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October 2017

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Association of h. pylori infection with gastroduodenal disease: a cross sectional study
Dr. Kalaigandi, V. and Anjana, V. V.

The 180 patients of both gender between 10 80 years having symptoms of dyspepsia, are subjected to endoscopic examination. The incidence of Helicobacter pylori is highest between 41 50 years (72%) with male to female ratio of 2:3.Low socio economic status have a high incidence of Helicobacter pylori (65%) and (80%) in patients having a family history of dyspepsia. The colonization of helicobacter is related to life style i.e. habituation to smoking (76%),...

On the characterization of lie algebras
Nemaat H. Taleb and Bashir, M. A.

We present Cartan Subalgebra and root system. This leads to the study of Cartan matrix and Dynkin Diagrams. In this paper we study the relationship between Cartan matrix and Dynkin Diagrams.

Entomophagy among the bodos of udalguri district, btad, assam, india
Rabindra Hazarika and Bristina Goyari

The practice of eating insects is common among the ethnic schedule tribes (plains and hills) of North eastern part of India. In Assam, this practice is more prevalent among the Bodos and Rabha tribes, the earliest immigrants in Assam. Bodos, one of the culturally rich community of Assam consumes insects as their traditional diet. The present investigation is carried out in some remote villages of Udalguri District, BTAD, Assam. Altogether 23 species of edible...

Anti-microbial activity and phytochemical assay of busikad (cyperuskyllianga) leaf extract against staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli
Julie S. Berame, Rissa L. Mercado

Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli are major causes of enteric diseases, urinary tract infections (UTI). This is carried by 20-30% of human population responsible for health associated infections. The paper aims to verify the ethno botanical use of the plant Cyperuskyllingia to validate its alleged antimicrobial property as well as to determine the secondary plant metabolites behind its activity. The result showed that both plant secondary metabolites...

A review of intestinal helminthiasis in ethiopian school children and the needed efforts for school-based intervention
Gebremichael Gebretsadik and Asmamaw Abat

Ethiopia is one of the most populous countries in Africa. This huge population, coupled with the absence of basic social amenities, auspicious climatic environment, and weak public health infrastructure favor the transmission of intestinal helminthiasis. Understanding the prevalence of intestinal helminth infections is necessary to plan control strategies and focus on highly endemic regions for preventive chemotherapy and improved sanitation facilities. This...

Formulation of antioxidant tea by utilizing pomegranate peel & spices
Mishra Malvika and Singh Neetu

The use of plants as food and medicinal remedies since ancient times is partially attributed to the biological efficacy of secondary metabolites that possess antioxidant activities such as phenolic compounds, vitamins C and E, and carotenoids. Tea extracts are powerful antioxidants due to the presence of chemical compounds such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epicatechin gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin (EGC) and epicatechin (EC). The waste materials such as...

Researches and issues in teacher education
Dr. N. K. Singh

Researcher has tried to explore that why teacher education programmed to criticized in past decades and how unfitted for society. Jvc Committee in India has concentrated on teacher Education programme and suggested the syllabus should be correlated with school and society. NCERT has developed the courses for teacher Education in directions of NCTE as per recommendations of Jvc. For it VBSPU Jaunpur (UP) has developed the teacher Educational course as per rules...

Performance evaluation of different growth regulators on propagation of firebush (hamelia patens jacq.) in subtropical zone
Chowdhuri, T.K.,

The present investigation was carried out to study the effect of different growth regulators on propagation of firebush (Hamelia patens Jacq.) in subtropical zone of West Bengal under naturally ventilated polyhouse equipped with foggers at Instructional Farm, Jaguli, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal. Significant differences among the treatments (IAA @1000ppm, IAA@2000ppm, IAA @3000ppm, IBA @1000ppm, IBA @2000ppm, IBA @3000ppm, NAA @1000ppm, NAA @...

Groundwater governance in andhra pradesh- possibility to move towards nested governance structures
Ananda Vadivelu, G.

The open access nature of groundwater has resulted in the over-exploitation of the resource. Negative externalities are encountered by the users due to the self-interest maximising behaviour of individual agents which increases the social cost of extraction. There is excessive groundwater exploitation occurring in the country, which had led to a policy concern that there is a need for shift of groundwater resources to a Common Property Rights regime. We review...

A survey of some ethno-medicinal plants used by the tribes of melghat in amravati district, maharashtra, india with reference to gastro-intestinal disorders
Patil, U. S. and Kutemate, O. G.

Melghat is situated in the northern part of Maharashtra and southern part of Madhya Pradesh. An ethno-medicinal survey was carried out during 2015-2016. The Melghat region is dominated by Korku and Gond tribes. These tribals are basically depends on locally available plant species to cure their various ailments. These communities used these plant species with traditional way. Herbal healers used plant parts either single or in combined formed to treat digestive...

Evaluation of popular functional christologies among the ndia christians of kirinyaga west sub county in Kenya
Hezron Mwangi, Josiah Murage and Joshiah Osamba

The study evaluated popular functional Christologies among the Christians of Ndia in Kirinyaga West sub-county, Kenya. Popular Christologies reflect people’s real understanding of Jesus Christ. The objectives of the study were to establish social, political and economic functional Christologies among Ndia. The target population comprised of all churches in Ndia, which comprised of 25 Catholic, 29 Anglican, six Lutheran, six Presbyterian, 40 Pentecostal and...

A comparative clinical study of palasha ksharasutra and apamarga ksharasutra in the management of bhagandara (fistula-in-ano)
Dr. Kunal Kishore, Dr. Munde Bharat Janardan Rao and Dr. Chandrakanth Halli

This research work aims towards study effect of washing on dyed Himalayan Nettle, Cotton and their blends. For this 100% Himalayan Nettle, 100% Cotton and Cotton X Nettle (60 X 40) blends in counts of 3s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 8s are developed. The results obtained are critically analysed.

Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacological evaluation of vernonia anthelmintica (l.) willd.: an overview
Patel Alpa K. and Bhalerao S. A.

Medicinal plants are the nature’s gift to human being to have disease free healthy life. It plays a vital role to preserve our health. Vernonia anthelmintica (L.) Willd. is a potential medicinal plant and the seeds were used for many human aliments. In the Ayurveda, an Indian system of medicine, the seeds were used to cure helminthes parasites, skin diseases, leucoderma and fevers, while in Unani system seeds were used to controlling asthma, renal disorders...

The effect of cement stabilization on the physical and mechanical properties of compressed earth blocks: in a coastal city: the case of Douala in Cameroon
The effect of cement stabilization on the physical and mechanical properties of compressed earth blocks: in a coastal city: the case of Douala in Cameroon

Housing affordability remains a key challenge in some developing countries including Cameroon. Recent studies reveal that the use of local building materials has been considered the cornerstone of sustainable construction that can be used in providing affordable housing. Despite the cheapness and availability of local building materials as earth block, its uptake has been very slow. This has been partly due to the fact that, its technical know-how is not yet vulgarized, the potential of...

Pathophysiology of metastatic tumors of oral cavity: A Review
Dr. Shivani Singh and Dr. Raghvendra Narayan

Carcinoma is a complex disease where basic physiological processes of the body become unregulated, such as cell division, apoptosis and cell migration. “Metastasis is defined as the transfer of the cancer cells from one organ or part to another site, not directly connected with it”. Metastasis of a carcinoma basically leads to the morbidity and eventual mortality. Metastatic tumor show similar histology with the primary malignancy and are separated by an amount of intervening healthy tissue...

Study on removal of phenol using adsorption process
Ashish Kumar, Vinita Khandegar and Sanigdha Acharya

Wastewaters from various types of industries contain different types of phenols. Phenolic compounds are toxic substances and some are known or suspected carcinogens. Therefore it is important to remove phenol and phenolic compounds from contaminated industrial and aqueous streams before discharged into any water bodies. It is well known that adsorption is an efficient method for removal of various pollutants from wastewater. Several adsorbents have been used for treatment of wastewater and...

Seasonal toxicological profile of three puffer fishes collected along digha coastal belt, West Bengal, India
Rudra Prasad Nath and Jayanta Kumar Kundu

Puffer fish intoxication is extremely frequent in countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, India etc. In Digha coastal belt of West Bengal, India, three puffer fishes are mostly abundant viz. Lagocephalus lunaris (Bloch and Schneider, 1801); Takifugu oblongus (Bloch, 1786); Tetraodon fluviatilis (Hamilton, 1822). These three puffer fish species are studied for toxicological characterization. In the present study, Gonado-Somatic Index (GSI), Hepato-...

Internal controls impact on the effective management of devolved revenue fund in the county government of Kakamega, Kenya
Magoma Margaret Onyatta, Oseno Ben and Onyango Albert Odhiamb

Effective internal controls play an important role in preventing and minimizing occurrence of errors, wastage and fraud in different organisations. Many devolved units in Kenya known as county governments have consistently failed to fully account for collected revenues and the spending of funds that they receive from the national treasury according to reports by the Auditor General and the Controller of Budget of Kenya. Kakamega county was one of the counties with questionable revenue...

Evaluation of colour fastness to washing studied on Himalayan nettle, cotton and cotton/nettle fabric blends
Dr. Reena Agrawal and Neha Kestwal

This research work aims towards study effect of washing on dyed Himalayan Nettle, Cotton and their blends. For this 100% Himalayan Nettle, 100% Cotton and Cotton X Nettle (60 X 40) blends in counts of 3s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 8s are developed. The results obtained are critically analysed.

Mycoflora associated with farmer stored seeds of chickpea and pigeon pea collected from Satara
Geetha Menon

Seeds harbor a considerable load of several fungal inoculums, responsible for various seed–borne diseases and damage. Cereals and pulses constitute the regular basic food of the masses that supply both carbohydrates and protein in their regular diet. Seeds of two pulses Cicer arietinum L. (Chickpea) & Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp (Pigeon pea) were collected from the farmers of Satara (Maharashtra), India and studied for the associated fungal flora using standard Blotter method, Agar...

Quantification of lycopene extracted from watermelon and tomato varieties from nakulabye market in Kampala, Uganda
Haji Khamis, Kituyi Lusweti, Haji Mwevura, Steven Nyanzi and Kiremire

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) and red-fleshed watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) contain a high level of lycopene, which has been reported to have many important health benefits. Watermelon tomato varieties are available plentifully in Uganda, however, little information existing in Uganda concerning the quantity of lycopene in watermelon and tomato varieties. The objective of this study was to separate and quantify lycopene from selected watermelon and tomato varieties from Uganda. The...

Matrix representation of double layered complete fuzzy graph
Jon Arockiaraj, J. and Chandrasekaran, V.

In this paper, we have defined a new matrix representation using edge membership values of the complete fuzzy graph. Uncertainties in a problem are represented as fuzzy matrices using fuzzy principles. Recent days fuzzy matrices have become very famous. In this paper unlike the usual matrix representation of a fuzzy graph with respect to vertices, a new matrix representation with edge membership values as rows and columns is introduced. The relationship between the double layered complete...

Districtwise distribution of households by source of drinking water in Karnataka – A decadal changes (2001- 2011)
Dr. Mallanna, C.

Water is one of the most precious natural resources and a key element in the socio-economic development of a country. The total quantity of water available on the globe is the same as it was two thousand years ago. At the time of independence, the per capita availability of water in India was 6008 cubic meters a year. It came down to 5,177 cubic meters in 1951 to 1,820 cubic meters a year in 2001. Drinking water, in adequate quantity and quality is a basic requirement for life and a...

Overcoming material overflow using flexible lot size for kanban system
Fatma H Astuti, Zuhriah Ebrahim and Mohd Razali, M.

The aim of this paper is to propose the Flexible Lot Size (FLS) for Kanban System as solution for incoming material overflow problem at Compound/Kitting section in the hard disc assembly company. The FLS is used to synchronise the material flows between Warehouse and Module section (hard disc assembly lines) where the Compound/Kitting section is the intermediate station for the incoming materials supplied by the Warehouse. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) tool was applied to identify the nature of...

Pilates and physiotherapy in acute Lowback ache and sciatica – An evidence based study
Dr. Subramanian, S.S.

Acute low back pain is common among professionals who continues to work in sitting for long hours daily. Along with pain, impaired mobility, medical expenses, loss of productive days and seeking quicker relief where conservative tailor made physiotherapy finds a place to rehabilitate the subject.
Aims & Objective of this original case report was to evaluate the efficacy of combined Pilates and physiotherapy in a subject with sciatica.
Materials & Methodology: subject with...

ICT in the service of enginering, weather and climate: The Nigerian environment application and Research
Akeh, Liwhu E. and Akeke, Godwin A.

The present rapid development in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) all over the world has made life and work much easier for man, but has made accessibility to valuable information cheaper, easier and available for use at any time, and in any part of the world. Man, is an entity of the ecosystem and his survival, way of life, and development to a large extent is determined by how informed he is, about his interaction with the ecosystem and all the processes that go on in it. The...

Exploration of sediment derived streptomyces sp. for the production of endoglucanase enzyme
Patil R.C. and Jadhav, B. L.

Among the cellulases, which break down the polymeric cellulose, are endoglucanase that acts synergistically for subsequent hydrolytic reactions. In the present investigation, sediment derived isolates of Actinomycetes were screened for endoglucanase enzyme and the potential isolate, Streptomyces sp. was used further for the isolation of enzyme. In microbial enzyme screening experiment, Streptomyces sp. showed the production of endoglucanase enzyme. The Endoglucanase activity was found to be...

Combined probationary training programme for the new entrants in state public services of Maharashtra: Does it meet the desired objectives of an efficiency oriented administrative reforms?
Dnyandev C. Talule

The present paper is based on the study that was prompted by the objective of an assessment of the Combined Probationary Training Programme (CPTP) from the perspective of the Officer Trainees (OTs) those who had completed the entire training of two years and now are on the field as an incumbent officer. It was also desired to confirm the observations of the Officer Trainees about the overall design and implementation of the CPTP. Hence the study was commenced to assess the overall level of...

Non-human primates as research models in the field of periodontics: A review
Dr. Dayakar, M. M., Dr. Prakash Pai, Dr. Vintu Vijayan and Dr. Radhika Priyadarshini M Sooranagi

This review article emphasizes the role of non-human primates in periodontal research. It has been used widely to investigate the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and various treatment modalities like regenerative procedure, bone grafts, LASER, micro surgery, GTR, osseous surgeries, implant surgical procedure. The close phylogenetic relation of non-human primates to humans have opened a way to test the potential of new drugs and treatment procedures.

Evaluation and analysis of yield, performance and adoption of blackgram (vigna mungo L) variety pu-31 in muzaffarnagar District
Verma, R.C., Singh, P.K. and Shripal

The urd bean variety Pant Urd-31 was spreaded through Cluster Frontline Demonstration at farmers field in Muzaffarnagar district. The demonstrations conducted during last two years (2015 and 2016) under National Food Security Mission(NFSM), were considered for the study. The results indicate that adoption of this variety significantly increased due to higher productivity, more net return and resistant for YMV

The myth of tribal backwardness: Land rights in tribals
Sangya Dubey

The indigenous communities of tribal in India are often synonymous to under development and backwardness. Advanced political liberty and civil rights remain a policy agenda for their development. The article focuses on how certain tribal communities have a clear and well practiced land inheritence custom. This inheritence stands important, for it's the women who assume power holding status or some security. The tribal community has few extremely progressive customs that have yet to be...

Assay on osmotic fragility and antioxidant potential of the methanolic extract of croton heliotropiifolius kunth (euphorbiaceae)
Jéssica de Andrade Gomes Silva, Gibbelly Cavalcante da Silva, CibelyTenorio de Oliveira, Tainá Maria Santos da Silva, Marcos Aurélio Santos da Costa, Daniel Francisco Pereira Júnior, Izabela Rangel Lima, José Adalberto da Silva Filho and Sônia Pereira Leite

The expressive use of medicinal plants promotes a growing need to understand the properties of vegetal compounds and their possible biologically active behaviors. Studies focusing on Croton heliotropiifolius have reported a predominant presence of alkaloids, polyphenols and reducing compounds. This species is reported as useful in relieving stomach pain and dysentery and as an antipyretic. This study aimed to evaluate the hemolytic capacity of the methanolic extract of C....

Brain tumor features generation from mri t2-weighted grayscale images using pseudo colouring processes
Kalaiselvi, T. and Kumarashankar, P.

In this paper, we generate two novel colour component features (ClrComFea) for brain tumor segmentation from MRI images. This feature extraction process is purely based on the knowledge of multimedia colour models and MRI brain tumor characteristics. Initially the original grayscale MRI brain images are converted into colour images using pseudo colouring process. Then the pseudo coloured brain images are analysed for tumor features based on the presence of colours within the tumor locations...

Study of physico-chemical parameters of anjaneri pond near Nashik (M.S.), India
Ghatule, V. A., Bhagwan, H. K. and Chavre, B. W.

Water resources in India have reached a point of crisis due to unplanned urbanization and Industrialization. Advanced human activities over the recent past years are causing greater threats on these freshwater resources, resulting in changing their features. A study of Physico-chemical parameters of Anjneri pond water was carried out during February 2015 to January 2016. Physical characters like Temperature, transparency, total dissolved solid, Rainfall and Chemical Parameters like Dissolved...

Study of the elementary surgical procedures and instruments with applications in the micromechanics of surgery
Andra-Maria Ciutac and Carmen-Gabriela Popa

The theme of this research project is creating different methods suitable to analyze one’s accuracy. Starting from theoretical studies of medical instruments and procedures, as well as studies of biomechanics of the tissue, we introduce a number of devices that can be used to monitor precision and accuracy. This paper presents and analyzes the most important surgical procedures, all in order to develop several mechanisms able to teach and evaluate aspiring surgeons and even specialists...

Kantha embroidery-a woman-centric path towards empowerment for artisans in West Bengal
Dr. Debaleena Debnath and Sreenanda Palit

Niaz Zaman describes the needlecraft of Kantha as "women's art”. Traditionally the Kantha embroidery of Bengal has been the forte of women, unlike Zardosi and Ari work which is predominated by men folk. The craft has a history of being a revered recycled product. A Kantha is considered to be layers of old sarees or dhotis quilted together to form a blanket, used by the poor as a protection against cold. Later the ‘nakshi’ form of it was born in the household of undivided Bengal as a portrait...

Effect of planting time on yield and quality of strawberry cv chandler in subtropical region of Punjab
Aamina Sadiq and Amarjeet Kaur

An investigation was carried out in the Department of Horticulture, Khalsa College, Amritsar during the year 2016-17 to study the effect of planting time on yield and fruit quality of strawberry cv. Chandler in subtropical region of Punjab. The runners of strawberry cv Chandler were planted at 30x40 cm apart on the raised beds on seven times of planting i.e.1st September,15th September,1st October 15th October,30th October, 15th November and 30th November 2017 respectively. The experiment...

Composite boards from agro waste residue of grass and Bamboo
Razak Wahab, Norashikin Fauzi, Hashim W. Samsi, and Amirah Mohd Fikri

Properties of grass-bamboo bio-composite (GB bio-com) boards made from a mixture of grass Themeda arguens and bamboo Gigantochloa scortechinii studied. The GB bio-com boards produced at different mixture ratios of the grass and bamboo, as well as at various resin contents. The matured plants harvested, chipped into small pieces, mixed five ratios. Urea formaldehyde (UF) resin applied at 12% and 14% forming the bio-composite boards using a hot press machine. The physical, strength, and...

Perception of future employees towards a world class organization
Karan Sabharwal and Madhukar Pandey

Today, India is one of the fastest growing markets in world with most competitive workforce. The country produces millions of graduates each year hitting the job market and eventually joining these organizations. It is important to understand their current perception about WCO and measure the gap between the same and reality. The paper analyses the perception of future employees about an organization before they join the same. The analysis validates the five important traits perceived by...

Role of host plants for white sandal (santalum album L.)cultivation in West Bengal
Sudhir Chandra Das and Jagatpati Tah

White sandal (Santalum album L.) grows in sandy alluvial or laterite soil having adequate edaphic as well as environmental factors. But, it is ensured its survivility when specific host plants are available in its surrounding root zone. It has also been found that host is no more required for its proper growth and development after 3-4 years. Consideringall these facts a venture was undertaken to conduct an experiment for its mass propagation in the forest gardens under Bankura(S), Bankura(N...

Aphrodisiac activity of aqueous and hydroethanolic extracts of the stem bark of strychnos camptoneura (longaniaceae) in wistar rat
Cyr Jonas Morabandza, Radard Ondele, Romaric De Garde Elion Itou, Arnaud Wilfrid Etou Ossibi, Céty Imbiella, Etienne Mokondjimobe, Pascal Robin Ongoka and Ange Antoine Abena

This study was initiatedto evaluate aphrodisiac activity of aqueous and hydro-ethanolic extracts of the stem bark of Strychnos camptoneura in male rat. Aqueous and hydroethanolic extracts of S. camptoneura were prepared and, orally administered at the doses of 100 and 250 mg/kg for sexual parameters (sexual mounting; erection number; ejaculationnumber and latency time) evaluation. Distilled water (0,5ml/100g) and yohimbine (10mg/kg) being respectively negative and positive control....

A cross country analysis of inflation rate among brics nations: A vector error correction model (vecm) approach
Dr. Vijay Kumar

It is a world of highly globalized era where various economies are integrating with other economies and making various groups to compete and make self-efficient to survive in such a highly competitive world. In such economic integration there are various macro-economic variables which affect each other. The present study is designed to check the inflation rate of BRICS nations which is a economic integrated group of five emerging economies in the world. The abbreviation BRICS stands form...

Pro-poor tourism and its seeming upshots on a locality – An exploratory approach
Brako Prince and Dr. Sebastian T. Joseph

This paper makes exploratory attempts to study Pro-poor Tourism and its benefits as well as importance to a Locality. The objectives of the study are to: assess the impact of PPT to a locality, investigate the challenges of PPT as it relates to a locality and to propose PPT strategies to facilitate local growth and development. The design employed for this study was that of the exploratory research design and data was collected from 200 respondents representing indigenes from Varanasi...

On weakly regular ternary
Sri Latha, K., Shobha Latha, G. and Madhusudhana Rao, D.

In this paper, we introduce the notion of weakly regular ternary Γ– semirings and give some characterizations related to the weakly regular ternary Γ– semirings.
Mathematical Subject Classification : 16Y60, 16Y30

Dynamic fuzzy expert system for multi objective criteria for selection of manufacturing method using mamdani model
Girish R. Naik, Dr. Raikar, V.A. and Dr. Poornima G. Naik

Installing a manufacturing method might be very expensive and time consuming project. Organizations should examine and decide on how best to make this decision of selecting appropriate process meeting their requirements. In order to improve the manufacturing cycle more than 110 manufacturing processes have been proposed. The objectives aimed at and the functions focused on by these processes vary. The process should be flexible enough to accommodate reasonable changes in design. This poses a...

Characterization of active compound and extracts of aerva lanata using antibacterial potential Parameters against pathogens
Amarnath, S., Narayanan, K.R. Venkataraman, R. and Dhasarathan, P.

Medicinal plants have rich sources of therapeutic constituents and shown beneficial therapeutic effects, including anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-immune modulator effects. In the present investigated Aerva lanata shows predominant amount of phytochemical constituents such as alkaloids, flavones, saponin, terepenoids etc., in butanol extracts. The active compound of 2-Decyl -1-tetra decanol was isolated and confirmed by GCMS method. The active compound...

Study on the impact of innovations in banking sector
Sinu, M.

Over the years, the banking sector in India has seen a number of changes. Most of the banks have begun to take an innovative approach towards banking with the objective of creating more value for customers, and consequently, the banks. Today, we are having a fairly well developed banking system with different classes of banks. Some of them have engaged in the areas of consumer credit, credit cards, merchant banking, internet and phone banking, leasing, mutual funds etc. A few banks have...

TowardsTowards feminism through human rights education feminism through human rights education
Lisa, E.

Right means a legal entitlement to something or someone. Human Right is a birth right of individual men and women to basic freedom such as freedom of speech, association, education, etc..,. They are fundamental and non transferable for every human being and consideration as essential for a person living as a human being. Human Rights are possessed by Human Being irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion, nationality, sex, color, etc. Any right relating to life, liberty, equality, dignity...

A study on temperature and agricultural production in cauvery delta Districts of Tamilnadu
Yuvaraj, R. M. and Dr. Rajeswari, M.

Temperature plays a key role in determining the climate of the region. Surface of the land is heated up quickly than the water bodies because a land surface doesn’t allow penetration of heat deeply so the temperature of the land surface rises quickly. The effect of temperature is reduced by the sea breeze, land breeze and wind flows over various water bodies. In this study we tried to calculate the continentality by using Conrad’s Coefficient of Continentality index for the period 1901 to...

An efficient domino one-pot, four-component green chemical approach for the synthesis of structurally diverse dihydropyridine fused medicinally privileged heterosystems
Suresh Rai, Rekha Israni and Dilip Kumar Khatri

The derivatives of structurally diverse dihydropyridine fused hetrocycles; 2,3-quinolinedicarboxylate,chromeno[4,3-b]pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylate, pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine-6,7-dicarboxylate, pyrano[4,3-b]pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylate incorporating medicinally privileged fused heterosystems have been synthesized by an environmentally benign, efficient and convenient synthesis involving the Iron(III)chloride-catalyzed four-component domino reaction of aromatic aldehydes, acetylenedicarboxylate...

Structural and dielectric properties of lithium nanoferrites synthesised by citrate gel auto combustion method
Vijay Kumar, K., Sangeetha, A. and Rama Krishna, K.

A series of Lithium nanoferrite with chemical composition of Li0.5+3xFe2.5-XO4 where (X=0.0 to 1.0 in the step of 0.2) is prepared by chemical citrate gel auto combustion method and sintered at 500OC for 4 hours. The single phase cubic structure is confirmed by X-ray diffraction. The effect of structural parameters with function of Lithium composition is studied and the calculated crystallite size ranges from 33-51nm.The microstructure of the samples was studied by using Scanning Electron...

Experimental study of different biodiesels (come, mome, pome) and their blends properties with 2-propanone as an additive
Venkateswara Rao, P. and Prbhakara Chary, D.

Density and acid value properties are to be mainly considered to use biodiesel as fuel in internal combustion engines. In the present work these properties were compared for biodiesels (POME, MOME and COME) and their blends with 2-Propanone as additive at different percentages. The variation in properties was observed by adding 2-Propanone to biodiesels at 5%, 15%, 25%, and 35% to prepare blends. The property values obtained for biodiesels and their blends with 2-Propanone were decreasing...

Problem and prospect of sustainable growth analysis of tourism in India
Vijay Kumar, M.

Tourism has been growing fast in encompassing manner with visible socio-economic manifestations. Its transformation process has also been equally interesting with new consumer groups of distinct travel motivations, life style patterns and travel requirements emerging in every facet. This offers both opportunities and challenges. The dialogue on inclusive tourism is not all that new. Rather, it has been integral to sustainable and responsible tourism formulations. It is an approach as well as...

A study of physico chemical and biological characteristics of sabarmati river water in ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India
Ikram Qureshi, Devang Gandhi, Samarth Zarad and Harshal Gandhi

Sabarmati River water sample was analyzed for the Chemical and Microbiological parameters such as pH, BOD, DO, COD, Phosphate, Conductivity and Total Coliform Organisms. River water samples were seasonally collected from the location of Dr. Ambedkar bridge, Sardar bridge, Swami Vivekanand bridge, Gandhi bridge and Subhash bridge. Evolution of Chemical and Biological Test results Indicated that Sabarmati river water has not compliance with the CPCB classification A, B and C Category, hence it...

Comparative study of lactobacillus species in dental caries active subjects
Sonu Singh Ahirwar, Govind Gupta, Vinod Singh and Gupta, M.K.

Lactobacillus is one of most the diverse group of bacteria. It comprise more than 100 species, this is gram’s positive, non- spore forming, non- motile, catalase- negative bacteria. They are homo and hetro- fermentative bacteria which are produce either gas or acid or both. Isolation and classification of Lactobacillus is most challenging task for researchers. According to previous research Lactobacillus play important role in dental caries progression in children’s age 3-12 years old, S....

A study to assess the level of stress regarding demonetization of rs. 500 and rs. 1000 notes among the people residing at selected areas of Vadodara District
Suresh, V., Vijayaraddi Vandali, Patel Priya, 2Rathwa Anjana, Shah Sweta, Bandana Spoorthy and Vasava Smita

Background: Stress is a state of mental and emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. There is both good and bad or positive and negative stress. 86% of Indian currency was abrogated in effort to Demonetization. The survey that 51% work and 50% personal finances are the contributing factors for the increased level of stress in the individual.
Aims and Objectives: The main aim to conduct this study was to find out the level of stress regarding the...

Study of antibacterial activity of medicinal plants on oral microflora and formulation of herbal mouth Wash
Dr. JaspalKaurOberoi, Sapna Jain, AshwiniSakunde, AnkitaKawade, KirtiDahigaonkar and PratibhaJadhav

The present study was aimed to determine the antimicrobial efficiency of aqueous extracts of six medicinal plants like Cymbopogoncitratus ,Ocimum sanctum , Cinnamomumverum , Azadirachtaindica ,Trigonellafoenum – graecum, Cynodondactylon against four oral pathogens, Streptococcus , Staphylococcus, Lactobacillus and Bacillus. Results from this study have shown that this formulation of herbal mouthwash was very effective in controlling the growth of oral pathogens.

Lead poisoning from cars exhausts among primary school children in Sudan
Fatima A. B. Abdalla, Hythem S. A. Saeed, Abdel Rouf A. Abbas and Abdelmonem M. Abdellah

Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of lead toxicity among students in primary schools of main Sudanese cities.
Design: Data was collected through questionnaires and was statistically analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), Descriptive statistic, t.test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), mean difference, regression and correlation.
Participant: The sample consisted of 161 participant, taken from children distributed between five provenances in Sudan, using...

Benefits, challenges and selection of cloud erp systems used in smes
Meganathan Ramasamy and Dr. Singh, R.P.

Cloud ERP is an approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) that rely on cloud computing platforms and services to deliver a business with more flexible business process revolution. ERP systems are nowadays look at as influential IT solution for Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) in India. ERP covers a worthy route to modernize the internal and external processes of enterprise and promotes qualitative development in the work and work process. In the cloud based ERP, the software...

Exploring anticancer activity of topically applied quinine sulfate on skin carcinoma - Biochemical study of skin
Deepika Jhanwar and Jaimala Sharma

In this study DMBA was used as skin carcinoma initiator and Croton oil was used as promoter. Quinine sulfate was topically applied on mice skin to treat skin carcinoma. Quantitative estimation of catalase activity, superoxide dismutase activity, reduced glutathione, vitamin –C content and lipid peroxidation was performed in mice skin. In this study antioxidative capacity of all the groups of mice, which were given Quinine sulphate with carcinogen, was more than the group, which was given...

Impact of selected yogic practices on antioxidant activity in middle aged subjects
Sriharisukesh, N., Krishna Sharma, K., Nandini, M. and Aradhana Marathe

Yoga is the ancient system of practice which can be applied as a therapeutic strategy for improving the quality of life. The primary objective of the study was to assess the oxidative stress and antioxidant activity level in the middle aged group after the application of selected yogic techniques. The present study was conducted at the department of Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences, Mangalore University There were total 80 numbers of volunteers (n=80) divided in to experimental and...

Fed-batch and cstr studies for l-methionine production by c.glutamicum using agricultural Products
Venkata Narayana, A. and Swamy, A.V.N.

The optimized values (nutrient and process parameters) obtained from RSM and ANN in the previous works were used to carry out fed-batch and CSTR studies for the production of L-Methionine by C.glutamicum using agricultural products as substrates. The optimized values obtained from earlier work were plantain as C-source (21.19 g/l), groundnut as N-source (11.20 g/l), MgSO4.7H2O (1.21 g/l) and inoculum size (3.30 ml). Determined the productivities (Dx and Dp) and yield coefficients (YX/S and...

Declining level and quality assessment of ground water with a special emphasis on industrialization in Haryana, India: A Review
Manju Sharma

Ground water plays a key role in meeting the water needs of various user-sectors in India. It is directly linked with human health, protection of the environment, plant growth and sustainable development. Experts believe that India is fast moving towards a crisis of ground water overuse and contamination. The Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, also stated that the ground water scenario has reached a critical stage in 9 States of India, i.e. Punjab,...

Concept of shayyamutra in present scenario
Dr. Sharma Shilpi, Dr. Sharma Rakesh, Dr. Bhima Devi, Dr. Asharafi Bakhtyar

Shayyamutra (Nocturnal Enuresis) is a psychosomatic disorder and most commonly diagnosed in children. It is accidental, repeated, unintentional voiding of urine i.e. involuntary discharge of urine with a full steady stream, due to loss of bladder control at day time or night during sleep by children. It is essentially a benign condition but may lead to great deal of psychosocial and emotional distress to the child and family. Thousands of people are seeking answers and reaching out for help...

Detection Of Rubella Virus Among Pregnant Women In Aljazeera State, Sudan
Amar Hassab Elnabi Abdalla Gaber and Amira Eltom Fawzi Osman

Rubella is a contagious viral infection that in pregnant women leads to the infection of a developing fetus. Pregnant women are not routinely screened for rubella in Sudan. Epidemiological data on rubella is therefore necessary to create awareness and sensitize health care administrators and providers. A cross-sectional study was carried out in Madani antenatal clinics, Aljazeera State between March and May 2017 to determine seropositivity of rubella virus IgG and IgM in pregnant women using...

Social Structure And Quality Of Life In The Macedonian Village
Jorde Jakimovski

The text refers to the study of certain elements having an impact on the quality of life in Macedonian rural areas, that is, the dynamics of the activity rate (employment and unemployment), structure of disposable household income and attitudes of the citizens about the problems in the household. Employment and structure of disposable household income are constitutive elements of “quality of life” that can be seen as separate sociological sub-discipline which have recently taken a greater...

Effect Of Varying Temperatures On Chemical And Mechanical Properties Of Expansive Clay
Charles K. Kabubo, Sylvester O. Abuodha, Zachary A. Gariy and Sixtus K. Mwea

Due to their physical and chemical structure, expansive soils undergo alternate swelling and shrinkage when the soil moisture changes. This causes all types of structures and pavements built on them to undergo severe distress, resulting in damage to them and high rehabilitation costs. There are many methods of improving such soils. This research studied the effect of thermal stabilization on the chemical and mechanical characteristics of a naturally occurring black cotton spoil, an expansive...

Growth Of Choy Sum Following Azotobacterand Trichoderma Inoculation
Reginawanti Hindersah, June Putinella, Wilhelmina Rumahlewang, Marthin Kalay and Priyanka Asmiran

The way to reduce agrochemicals to ensure safety food production is plant inoculation with biological agents. BioprotectantTrichodermaand biofertilizerAzotobacter arewidely used in sustainable agriculture. The objective of this pot experiment was to evaluate the effect of dual inoculation, Azotobacter sp. and Trichoderma harzianumon the growth of choy sum (Brassica rapa L. var. Parachinensis) and available N in soil.Pot experiment was set up in randomized block design with nine combination...

Study Of Developmental Inhibition Of Drosophila Melanogaster Induced By Mercuric Chloride And Associated Larval Chromosomal Rearrangements
Ashim Kumar Basak, Tridip Chatterjee, Sumangal Nandy

Mercury is a hazardous element that occurs naturally and considered by World Health Organization as one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern. Exposure of mercury to human may occur through occupational activities, diet, medical uses and can cause serious health hazards. Although developmental toxicity of mercury is known, reports involving dose dependent effect of any of its compound on the development of human or in animal is not enough. Using Drosophila melanogaster, a...

Determination of the hygienic and physico-chemical quality of Raw milk produced by small and medium producers of The north-east region of carchi-ecuador
Martínez-Villarreal, David, Morales-Arciniega, Samantha, Núñez-Naranjo, Luis, Santander-Parra, Silvana, De la Cueva-Jácome, Francisco and Puga-Torres, Byron

Milk production is a very important activity in several regions of Ecuador, and the province of Carchi is no exception, whose production is close to 300 thousand liters per day. This production comes from big, medium, and small producers, and these two lastsare a great significance in the economy of the region, and with less technification; reason why it is of importance to control that the physical-chemical and hygienic characteristics of its milk are in accordance with establishes the...

Reduction of nox emissions in a diesel engine using selective catalytic Reduction (scr)
Prabodh Patil and Simrandeep K.V. Mutha

With CI engines (diesel engines) pollutants such as NOx along with CO2 having high global warming potential are emitted in air via engine exhaust. NOx emissions are responsible for environmental abnormalities like acid rain and ozone layer depletion. These gases are also harmful for direct human contact, as can cause severe respiratory problems and diseases like bronchitis. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a technique used for reducing hazardous nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel...

Geometric Note To Diophantine Equations
Timotej Sumny

In this paper we are focused to Diophantine equations and finding conditions to solutions, if we use method of analytic geometric. We use grid point to characterize whole numbers at space E_2. The Diophantine equation is in geometry curve. And this curve we characterize with tangent. After that we will characterized conditions with tangent and direct vector.

Dissolution enhancement of itraconazole by liquisolidcompactstechniques And its in-vitro evaluation
Pawar J.D., Mr. Jagtap R.S., Dr. Doijad R.C., Me. Desai J. R., Ms. Pol S.V., Ms. Jadhav V.V., Mrs. Jagtap S.R. and Mr. Shete A.S.

Background: Itraconazole model drug, since it is insoluble in water. Itraconazole pure drug is a potent synthetic triazole antifungal drug with activities against broad spectrum of fungal species. It is hydrophobic drug which belongs to BCS class II and its half-life is 21h with 55% bioavailability. Attempt had created to examine the use of liquisolid technique in raising the dissolution of Itraconazole in a solid dosage form.
Methods: The liquisolid tablets were formulated by using...

Formulation Development And In Vitro Evaluation Of Gastroretentive Effervescent Floating Tablets Of Diltiazem Using Various Polymers
Pradeep Kumar, M., Manjulam C., Venkateswara Rao, S. Swathi, P. and Bhavani, B.

In the present research work sustained release floating matrix formulation of diltiazem HCL by using various concentrations of polymer were developed. The formulation blend was subjected to various preformualation studies, flow properties and all the formulations were found to be good indicating that the powder blend has good flow properties. Among all the formulations F8 formulation was retarded the drug release up to desired time period i.e., 12 hours in the concentration of 60 mg. The...

Intensive Care Nurses’ Knowledge Of Evidence-Based Practices Regarding The Prevention Of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia In Turkey
Alankaya, N., Karadakovan, A., Ozgursoy Uran, B.N. and Bayram, H.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate nurse’s knowledge of evidence-based practices (EBPs) regarding the prevention of Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in ICU.
Background: Ventilator-associated pneumonia rates are regarded as the most important indicator of quality of care in hospitals.
Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted in seven hospitals in Turkey. A questionnaire consisting of 9 closed questions was used following the VAP prevention guideline of...

Effect of papaya ring spot virus infection on the fruit quality of A tolerant papaya variety, ‘red lady’
Chamika Buddhinie, P. K., Nazeera Salim, Hewage Sarananda, K. and Nimal Punyasiri, P. A.

Carica papaya L. ‘Red Lady’, a papaya ring spot virus (PRSV), tolerant variety was introduced to Sri Lanka in early 2000. However, recently, plants with severe symptoms of PRSV were observed in the fields while fruits in local markets were seen with abundant ring-spot symptoms. As the virus is known to have no considerable effect on the yield of tolerant varieties, this investigation was focused on verifying the effect of PRSV on the quality of “Red Lady” fruits. Since the initial screening...

Characterization Of Corpus Collosum In Mr Images Using Texture Analysis
Amna M. Ahmed, Suhaib Alameen, Caroline Edward Ayad and Mohamed E. M. Gar-Elnabi

This study concern to characterize the corpus collosum parts to splenium, trunk and genu using first order statistic and extract classification features from MR images. The FOS techniques included eight’s features. To find the gray level variation in MR images it complements the FOS features extracted from MR images with variation of gray level in pixels and estimate the size variated of the sub patterns. analyzing the image with Interactive Data Language IDL software to measure the grey...

Joint intervention of rtms and hypnotic psychotherapy in women with A diagnosis of anorexia nervosa
Marco Ermete Boido, Ilaria Lombardi, Claudia Aceto, Maurizio Cavallini and Tatsiana Volchik

Background: anorexianervosa is a serious psychiatric disorder, for which very few validated therapeutic strategies exist. The specific sociocognitive style of anorexic patients has already been described in the 1960s: it involves a concrete style with abstraction difficulties. Current neuropsychological tests have contributed to a more precise definition of these difficulties.
Objective: clinical analysis of possible positive correlation between two different methodological approaches...



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