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March 2017

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Influence of chromium on seedling growth, biochemical constituents and antioxidant activities of blackgram
UmaMaheswari, L. and Subramani, A.

Vignamungo is an important pulse crop of South India which belongs to the family Fabaceae. Vignamungo also commonly known asblackgram is cultivated in wider areas of Tamil Nadu. The present investigation has been carried out to assess the influence of chromium on seedling growth, biochemical constituents and antioxidant properties of Vignamungo. Blackgram seeds were germinated under various concentrations of chromium (5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 mgl-1). One set was irrigated with distilled...

Momentum transfer with coaxially placed perforated disc turbulence promoter in circular conduit
Kanaka Mahalakshmi, K. and Nageswara Rao, V.

Studies on the effect of coaxially placed entry region perforated disc disc assembly as turbulence promoter on momentum transfer rates in forced convection flow of electrolyte were conducted. The study covered a wide range of geometric parameters such as diameter of the disc (Dd), thickness of disc (Td)and distance of disc from the entrance of test section(h). The results revealed that the friction factor increased with increase in diameter of the disc (Dd), thickness of disc (Td) and...

Bio-wastes (fish scale and pine cone) based hybrid polymer composites for tribological applications
Sandeep Kumar, Tanya Verma, Bhumika Khatri, Ankit Kumar and Vinay Kumar Patel

Increased environmental awareness and rising oil prices have contributed to the advance of research on and development of bio-particulate polymer composites. In our investigation we have chosen two natural particulates one is fish scale and other is pine cone to improve the mechanical properties of polymer composites with epoxy resin as the base material prepared by hand lay-up technique according to ASTM standards. The sample compositions of 5 wt% (fish scale/pine cone) and 5 wt%, 10 wt%,...

The membrane - redox potentials three - state line system dependent - full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance as the universal metabolic formula and the development of all medical thinking during last 3000 years
Ambaga, M.

In the light of NCM medicine the essence of normal existence of human body is established by checking the parameters of all members of the membrane - redox potentials three - state line system dependent - full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance inside human body as the universal metabolic formula and 4 compartments, 10 functional systems of human body and in addition by using theory of living rLung, Mkhris, Badgan of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and also by using all parameters the living...

Influence of phosphate sources to promote mercury accumulation and its distribution on the tropical aquatic plant, thypa latifolia
Suhendrayatna, Muhammad Zaki and Erdiansyah Rahmi

Many studie The influence of phosphate to promote mercury biosorptionand its distribution on Tropical Aquatic Plant, Typha latifolia was investigated by expose aquatic plant to water containing mercury ion (10 mg-Hg/L) for five weeks in pounds under controlled condition.Each ponds contained five stems of Typha latifolia and ammonium phosphate has been added at different concentrations (5; 10; and 15 mmoles PO4). Control media was also prepared that no phosphate added in the water phase....

Sero prevalence of hepatitis c virus in type ii diabetic patients in adigrat, Ethiopia
Tsega Kahsay Gebremeskel

Introduction: Hepatitis C virus is an RNA virus in the flavivirus family. Due to high hospitalization and frequent contact with needle diabetic patients are at greatest risk for HCV.
Objective: To assess the seroprevalence of HCV and to identify associated factors among Type II Diabetic patients in Adigrat, Ethiopia.
Method: A hospital based cross sectional study was conducted. Blood sample (5 ml) was collected and centrifuged. Using rapid antibody screening test Anti-HCV was...

Chemical contaminants in drinking water in alshohada area omdurman – Sudan
Ardelshifa Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed

Water is essential for all known life forms. For many decades, people were wondering about the source of water, but the answer took long time. Clean drinking water is important for overall health and plays a substantial role in infant and child health and survival (Vega et al., 1998; Rao and Finch, 1989; Volesky, 1994). Today, we live in an era when all scientists tell us that war of the future will be for the water. These wars will occur because of the scarcity of pure water due to the...

Effect of fine soil particles, tillage systems and polyacrylamide on wheat production and some soil chemical properties in arid regions
Nidal H. Abu-Hamdeh, Saleh M. Ismail, Samir G. Al-Solaimani and Randa I. Hatamleh

A field experiment was carried out at the Agriculture Research Station of King Abdulaziz University to study the effects of fine soil particles, tillage system and polyacrylamide on wheat production and some soil chemical properties. The design of the experiment was a split-split plot with four replications. The main plot included two soils A and B, (A with 25.2 % silt+ clay while B with 38.5 % silt+ clay). Sub plot included three tillage systems namely: No-tillage (NT), Moldboard ploughing...

Volume equalization method for land grading design: variable sloped grading in one direction at rectangular fields

This paper presents the principles of a new method for variable sloped grading in one direction that is adapted from Ayranci and Temizel (2011) which has been developed to perform land grading design for uniform sloped grading in one direction. The main goal of this method is to minimize the volumes of earth work required for acceptable smooth surface. The method based on the assumption that the before and after grading the soil volumes measured from a reference elevation are equal. The...

Processing of raw milk into traditional cheese in djermaya in the Hadjer Lamis region of Chad
Mahamat Seid Ali, Cheikhou Kane, Nicolas Ayessou and Zeuh Vounparet

The objective of this study is to transform raw milk into traditional cheese in the Hadjer Lamis region in Chad. For eight analytical purposes (8) samples studied cheese and raw milk were collected. The milk was collected into sterile glass vials and shipped to the temperature of the ambient medium in the dark to a laboratory where the pH is measured using a pH-meter 370 by soaking in a beaker. The fat content (MG) and lactose respectively is determined by the infrared method (Farm Milk...

Use of plant beneficial microorganisms to improve plant nutrition and yield in head salad cultivation
OzlemAltuntas and YildizDasgan, H.

In this study, commercially available four different bio-fertilizers have been used. 1) Cocktail mychorrhiza, which contained 9 species of mychorrhiza; Glomus aggregatum, Glomus clarum, Glomus deserticola, Glomus etunicatum, Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus monosporus, Glomus brasilianum, Gigaspora margarita, 2) Bacteria (Seranade) which contained Basillus subtilis, 3) Bacteria (Roa Natura) which contained Arthrobactersp, 4) Microalgae (Allgrow) which contained Chlorella spp., and...

Review article on knowledge and attitude on ill-effects of smoking
Uzma eram

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable diseases and premature death. Smoking can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and 10 different forms of cancer. Cigarette smoking is said to be responsible for over 25 diseases in humans some of which include chronic bronchitis, ischaemic heart disease and cancers of the lung, oral cavity, urinary bladder, pancreas, and larynx. Smokers also face a much greater risk of premature death than non-smokers....

Equivalent modulus of composites with randomly distributed nanosized ellipsoidal inclusions
Ou Zhiying and Ding Xiaoye

The calculation of the equivalent modulus of the particle reinforced composite materials is an important part of composite materials mechanics, and there are two kinds of analytic methods for equivalent modulus. One is bound approaches and the other is direct estimations. This paper improved the methods mentioned above and obtained the local stress field of nano-rotating ellipsoidal inclusion based on the energy equivalence principle. The equivalent modulus of composite materials containing...

Early growth of sunflower hybrids cultivated in nutritive solutions with macronutrient omissions
Janderson do Carmo Lima, Bruno Laecio da Silva Pereira, Anacleto Ranulfo dos Santos and Gilvanda Leão dos Anjos

Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) is an oilseed that has important agronomic characteristics, such as: greater resistance to drought, cold and pests than most species normally grown in Brazil. Nitrogen and phosphorus play an important role in the metabolism and maturation of the sunflower crop; The nitrogen when omitted causes nutritional imbalance and phosphorus because it is a nutrient after being absorbed by the plant to be incorporated in organic compounds including phosphate sugars,...

Statistical analysis of social and professional competence of science teacher
Cosmas Poluakan and Wulan Patria Saroinsong

Background: The aimed of study was to determine the competence of science teacher which illustrates the strong and weak aspects of the development, especially in social and professional competence of a teacher and further provides a formulation in the form of recommendation policy, implementable strategic concept for the development and improvement of professionalism of junior high school science teacher.
Method: The research method is quantitative research which kind of descriptive...

Land cover and soil erosion estimation of production forest during logging moratorium in mount Seulawah, Aceh Indonesia
Yusnidar Sinambela, Darusman and Sugianto Sugianto

Increase of deforestation in Aceh has been growing concern, despite logging moratorium has been imposed since 2007. Deforestation has caused land cover changes, and led to uncontrolled erosion and flooding. This study aimed to find out land cover change during legal moratorium of production forest of Mount Seulawah, Aceh, and the level of soil erosion caused due to land cover changes. Descriptive method was implemented for this study. Qualitative and quantitative analysis were applied. Data...

Reproduction of big eye scad selar crumenophthalmus (teleostei: carangidae) in the mexican pacific coast
Manuel Gallardo-Cabello, Elaine Espino-Barr, Marcos Puente-Gómez and Arturo Garcia-Boa

Reproduction of Selar crumenophthalmus of the Pacific coast, Mexico was studied. Fish were captured with fixed trap-net, gill net, “robador” (hand line with five hooks) and pound net. This species is used exclusively as bait in Colima to catch big pelagic fish with long line and sport fishing of sail fish, marlin and dolphin fish. The proportion of male: female was 1: 0.73. Average length of sexual maturity (L50) was 20.80 cm in males and 20.55 in females; average length of first maturity...

Safety of dietary supplements- A review article
Yana Toshkova, Tsvetelina Tarpomanova, Silviya Filkova and Kristian Yeremiev

This study aims to conduct a comparative analysis of the legislation in some countries regarding the composition and safety of dietary supplements, to alert the community for any potential risks of such products, as well as to offer some measures for their safe use. Harmonized requirements exist only for vitamins and minerals in dietary supplements. Any other substances that constitute the supplements lack regulation. Depending on the type of the substance and the dosage, a product may be...

Genetic dissection on heterosis for yield and grain quality traits in rice (Oryza sativa L).
Santha, S., Vaithilingam, R. and Karthikeyan, A.

The present study was carried out in rice with a view to know the extent of heterosis, heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis for grain yield per plant and six rice grain quality traits viz., hulling percentage, milling percentage, head rice recovery percentage, kernel length, kernel breadth, kernel length/breadth ratio in rice. Twelve high yielding rice genotypes viz., ADT 39, ADT 42, ADT 43, ADT (R) 45, ADT (R) 46, ADT (R) 47, TNAU Rice ADT 49, CO 47, ASD 16, TKM 11, TKM 12 and TRY 2 were...

Evaluation of genetic diversity of eight cotton varieties (Gossypium hirsutum l.) turks introduced in Benin
Marius G. SINHA, Moussibaou C. DJABOUTOU, Serge S. HOUEDJISSIN, Florent J-B. QUENUM, Gilles H. CACAÏ, Corneille AHANHANZO

The present study was carried out to select the varieties with high yield potential and better technological characteristics adapted to the international market to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of cotton production in Benin.12 cotton varieties of whicheight (8) varieties introduced in Benin by Nazilli Cotton Research Institute (ICRC) of Turkey Republic in 2013 and four (4) beninese varieties was evaluated. The field experiment was carried out under three main CRA-CF...

Estimation of efficiency and risk behaviors productivity for rice farmers in the province of Jambi
Saidin Nainggolan, Amri Amir, Napitupulu, D.M.T. and Arman Delis

Rice commodity business is always constrained in situations of risk and uncertainty, which in turn affect technical efficiency. With the information about inputs that increase risk (risk increasing) and a reduced risk (risk decrearising) will help farmers face and avoid risk productivity of paddy. This study aims to estimate technical efficiency and productivity of farmers' risk behavior. Risk productivity were analyzed using Model Khumbakar. Research sites in four districts in Jambi...

Incidence of fragility in elderly people in the city of san francisco de campeche
Ana Rosa Can Valle, M.P.E., Jaqueline Guadalupe Guerrero Ceh, D.C.E., María de la Luz Romero Orozco, T.E.O., Mónica del Rosario Cruz Uc, L.F., Fátima Lira Huchim, L.F., Daniel Antonio Muñoz Gonzales, L.G., Wendy Concepción Hau Dzul, L.G.

In the last 25 years there has been a great explosion of knowledge in all areas and specialties of medicine. Some of this knowledge has focused on diseases that affect the elderly as a priority, allowing, on the one hand, to understand the specific ways in which the disease manifests itself in them, and above all, allowing us to know how the elderly organism defends itself And reacts to the disease. To identify the incidence of fragility in the Elderly. This research has a qualitative...

TIBB: A science of medicine the art of care
Rashid Bhikha

Tibb (aka Unani-Tibb, or Unani medicine), is a widely practiced, traditional system of healthcare which draws on the original principles of care developed by the three champions of effective medicine – Hippocrates, Galen, and Ibn Sina (Avicenna). Tibb’s ‘A Science of Medicine, the Art of Care’is based upon a number of axioms. One is the uniqueness of each person, expressed as temperament; this is an important aspect of Tibb diagnosis and treatment. Another is the concept of Physis, or the...

Review on: influence of BP-ecap on mechanical characteristics of aluminium matrix composites
Ramesh, B.T., Dr. Swamy, R.P. and Vinayak Koppad

In present contest Aluminium based metal matrix composites are rapidly developing group of materials due to their unique combination of properties that include low weight, elevated strength, improved wear and corrosion resistance and relatively good ductility. Obtaining good properties with aluminium as ductile matrix blended with different reinforcement. Generally most common methods for producing this type of metal matrix composites is powder metallurgy since it has many variations and...

Hospital radioactive waste treatment by phytoremediation
Blanco Martinez Mariana Isaura, Melendez Estrada Jorge and Cruz Castro Oscar

Nuclear medicine is a medical practice that uses low-level radioactive isotopes for diagnosis, treatment and therapy in oncology. However, inadequate management of radioactive waste is a problem that prompts the current authors to suggest more sustainable alternatives for final disposal of such waste. Phytoremediation is one of these sustainable methods, which is economical and efficient in managing radioactive waste from hospitals. Usually, hospital pretreatments require a lot of space for...

Determinants influencing retailers perception towards new growth engine developed by soft drink manufacturers – a case study in odisha
Dhananjay Beura, Kishan Bhadra and Rameshwar Panigrahy

This report has been prepared with a specific purpose in mind. It outlines the soft drink industry and retailer’s behavior towards the supply chain management process of soft drink manufacturers. This study is about the new growth of engine introduced by one of the largest soft drink manufacturer in Indian market targeting bottom of the pyramid segment. Therefore the researcher tried to explore the determinants influencing retailer’s behavior towards those new growths of engine. The main...

Natural inspired computing in the network security
RamaDevi, G.R., Pavan Kumar, M., Ramana Murthy, M. V. and Ishan Jasim Hussein

Traditional computing techniques and systems consider a main process device or main server, and technique details generally serially. They're non- robust and non-adaptive, and have limited quantity. Indifference, scientific technique details in a very similar and allocated manner, while not a main management. They're exceedingly strong, elastic, and ascendible. This paper offers a short conclusion of however the ideas from natural are will never to style new processing techniques and...

Design of device for spectral induced polarization laboratory measurements in geophysics exploration
Suparwoto, Kirbani,n Ari Setiawan and Agus Kuncaka

Laboratory experiments to study the induced polarization (IP) phenomenon on natural and artificial samples are of great importance as they can explain on the cause and nature of the phenomenon. IP method has been the most successful in mining exploration, particularly in the search for metal oxide and sulphide mineralizations. The Spectral Induced Polarization or Complex Impedance Method is essentially a multi-frequency version of IP. The basic techniques for measuring complex impedance...

In-vitro study on α-amylase inhibitory activity and phytochemical screening, test for inorganic elements, proximate analysis, qualitative and quantitative characterization of phytoconstituents of Mauritius papeda(Citrus hystrix) leaves having anti-diabeti
Kiran Kumar, S.J. and Deenadayalan, K.

The present study was to evaluate preliminary photochemical analysis, inorganic elements and proximate analysis by leaves extract of Mauritius papeda by using solvent like methanol and water. Phytochemical analysis showed the presence carbohydrate, reducing sugars, phenolics, flavonoids, glycosides, saponnins and steroids. The moisture content of the crude sample was found to be 10.01 ± 1.40 while the water extractive index was 1.26 ± 0.0710. Quantitative analysis of phenols, flavonoids...

Effect of turmeric and ginger as natural additives in ready-to- serve beverage
Anjana, R., Akshaya, S. and Usha Ravi

The current study utilises turmeric as a natural preservative and colorant. Turmeric consists of three main components namely curcumin, demethoxy curcumin and bidemethoxy curcumin that are responsible for its bright yellow colour. Lemon strengthens the immune system and cleanses the stomach. Ginger maintains normal blood circulation, improves absorption, combats stomach discomfort and strengthens immunity. The objective of the current study was to study the effect of turmeric and ginger as...

Genetic variability and selection parameters for yield and quality traits in maize
Yogesh Pandey, Vyas, R.P., Singh, H.C., Lokendra Singh, Singh, C.B., Yadav, P.C. and Vishwanath

45F1 maize hybrids produced through a line x tester mating and 15 inbred lines and 3 testers were evaluated with three replication at Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur to determine the genetic parameters governing the inheritance of grain yield and quantitative traits. The genetic parameters studied among the traits included the mean performance, genotypic variances, phenotypic variances, genotype by environment variances, broad sense heritability and...

Cryotography an overview
Dr. Vasundhara, S.

In this paper introducing the basic terms used in cryptography and then move on to discuss public key cryptography in more detail. We give the definitions of two public key systems, one for key exchange and one for encryption, and show how they can be adapted for use with elliptic curves. Most of the cryptographic definitions and explanations are well known and here the basics are discussed. Elgamal cryptosystems and Diffie- Hellman Cryptosystem is explained.

Baby foods can also have toxic side effects: a review
Nepalia, A., Singh, A., Mathur, N, Pareek, S.

Popularity of baby foods and infant formula is increasing day by day as they are easy to use and claim to be very nutritive for babies. The safety of these products should be checked before introducing them to the market. Many contaminants are a challenge to food safety and can enter the food chain at any stage of manufacturing from raw material to finished food product. The contamination of food can also be caused by food additives like flavoring agents, preservatives, food colors etc. It...

Functionalized graphene-MnO2 nanocomposite in fuel cell applications
Dipanwita Majumdar

Functionalized Graphene-MnO2 composites have been established to be a very proficient and promising electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), an essential step, in fuel cells applications. The composite has several advantages of easy fabrication, low production cost, superior charge transport and electrocatalytic properties that would ideally meet the urgent demands of green energy. This brief overview categorically narrates the basic requirements, recent progresses and...

Microanatomy of pars tuberalis and intermedia of pituitary gland in madras red sheep (Ovis aries)
Paramasivan, S. and Geetha Ramesh

Microanatomical observations were recorded on the pituitary glands of various age groups of Madras red sheep. The pars tuberalis appeared as a thin sleeve and surrounded the infundibular stalk separated by a thin connective tissue layer. It was located at rostro-ventral part of pituitary stalk, extended downward and backward and mingled with the pars distalis at zona tuberalis without any line of demarcation. The hypothalamic-hypophyseal portal system originated in the primary capillary...

Role of agnikarma in pain management
Dr. Sharma Divya Deepak, Dr Jondhale Prakash and Dr Bhushan Vikram Vir

Pain can be described as physical suffering or discomfort cause by illness or injury. Now a day’s people are spending huge amount of money for treatment of pain. Still the results are not satisfactory, by taking modern treatment relief is temporary and side effects are more. People are expecting positive result from ayurveda. So, to overcome this situation acharayas has directly mentioned Agnikarma as one of the best para-surgical procedure diseases like Grighrasi and any painful condition...

Integrated micro-fluidic pump for medical and environmental applications
Ronan O’Reilly, Eithne Dempsey, Zakia Ben Ramadan and Fathi Akkari

The fabrication and testing of an integrated micro-fluidic sample delivery system for polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) micro-fluidic channel is reported. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to the establishment of core platform technologies, we brought together physical chemistry, biochemistry, surface science and micro-fabrication technology. The fluidic channel is designed in Mentor Graphics® IC layout, and transferred to a flexible transparency which will act as a photo-mask during contact...

Regional dimension of financial sector policies and its impact on regional economic growth in Indonesia
Sujana Budhiasa, Arung Lamba and Syamsir Nur

The global economy slow-down have seriously impact to financial market performance and Indonesian economic as well. However, as a consequently, some macroeconomic targets might be difficult to be realized. Although economic slowdown still running away, some aspect of regional resources can be managed optimally for encouraging national target of economic growth of Indonesia. This study focuses on the impact of central authorities of fiscal and monetary policy combined that will be impact on...

Role of cytomorphological study of cervical lymphadenopathy in paediatric age group in hapur region (U.P.) India
Nirmal Amit, K., Singh Harsimrat, Nirmal Kirti, Jaykant Jha and Kumar Sudhir

Background: The lymph nodes are an essential part of the body's immune system and as such are affected in many infections, autoimmune, metabolic and malignant diseases. The cervical region lymph nodes are particularly important because they are the first drainage site from key point of contact (mouth/eyes/ears/respiratory system) and can represent an early clinical sign in their exposed position on a child's slim neck.
Aims and Objectives: a) To evaluate the role of fine needle...

Farming system modulesa better way for livelihood security
Nagarjun, P., Sanjay, M. T. and Pushpa, H. M.

In the present scenario, the farmers concentrate mainly on crop production which is subjected to a high degree of uncertainty in income and employment to the farmers. In this contest, it is imperative to evolve suitable strategy for augmenting the income of a farm. Integration of various agricultural enterprises viz., cropping, animal husbandry, fishery, forestry etc. have great potentialities in the agricultural economy. These enterprises not only supplement the income of the farmers but...

Preparation of copper nanoparticles as starting materials for copper clay production
Prodjosantoso, A.K., Utomo, M.P. and Padmaningrum, R.T.

Copper nanoparticle and copper clay were prepared and investigated. The nanoparticle was prepared by reducing copper ion using iron as reduction agent. XRD, TEM and SEM methods were used to characterize the samples. Copper nanoparticle could be prepared, and copper clay could be produced and be used as raw material inbrass handicrafts.

Effects of variability in the pozolannic properties of rice husk ash (RHA) on the concrete modulus of rupture
Akeke, G. A., Ewa, D. E., Okafor, F. O. and Enang, A. E.

Many s In this study, the effects of variability in the pozzolanic properties of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) gotten from four (4) different locations on the Flexural Properties of Concrete was reported. The different sources where RHA was gotten are; Ogoja, Abakaliki, Adani and Adikpo in Nigeria. It is discovered that the pozolanic properties of RHA varies based on their location. Samples from Ogoja where found to have the highest pozzolanic properties followed by Abakaliki, Adani, and Adikpo, their...

Participatory adaptable varietal selection of faba bean (Vicia Faba L.) in Wollo, Ethiopia
Awol Mohammed, Seyum Assefe, Eyeberu Abere and Niguse Seyum

Most of farmers are using local variety which is low yielder and very susceptible for disease and low moisture stress in faba bean producing area of Wollo. The study was conducted in Wollo at Meket, Akesta and Kutaber on station and farmers site. The objective of the trial to recommend the best performing faba bean released variety in terms of high yielder and farmers’ preference. The design was RCBD with three replications by using seven nationally released varieties and local. The...

Effect of light color and socking density on intestinal morphology of broiler chickens
Mudhar A. S. Abu Tabeekh, Muhsin S. G. Al-Moziel and Huda F. Saad

Many studies have been conducted to determine the effect of light on broiler performance, and many others on the effect of stocking density. However, there has been a very few investigation on the influence of light color on intestinal morphology of broilers. This study intended to evaluate the effects of color lights and bird density as it relates to small intestine (villi length and crypt depth ) of broilers.A total of 675Ross 308 one-day-old broiler chicks were used in this study. The...



               Prof. Dr. ISMAIL YILDIRIM