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August 2016

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Optical properties of sral4o7: Dy nanophosphors
Jisha, V.T.

Dy doped SrAlO nano phosphors were synthesized by adopting a simple Sol-Gel Method. X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) profile confirms the monoclinic nature of Dy doped SrAl4O7 nano phosphors. The results show that SrAlO: Dy with an average particle size of 60 nm is formed. Crystalline structure of the nano particles was studied by Scanning electron microscopy (SEM). We also observed a rich IR emission from the prepared phosphors under a Ultra-Violet (UV) source. Such...

Isolation and identification of field bulb fungal pathogen from (Allium cepa L.) in Maharashtra
Subhash B. Pawar, Shrikant B. Mane, Shrikant B. Bhosale and Ashok M. Chavan

Onion is one of important commercial vegetable crops grown in worldwide. India is second most onion producer. In India Maharashtra is leading state. Present study was investigated of the isolation of fungal diseases in the field of onion. Onions are infected from many fungal diseases, such as, Basal rot, southern blight, purple blotch, White tip, Bot¬rytis Squamosa,downy mildew, Neck rot, leaf blotch and black stack ofrotetc. Basal rot and Southern blight is the major fungal Bulb...

A-contractions relative to a weak S-metric and common fixed point theorems
Siva Rama Prasad, V. and Vijaya Lakshmi, G.

Recently the authors have introduced the notion of a weak S-metric p on a S-metric space . Akram et.al have defined a class A of functions α:〖R_+〗^3→〖R_+〗^3, where R_+ =[0,∞). In this paper we consider a new class 〖ζ_α〗^p of pairs of self maps of a S-metric space with a weak S-metric p, where α∈A and prove two common fixed point theorems for members in that class , analogous to the results proved for metric spaces by Akram et.al.

Special pairs of pythagorean triangles and harshad numbers
Janaki, G. and Radha, R.

We present pairs of Pythagorean triangles, such that in each pair, the difference between their perimeters is six times the Harshad number. Also we present the number of pairs of primitive and Non-primitive Pythagorean triangles.

Wheat yield response to potassium sulfate supplemental doses in urban agriculture of Kabul, Afghanistan
Zikrullah Safi, Safiullah Khuram and Mohammad Nasir Shalizi

Wheat, strategic crop of Afghanistan is cultivated in irrigated and non-irrigated land surfaces. Insufficient rainfalls trigger the intensification of wheat cultivation in irrigated areas. Indiscriminate use of irrigated land depletes crop essential nutrients which lead to soil potassium (K+) mining. A research has been conducted (2012 – 2013) to evaluate the supplemental effect of three levels (25; 35 and 45 kg ha-1) of potassium sulfate (PS, K2SO4) with a basal dose of 250 kg urea ha...

Differential immunoreaction of proliferation biomarkers in canine mammary mixed tumors
Daniel A. Viana, José N. Pinto, Glayciane B. Morais, Ana C.L. Pacheco, Conceição S. Martins, Alceu M. Sousa, Gerly Anne C. Brito, Janaína S.A.M. Evangelista, Maria I.F. Guedes and Lúcia D.M. Silva

Mammary Mixed tumors are one of the most common tumor types in the female canine mammary glands. These tumors exhibit a histological pattern comprising epithelium and mesenchyme, with or without metaplasia, all of them with the capacity to undergo malignant transformation. In most studies, attention is paid to the epithelial component. We analysed the expression of Ki-67, p53 and the presence of AgNORs/nucleus in 17 Benign Mixed Tumors (BMT) and 17 Carcinoma Mixed Type (CMT) using a specific...

Effect of monochromatic light treatments on embryogenesis from leave explants of Celastrus paniculatus
Sentiya Priti, Sharma Tripti and Rathore Pragya

An efficient protocol has developed for induction, maturation and plantlet germination. In this study the leaf explant of C. paniculatus inoculated into Murashige and Skoog Medium supplemented with different concentrations and combination of 2,4-D, BAP and TDZ. Maximum percentage of callus induction was observed induction was 86.5% in 2,4-D and BAP (1.0+0.5mg/lt) under the influence of red light treatment and 83.3%, 81.6%, and 78% under the influence of white, blue and yellow light treatment...

Effect of opening on yield and ultimate strength of two way reinforced concrete slab
Roshini T. Mohan and Sankaranarayanan, K. M.

Concrete slab with opening are usually designed with help of traditional rules of thumb proposed by building codes. Such methods however introduce limitations concerning size of opening and magnitude of applied loads. Furthermore there is a lack of sufficient information about the load carrying capacity of slab with opening. It is also difficult to model the complex behaviour of reinforced concrete structures analytically in its non-linear zone. This has led engineers in the past to rely...

Synthesis by Sol–gel method and characterization of pr doped strontium aluminate phosphor
Jisha, V.T.

Pr doped strontium aluminate nanophosphor (SrAl4O7: Pr) was prepared by sol-gel method. The obtained materials were Characterized by SEM,XRD,EDAX and PL .Monoclinic structure was confirmed by Xray diffraction analysis, particle size was determined by Scherrer formula .The particles were of somewhat round shaped and interlinked with each other, leading to the formation of bigger particle. Also some irregular aggregations were found in the image. Photolumiscence emission were at 395,520 and...

Relative effect of resistance training and water exercise on selected physical variables
Dr. Sethu, S.

The purpose of the study was to find out the relative effect of resistance training and water exercise on selected physical variables. For this study 30 male students were selected randomly form Schools in Tirunelveli District at random. All the subjects were informed about the nature of the study and their consent was obtained to co-operate till the end of the experimental period. Their age varied 14 to 17 years. The selected subjects is divided in to three groups (N=10) experimental group...

Technological culture and human subjectivity: Ethical issues
Reena Patra

This article intends to explore the ethical issues on the technological and cultural life of human society. It is our contention that ethical values are essential components of a technological and cultural system which has bonding force that responds to the specific needs, aspirations and ideals of humankind. Cultural values can transform human society by applying acquired knowledge into practice. Technology is a part of human culture and different cultures could treat technological values...

Obtaining a dietary supplement from disposable cabbage leaves
Gisela M. Melo, Luis A. Escudero and Estela I. Gasull

The present study aims at determining the most convenient operating conditions for obtaining a dietary complement of high quality, in terms of nutrient content and rehydration capacity, from disposable leaves of the white cabbage. Different thermal treatments were used for dehydration. Previously, some samples were applied blanching and freezing. These technological treatments and pretreatments, applied at different stages of the productive process, were conducted in order to evaluate and...

Performance agronomique du système de riziculture intensive (sri) en côte d’ivoire
Bouet A., Bahan, F., Boka, A., Esmel, M. and Keli, J.

Rice is the first cereal consumed in Côte d’Ivoire, but not sufficiently produced locally. Production deficit is covered by annual imports which cost on average 223 billion CFA francs. Also, State decided, through the implementation of a National Rice sector Development Strategy (SNDR), to ensure self-sufficiency in 2018. At agronomic level, System of Rice Intensification (SRI) has helped to increase significantly paddy production in several African countries. This innovative rice...

Relationship between test anxiety and academic achievement of male and female sportspersons
Dr. Rajkumar Sharma and Adarsh Mishra

The aim of the present investigation was to establish the relationship between test anxiety and academic performance of male and female sportspersons. One hundred and Ten (Males=55, Females=55) sportspersons studying in 11th grade in different secondary schools of Bilaspur region were randomly selected to serve as the subjects for this study. The Test .Anxiety Inventory (TAI) (Spielberger et al., 1980), a tool that measures individual differences in test anxiety, was used to measure Test...

Malaysia taxi: A review on current action taken by authorities to improve taxi services
Amirul Fahmi Razali and Dr. David Hands

Individual mobility is one of the great significance to everyone. A decent level of mobility regularly requires the utilisation of various methods of transport, with every mode framing a connection in the vehicle chain. Taxi is a critical link in this chain, giving a door-to-door service day and night(Transport, 2001). One of the signs of any world-class city is the presence of a compelling public transport framework which providing an efficient transport into and out from the city (Lai,...

Effect of l-arginine on the gowth and properties of potassium hydrogen Phhalate single crystals
Sajikumar, A.C.

KHP crystal presents long term stability and is used in devices due to its electro optical properties. Single crystals of pure and L-arginine doped Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (KHP) were grown by slow evaporation method. Effect of L-arginine was studied for 1 mole% concentration. The grown crystal was subjected to various studies. Lattice parameters were determined by powder X-ray diffraction datas. The UV Vis- NIR spectral studies were performed to analyze the optical property. The NLO...

Exploring the impact of manual wheelchair design on user’s satisfaction and function in individuals with spinal cord injury
ANAM Sadiya, Monalisa Pattnaik and Dr. Patitapaban Mohanty

Objective – To explore the impact of manual wheelchair design on user’s satisfaction and function in individuals with spinal cord injury. Research design : Descriptive. Setting- SVNIRTAR and Regional spinal injury center (RSIC), Cuttack. Participants: 100 SCI patients using manual wheelchair for more than 6 months. Outcome measures: Functioning everyday with wheelchair (FEW) questionnaire, Quebec users evaluation of satisfaction with assistive technology (QUEST) Results and...

Study of glcm for diagnosis of liver diseases from abdominal ct images
Suhaib Alameen and Mohamed E. M. Gar-Elnabi

In this paper we classify of liver diseases using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) to extract classification features from CT images. The techniques used here included Mean, variance, contrast, energy, entropy, correlation.To find the gray level variations in CT images, it complements the GLCM features extracted from CT images can be used to estimate the size distribution of the subpatterns. Linear discriminant analysis was used for the tissue classification. In This study found that...

New modality of chemoprevention for HNSCC– A review
Anuradha Pai, Jayarekha Tadiparthi and Sushmini Hedge

Oral cancer is one of the 6th most common cancer in the world. It causes considerable morbidity with a 5 year survival rate of 40-60%. The development of an effective chemoprevention agent for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) has made limited progress over the past three decades. Many micronutrients have been tried as a chemopreventive agents like vitamin A, E, curcumin and dietary agents. Due to the disappointing outcomes of those agents the molecular agents have come into play...

Design of tensegrity tower
Yogesh Iyer Murthy, Shashank Jain, Shubham Narula and Shivam Garg

Tensegrity is a portmanteau of tensional integrity. It refers to the integrity of structures as being based in a synergy between balanced tension and compression components. Tensegrity structures are built of struts and cables. The struts can resist compressive force and the cables cannot. Most cable–strut configurations which one might conceive are not in equilibrium, and if actually constructed will collapse to a different shape. Only cable–strut configurations in a stable...

Farmers’ perception of alley cropping: A case study of IITA alley cropping programme participants
Akintunde, M. A. O. and Rantlo, A.M.

Alley cropping or hedgerow intercropping is one of the many sub-systems of agroforestry technology. It has been introduced to farmers in many countries of West Africa including Nigeria by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan. IITA established these alley farms and supervised its maintenance in order to achieve results. The farmers were also given incentives like tree seedlings, palm trees, cutlasses, to encourage them. This study is narrowed down to two villages-...

A systematic review of Malachra capitata: Medicinal properties and constituents.
Kamalinee Avinash Deodhar

Malachara capitata belonging to family Malvaceae is very common erect or underground shrub. It grows up to 1.5 metres tall. The plant is usually erect, covered throughout with a rather dense tomentum of fine close stellate hairs, the stems often bearing a few long spreading hairs. M. Capitata is planted as fibre plant in India, formerly also in Cuba. The fiber is excellent, 8-9 feet long, and that experts have declared it little, if at all, inferior to jute. Roots and leaves are in some...

Impact and hazards to health assessment of roadside soils near an open dump in yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Leizou, Kaywood Elijah, Nduka, Joseph Okechukwu, Ekubo, Allen Tobin and Erepamowei Young

The scope of heavy metals concentration in roadside soils along Yenagoa - Tombia road near an open dump has been examined, in order to evaluate their impact and hazards to health. Soil samples were collected from four sampling sites.The concentrations of heavy metals in each soil sample were determined using a GBC Avanta PM. Ver 2.02 AAS. The mean concentrations (mg/kg) in soils were: (0.10±0.04) Cd, (0.56±0.06) Cu, (0.82±0.53) Pb and (1.14±0.22) Zn, while the...

Infant feeding practices of migrant palm cutters in Rivers State, Nigeria
Wordu, G. O.

Adequate nutrition is one of the major factors required for physical, mental and social growth/development of an infant. Factors such as the type of work, the palm cutters perform have militating against their ability to breastfeed their infants. The objective of this study was to access infant feeding practices of the laborers (palm cutters) Random sampling method was used in selecting the three hundred women that participated in the study from the health care and traditional birth...

Stability studies on the poultry feed nutrients
Saiful Islam, Moinul Haque and Shakhawat Hossain

Feed performance is directly related to the nutrient values present in the feed. Quality control and production department proceed the manufacturing process to maintain the quality measures of output products such as moisture, particle size, hardness and nutrient values. Generally nutrient values are claimed depending on the formulation made by the nutritionist. Nutritionist maintain the nutrient values while making the formula according to the different bird as well as age of the bird....

Study of wetting pattern and depth for different soil types using drip irrigation in the lower Benue River floodplain Nigeria
Isikwue, Martins Okechukwu and Amir, George Senenge

A field experiment was conducted in the University of Agriculture, Makurdi Nigeria to study the wetting pattern and depth of three different soil types (clay, loamy and sandy) at different flow rates of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 litres per hour (l/h). Drip irrigation was used as water application method to the soil. The results obtained indicated that different soil types have different wetting pattern and wetting depth because of different textural composition. Surface wetted width increased...

Experimental analysis of low safe limit charge of LPG refrigerant with Tio2 nanolubricant on domestic refrigerator
Adenike A. Kolawole, Olayinka S. Ohunakin, Damola S. Adelekan and Taiwo O. Babarinde

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) refrigerant consist the mixture of propane and butane in the ratio 60/40% by mass and has the characteristics of low global warming potential, non - ozone depleting potential and high energetic efficiency has improved the performance of domestic refrigeration in the recent years. Effect of limit charge in vapour compression refrigeration system plays an important role in the power consumptions. On the other hand, the flammability of LPG refrigerant requires safe...

Studies on the biological control of Rhizoctonia solani causal agent of Blight disease of rice
Thirugnanam, J., Senthilkumar, R. and Ambikapathy, V.

The present investigations suggests that the efficiency of some antagonistic fungi isolated from the rhizosphere soil. Rhizoctonia solani, the causal organism of blight disease of rice in invitro condition. Ten different fungi was treated, among the fungiTrichroderma viridewas highly antagonistic to the pathogen when grown together on potato dextrose agar in petriplates by dual culture and culture filtrate studies were performed. The culture filtrate experiment incorporated in the medium and...

Method of development and sensory evaluation of noodles from Ipomoes batatas, Oryza sativa and Cicer arietinum flour
Dr. Luxita Sharma, Pragati Kaushal and Nitika

Nutritional Food product development is the need of the today’s world because a number of snacks and food variety is available all over the market but they lack nutrition. The noodles were prepared from the Sweet Potato (Ipomoes batatas), Rice flakes (Oryzae sativa) and Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) flour. All these flours are of high nutritive value i.e rich in Proteins, Vitamin A & C, Calcium and Folic acid. Sweet potatoes are good source of pro vitamin A and C. Rice flakes are rich...

Contribution of tribal farmwomen in animal husbandry activities
Dr. Mahesh R. Patel, Dr. Arun Patel, Shri Jaydip D. Desai, Shri Vijay B. Patel and Dr. N. R. Patel

The Integrated Tribal Development Project, Dahod (ITDP Dahod) is one of the ITDP areas of Gujarat state which came in to existence on 17th June 1976 with the objectives to narrow the gap between the level of development of tribal and other areas of the State and to increase the income from agriculture and thereby improve the quality of life of the tribal farmers. The tribal farmwoman shares with her husband the arduous burden of farm work in addition to her major responsibility as home maker...

Contribution of tribal farmwomen in agricultural operations
Dr. Mahesh R. Patel, Dr. Arun Patel, Shri Jaydip D. Desai, Shri Vijay B. Patel and Dr. N. R. Patel

The Integrated Tribal Development Project, Dahod (ITDP Dahod) is one of the ITDP areas of Gujarat state which came in to existence on 17th June 1976 with the objectives to narrow the gap between the level of development of tribal and other areas of the State and to increase the income from agriculture and thereby improve the quality of life of the tribal farmers. The tribal farmwoman shares with her husband the arduous burden of farm work in addition to her major responsibility as home maker...

Antifungal efficacy of alkaloids, flavonoids and steroids of different parts of Carissa carandas Linn
Dr. Meenakshi Fartyal and Padma Kumar

Evaluation of the antifungal activity of extracts from different parts (root, stem & leaf) of Carissa carandas (Apocynaceae) Linn. was carried out. Different parts were collected, dried and extracted by using well established methods for alkaloids, flavonoids and steroids. Screening was done by using ‘Disc Diffusion Assay’ against Candida albicans (Yeast), Aspergillus flavus & Tricophyton mentagrophyte (fungi). Minimum inhibitory concentration, Minimum fungicidal...

Effect of methomyl on protease activity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Amritha, G. Kulkarni and Kaliwal, B.B.

In modern agriculture, pesticides are frequently used in the field to increase crop production. Besides combating insect pests, insecticides also affect the population and activity of beneficial microbial communities in soil. Microorganisms are widely applied test-species in different bioassays because of the ease and low costs of their culturing as well as the lack of ethical issues often accompanying the use of higher organisms Proteases are a group of enzymes that belong to one of the...

In vitro evaluation of anti-leishmania and anti-trypanosoma cruzi activity of viperidae venoms
Nathalia Santiago Cezar Rosas, Patrick Jack Spencer, Camila Aparecida Carvalho, João Alison de Moraes Silveira, Francisco Sérgio Lopes Vasconcelos-Filho, Helena Serra Azul Monteiro, Claudia Maria Leal Bevilaqua, Heitor Franco de Andrade Junior and Janaina Serra Azul Monteiro Evangelista

The chemotherapy available for the treatment of Leishmaniosis and Chagas is restricted to a few medicines. Moreover, snake venoms have been studied because they have active substances with therapeutic potential. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the in vitro effects of total venom of Crotalusdurissuscascavella, Crotalusdurissusterrificus and Bothropsjararaca in Leishmania chagasi and Trypanosoma cruzi.RAW264.7 and LLC-MK2 cells, L. chagasi promastigote and trypomastigotes of T....

Prevalence and assessment of partially edentulism according to Kennedys classification in Sulaimani city
Dr. Arivan Mahmood Hama, Dr. Darya Khalid Mahmood and Dr. Ako Omar Abdullah

Background: Partial edentulous arches classification helps to identify possible combinations of teeth to edentulous ridges. Aim: To determine the prevalence and patern of partial edentulisim among a group of Kurdish population. Methodology: A cross sectional study to be conducted among 600 patients (339 males and 261 females) who visited piramerd dental center in sulaimani city seeking for RPD. Result: Kennedy’s class III in both dental arches was most dominant pattern at frequency of...

Significance of Ipomoea carnea jacq.: A comprehensive review
Satish A. Bhalerao and Nikhil C. Teli

Ipomoea carnea Jacq. (Family: Convulvulaceae), the pink morning glory, is a species of morning glory. This plant is formerly from the tropics of South America. This evergreen, flowering shrub has spread to Asia, Africa and North America. It is well dispersed in India and found predominantly in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. It has been described to possess medicinal properties and is used in traditional medicine in several countries. It is used in different traditional medical systems...

Antibacterial potency of the combined extracts of Ocimum gratissimum and antibiotics against salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi
Zumbes, H.J., Babalola, O.B., Yahaya, G.S., Azi, H.Y., Zakari, H., Gokir, J.D. and Dabo, A.D.

The study assessed the antibacterial effect of the extracts of Ocimumgratissimum and their combined effect with antibiotic drugs against Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi respectively. The extract of Ocimumgratissimum were prepared using Soxhlet apparatus for ethanol and petroleum ether extract, and hot water percolation for aqueous extracts. The antibacterial activities of the plant extracts, the inhibitory effect to some antibiotic drugs; Ciprofloxacin, Gentamycin, Rifampicin,...

Financing Irrigation development in Cambodia: Emerging options
Raju, K. V.

This paper focuses on current status of financing irrigation development in Cambodia, water users organizations across its provinces and their field situation and functions. Stress is on identifying options to fund the irrigation development in Cambodia more aggressively and its long term sustainability. Also discussed are possible approaches, project design, governance reforms required in water sector, and supportive policy and legal aspects.



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM