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May 2016

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Special pairs of rectangles and Jarasandha numbers
Janaki, G. and Saranya, C.

We present pairs of rectangles, such that in each pair, the sum of their areas equals the Jarasandha number. Also we present the number of pairs of primitive and non-primitive rectangles.

Visualization of cognitive response and gaze behavior to the display design of vertex reared and vertex frontal view from auto dealer’s advertisement
Norlyiana Samsuri, Tahamina Begum, Faruque Reza, Hazim Omar, Nasir Yusoff, Badrisyah Idris and Salmi Mohd Isa

To determine the cognitive function of consumers during advertisement is important in respect to different display design to improve the selling of product. Our previous studies were focused on lateral views, this time we aimed to detect the level of attention and gaze behavior on diverse display settings of auto advertising using the event related potential (ERP) and the eye tracking techniques among 15 healthy volunteers. The ERPs were done using 128-sensor net. Subjects pushed button ‘1...

Morphometry, length-weight relationship, habitat and fishery of the striped seabream lithognathus mormyrus (linnaeus, 1758) from al-haneah fishing landing site, mediterranean sea, eastern Libya
Sayed Mohamed Ali, Eyman Faraj Abd Alssalam, Ramadan A.S. Ali and Esam M.K. Rafi

Examination of monthly samples of L. Mormyrus (n = 224) obtained from Al Haneah fishing site, eastern Libya, Mediterranean Sea, showed that the fish was relatively small elongated, ovoid, compressed, with a narrow snout at the end of the head and 12 to 16 black transverse strips on its sides. The color was silvery grey. The Meristic formula was: D, X - XIII (mostly X) + 9 – 12 (mostly 11); A, II – III (mostly III) + 10 - 11 (mostly 10); P, 15-17; V, I + 5; LL, 59-65 (mostly 62 and 60); GR,...

Impact of co and cu (heavy metals) on eichhornia crassipes (mart.) solms, with special reference to bioaccumulation and phytoremediation
Leenu, S. and Sheela, D.

An attempt has made to study the accumulation of heavy metals such as copper and cobalt in Eichhornia crassipes (Mart). Solms, as bioaccumulation of this compounds leads to some alteration to its metabolism and physiological processes. The study was conducted by treating the plant Eichhornia crassipes (Mart). Solms with 800μM of Co and Cu separately and compared with the one kept as control. At the end of 60th day ICP-AES studies proved the presence of heavy metals on the leaves, petioles...

Studies on the activity of oxidative enzymes in muscle tissue of freshwa ter fish oreochromis mossambicus exposed to azo dye methyl red
Sasikala, M., Savitha, R., Saravanan, R., Chitra, N. and Jothi Narendiran, N.

The potential toxicity of dyes produces enzymatic changes in metabolic tissues due to alteration in metabolic pathways in these animals. Muscle tissue of fish was analysed for the effects of methyl red, since it is a major target tissue involved in key metabolic activity and form the edible part of the fish. The present study unravels the activity of enzymes involved in muscle oxidative metabolism in fishes exposed to methyl red dye. The fishes were maintained for a period of 40 days at one...

Construction related environmental laws and policies in Ghana: A literature review
Harold Adjarko, John Gemadzie and Kofi Agyekum

The Act 490 mandates the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ghana to regulate the environment and ensure the implementation of government policies on the environment. The law mandates the EPA to ad infinitum improve and preserve the countries environment, while seeking solutions to global environmental issues. However by focusing only on large scale contracts, as is currently the case, the battle with the environment cannot be won through the EPA. Despite the existence of the EPA,...

Phytochemical analysis and in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of abutilon Indicum
Shanmugapriya, S. and Anuradha, R.

The present study was carried out to evaluate the anti-inflammatory property of the ethanolic extracts of the whole plants in vitro method and it was estimated by Human Red Blood Cell membrane (HRBC) stabilization method. This method showed significant anti- inflammatory property of the different concentrations tested. The ethanolic extract at a concentration of 200µg/ml showed potent activity on comparing with the standard drug diclofenac sodium. The extracts exhibited the % of protection...

Beta distribution and inferences about the beta functions
Şenol Çelik and Mehmet Korkmaz

In this study, general information about the Beta function and Beta distributions were given. Usage areas of Beta distributions are specified. Moments were expressed in general. The distribution of the joint probability density function of two independent random Gamma variables and the distribution of a random sample range were found to be Beta distribution. The relations were investigated between the incomplete Beta distribution and other distributions. Incomplete Beta function could be...

Histopathological effects on the freshwater fish, labeo rohita when exposed to the pesticide monocrotophos
Binukumari, S. Anusiya Devi, K. and Vasanthi, J.

The assessment of the ecotoxicological risks caused by pesticides to ecosystems is based on data on the toxicity and effects of pesticide preparations to non-target organisms. Fish are among the group of non-target aquatic organisms. Responses of aquatic organisms are broad-ranged depending on the toxic compound, exposure time, water quality and the species. Monocrotophos is one of the organophosphorous pesticide used in this study. The median lethal concentration (LC 50) of MC to fish L....

The length and weight relationship of red porgy pagrus pagrus from eastern coast of Libya
Bushra S. Sergiwa, Ramadan A. S. Ali, Abdalla N. Elawad and Esam M. K. Rafi.

The study area is located on the east coast of Libyan Mediterranean sea. It includes all coast of Benghazi and the area around it which is located between 32°36'N and 20°03. The number of sample collected for the study was 254 fish: males 81 and females 143. The sex ratio male to female was 1:1.8.The length-weight relationships for males, females, and both sex were found significant (p < 0.001) in all groups. In all months except December, April, June and July b equal 3(isometric...

Factors associated with nursing students’ level of satisfaction during their clinical experience at a major caribbean hospital
Onuoha, P. C., Prescott Carter, K., and Daniel, E.

The purpose of this study is to determine if the satisfaction levels of nursing students are associated with their demographic characterises. This is a follow up to Prescott-Carter and Onuoha (2016) had showed varied levels of satisfaction among nursing students in a Caribbean Island state.
Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study was undertaken with 74% of the 103 nursing students using investigators’ designed semi-structured but piloted self-administered questionnaire. Data was...

Fabrication of new modified cross linked polyimeric resins composite with nano tio2 & nano fe2o3 for the removal of selective metal ions
Beaulah Angelin, K., Baishnisha, A., Siva, S. and Sayee Kannan, R.

Phenol-Formaldehyde resin (PFR) grafted Nano-Fe2O3 & Nano-TiO2 (nFe2O3 & nTiO2) was fabricated for Cd(II), Zn(II) & Hg(II) removal using a novel polycondensation method. The present resources were carefully examined by FT-IR spectra (FT-IR), Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Energy-dispersive microanalysis (EDX), and Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA). PFR/nFe2O3 & nTiO2 showed excellent uptake effects for Cd(II), Zn(II) and Hg(II) removal with a pseudo-second order model....

Modeling of experts opinions for efficient management of solid waste in Nigeria
Bovwe Oghenefejiri, Nwaogazie Ify, L. and Ugbebor John

Analytical Hierarchy Process which is a multi-criteria nonlinear structure for carrying out both deductive and inductive thinking was adopted into modeling of experts opinions for the efficient management of solid waste in Nigeria. The sample area with regards to this study was the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Due to the qualitative nature of the study, purposive sampling technique a non-probabilistic sampling technique was employed in data collection from 150 experts within the sample...

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of groundwater resources for domestic and irrigational uses in Digapahandi block of Odisha, India
Pramod Chandra Sahu

Digapahandi block of Ganjam district is a chronically drought prone and economically backward area of Odisha. Optimum utilization and efficient management of ground water resources in the block will boost agricultural production and improve socio-economic condition of the people. The systematic and logical evaluation of groundwater resources both quantitatively and qualitatively is essential for sustainable development and management of groundwater in this area. Quantitative evaluation...

A critical analysis of childhood morbidity and mortality pattern in India: Trends and disparities
Dr. Sarika Manhas

India has one of the highest rates of infant mortality and morbidity around the world. If the current situation prevails then as a country we would be raising a generation which is debilitated and unable to contribute effectively to the productivity of the country Even though over the last decade there has been some reduction in the under five mortality rates yet, many children continue to die before reaching the age of five years. Sharp geographical differences in nature and extent of the...

Degradation of Atrazine by Pseudomonas spp AND Bacillus spp from Saccharum officinarum (sugar cane) fields of Southern India and its potential application in bioremediation
Lavanya Balakrishnan and Athilakshmi, N.

Herbicide Atrazine is widely used in Saccharum Officinarum (sugar fields) in South India. Atrazine has been found as a residue in soil and water bodies of sugarcane fields for up to 2 years. Prolonged exposure to atrazine has been found to cause many harmful effects including cancer. This study evaluates the capacity of bacteria to degrade Atrazine in soil from South Indian Sugar cane fields and hence study its application in bioremediation. Soil was tested for Atrazine residue 2 weeks after...

Molecular sieve dehydration: A major development in the field of ethanol dehydration to produce fuel ethanol
Nilesh, P. Patil, Vilas, S. Patil and Shashikant, L. Bhole

Gasohol, a blend of ethanol and gasoline is a promising alternative to gasoline and has a great potential to come up as an environmentally clean fuel. Though anhydrous ethanol has various advantages, its generation is quite a difficult and costly task. The energy intensive technology ultimately results in an increased per liter production cost of bioethanol. Though the technology is costly, it is not capable of producing purely anhydrous ethanol. To be competitive, and find technical,...

New generation information and communication technologies (ICT)
Naseer Hwaidi Alkhazaali and Raed Abduljabbar Aljiznawi

This paper examines information and communication technologies and the present media background. The characterizations of media culture are then explored from the insight of new generation, and the relations between them and ICT are investigated. The dominant educational logic with regard to ICT is outlined, and different forms of the digital divide are presented. Some global aspects of ICT use among new generation are reviewed, using both primary and secondary sources. New forms of modern...

Investigation of the effect of silicon powder on the performance of Electric discharge machine
Irshad Shaikh and Niyati Raut

Main purpose of this research to investigate the effect of silicon powder on material removal rate (MMR), tool wear rate (TWR) and surface roughnes (SR) on AISI D3 steel in powder mixed electronic discharge machining process (PMEDM). The results of the research could be applied in the production industries and even in small workshop having EDM machinies. This study was conducted by using EDM machine with a copper tool of 20mm dia, rectangular workpiece and silicon powder having grain size of...

Algal diversity of Osmania University campus, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Mary Esther Cynthia Johnson

A survey of the algal flora of the Osmania University campus revealed that it was rich. The total number of algal genera recorded were 68, out of which 32 genera belonged to Cholorophyceae; 19 to Cyanophyceae; 13 to Bacillariophyceae; 3 to Euglenophyceae; 2 to Charophyceaea and 1to Dinophyceae. It was very interesting to note that on Cladophora; Oedogonium, Characium & Stichosiphon were epiphytic. However highest number of genera were represented by Chlorophyceae. Epiphytic algae were...

Pericarp of mangosteen controls clinical microbes
Gladis Helen Hepsyba, S. and Muthukumar, S.

In the present study anti microbial activity of Garcinia mangostana was examined by determining the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) using macro dilution broth technique. The pericarp extract powder of Garcinia mangostana at different concentrations were tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albus, Micrococcus lutus. Garcinia mangostana Linn is used as a phytomedicine for the treatment of trauma, diahorrea and skin infections.

Anticancer properties of Na+/K+-ATPase: A mini review
Yiallouris Andreas, Stephanou Anastasis and Patrikios Ioannis

A lot of interest has been recently expressed through scientific literature, concerning the role of Na+, K+-ATPase (NKA) especially in relation to various diseases including autoimmune and neurodegenerative such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Moreover, a significant number of reports reveal involvement of NKA in cancer. This mini review focuses on the expression and function, of Na+, K+-ATPase but also gives an overview analysis of the recent findings on NKA vs cancer

A new approach for diagnosis of the primary sjogren’ syndrome
Menicagli, R. and Duca, M.

Introduction Aims: Primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS), is considered a rare disease, but also present in countries with high prevalence not exactly high economic development and technology. The correct diagnosis is made with the criteria established by the American-European Consensus Group (AECG): presence of both ocular and salivary sign, the appearance of specific auto antibodies in serum and / or positive histopathological test of the salivary glands. This diagnosis is most expensive,...

Prevalence and pattern of sexual harassment as psychosocial hazards among workers at the university of port Harcourt, Nigeria
Nkporbu, A. K. and Douglas, K. E.

Background: Work and work environment are important influences on both health and production. Psychosocial hazards, including work place sexual harassment, may be assuming a major place in occupational health and safety, especially in developing countries like Nigeria. Work place sexual harassment though appears latent, equally appears to receive little attention in workplaces.
Aim: The study was to assess the prevalence and pattern of work place sexual harassment among Workers at the...

Survey of disease incidence and severity of powdery mildews on roses (rosa sinensis L.) in greenhouses in Maisirwa, Eritrea
Awet Mulbrhan, Brikity, Aster, Yohana, Sethumadhava Rao and Syed Danish

Powdery mildews are the main causes of plant deterioration and reduction in quality of rose flowers. Two surveys were carried out on disease incidence, severity in different cultivars of rose and its existing management practices during autumn season and winter season on rose flowers in the two different greenhouses at MaiSirwa. Disease assessment was made by randomized block design. Result of the surveys clearly indicated that rose flower at all stages of growth was susceptible to powdery...

Combining ability studies for earliness and yield in bottle gourd (Lagenararia Siceraria moL. standL.) in kharif season
Sharmila Shinde, Supe, V. S. Bhalekar, M. N. and Gaikwad, S. S.

Gene action, Combining ability varience derived by crossing ten diverse bottle gourd parents were studied through half diallel analysis including 45 F1 hybrids for earliness and yield components. Data was recorded for nine quantitative characters.. The mean squares due to GCA were significant for all the nine characters. The ratio of σ²gca/ σ²sca suggested that non additive gene action had greater role with inheritance of characters. Out of ten parents Bhagirathi was the best general...

Combining ability studies in bottle gourd (Lagenararia Siceraria moL. standL.) in summer season
Sharmila Shinde, V. S., Supe, M.N., Bhalekar and Gaikwad, S. S.

Combining ability analysis was under taken in ten parental lines and their 45 F1 hybrids of bottle gourd obtained from half diallel for fruit yield and its contributing characters during summer season.. Data was recorded for nine quantitative characters. The mean squares due to GCA were significant for all the nine characters. The ratio of σ²gca/ σ²sca suggested that non additive gene action had greater role with inheritance of characters. Out of ten parents Bhagirathi was the best general...



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM