposes. The organic solar cells mostly is composed of a light absorbing poly 3-hexylthiophene (P3HT) donor polymer and a soluble C60 bulky ball derivative, typically phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (...

Prosthodontic avenue for rehabilitation of an auricular defect- A case report
Manikya Shastri, S.S.V. Dr. Shalini, B.N. and Dr. Chandrashekar Sajjan

The most common congenital auricular defect is microtia. Some patients do not prefer surgical intervention and may not be able to afford very expensive treatment. A silicone based auricular prosthesis was fabricated at a very low cost. This article presents an outline of the procedure invoved in constructing an ear prosthesis to reduce disfigurement and restore the social functioning of the patient.

Novel design of trend in cyber security as an integrated approach
Sandeep Kulkarni and *Dr. Yadav, K. P

In the present day world, World has witnessed an huge increase in Cyber crimes whether they pertain to Trojan attacks, salami attacks, e-mail bombing, DOS attacks, information theft, botnets, phishing, exploiting vulnerabilities or the most common offence of hacking the data or system to commit crime. Cyber crime refers to the act of performing a criminal act using computer or cyberspace (the Internet network), as the communication vehicle. Though there is no technical definition by any...



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