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September 2017

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Business to rehabilitation of persons with disabilities: A journey through corporate social responsibility
Dev Nandan Kumar

Disability rehabilitation in India has a long past but a short scientific history which started only after International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP) in 1981. The Government of India is committed to provide rehabilitation services to all persons with disabilities. However, accessibility of rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities is too limited due to existing infrastructure, budget allotments, plan and policies etc. Corporate social responsibility is a business philosophy...

An overview on the sino - India relation after cold war to 2006
Hidam Ajit Meetei

This paper is being made on a humble attempt to throw light on the "An Overview on the Sino-India Relation after Cold War to 2006" on the basis of available sources. India and China had cultural contact right from the ancient period. It is fact that many Buddhist missionaries went to China and these Buddhist missionaries spread Buddhism in China. It is also significant to note that China learnt decimal System from the Buddhist missionaries. Many resolutions of the Indian National Congress on...

Empowerment of persons with disabilities through institutional based rehabilitation services
Dev Nandan Kumar

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPD) Act, 2016; replaces the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. The RPD Act includes total 21 conditions under disability. The existing eight national institutes established during 1970s and 1980s are old fashioned and working for empowerment of single disability. Studies have shown that non-inclusion of persons with disabilities in the development process has several implications,...

A study on customer satisfaction towards Suzuki gixxer two wheeler
Mrs. Parameswari, M., Mr. Gokulakrishnan, S. and Mr. Mathivanan, M.

The demand for two–wheeler is increasing day by day in leaps and bounds as it explores a stylish trend towards the modern youth nowadays. There are innumerable factors that affect them to stick with a particular brand. This study focuses at analyzing the factors that influence the customers to prefer the Suzuki Gixxer. For that the sample of 100 respondents has been chosen from the Coimbatore city. The sample was collected from the customers who owned the SUZUKI GIXXER and to know about the...

Effectiveness of health education programme on knowledge regarding febrile seizure among mothers of under five children at selected villages of district Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh
Lovejot Kaur, Susheela Margaret and Simarjeet Kaur

Background: Febrile seizure is “a seizure in association with a febrile illness in the absence of a central nervous system infection or acute electrolyte imbalance in children older than 1 month of age without prior febrile seizure” Febrile seizure refers to the seizure associated with fever but excluding those related to CNS infections. It is the commonest cause of seizure in early childhood. It is related to abrupt increase in body temperature rather than degree of temperature rise. A...

Awareness of basic life support (BLS) among doctors, nurses, interns and medical students in a medical college
Upendra Krishna Regmi and Prashant Kumar Datta

Objectives: Basic life support (BLS) is a life saving procedure and adequate knowledge and skills related to BLS are essential for all health professionals. This study was undertaken to evaluate the awareness and knowledge of Basic Life Support (BLS) among doctors, nurses, interns and medical students in a medical college.
Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted by using responses to a questionnaire regarding BLS by 131 responders. Out of all the responders, 59 were nurses, 41...

Global weight dominating vertex set on s - Valued graphs
Jeyalakshmi, S. and Chandramouleeswaran, M.

In [3], we studied the weight dominating vertex set on S− valued graphs. In this paper, we introduce the notion of Global and Total Global weight dominating vertex set on S− valued graphs.

Sri aurobindo: Relevance of his spiritual philosophy in the 21st century
Rakibul Islam

Sri Aurobindo was not only the best philosopher of the twentieth century, but he was a political leader, a social worker, a poet, a yogi, a spiritual leader, and an ideal teacher. Today in the twenty first century we are living in a world where all the windows of it are wide-open. Good and evil all creeps through the window’s uninterruptedly beyond our control. But it is certainly possible to resist moral degradation if we can lead life in accordance with Indian spiritualism. Now the...

University of Mumbai – Towards the centre of excellence!
Pramod V. Naik

University of Mumbai, a 150 years’ institution, can be looked forward as a centre of excellence. Some of the points which should be given serious thought are overviewed in this article.

Globalization of real zeros of a random trigonometric polynomial
Dr. P. K. Mishra and Dipty Rani Dhal

Let EN(T; Φ’, Φ’’) denote the average number of real roots of the random trigonometric polynomial
T=Tn(θ, ω)=
In the interval (Φ’, Φ’’). Clearly, T can have at most 2n zeros in the interval (0, 2π). Assuming that ak(ω)s to be mutually independent identically distributed normal random variables, Dunnage has shown that in the interval 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π all save a certain exceptional set of the functions (Tn (θω)) have zeros when n is large. We consider the same family of trigonometric...

Numerically evaluated number of level crossings of a random algebraic polynomial
Dr. Mishra, P.K. and Dipty Rani Dhal

We study the expected number of real zeros of an algebraic polynomial of degree n, whose coefficients are independent Cauchy distributed random variables. We present a formula for the expected number, which has the advantage of being easy to use numerically. This approach shows that the error term involved in the asymptotic estimate for the expected number of real zeros with this class of distribution for the coefficients is 0(1).

Hormonal affects of silver nanoparticles in freshwater fish “Cyprinus carpio”
Dr. Thangam, Y., Ranganayaki, P. and Dr. Rabeeth, M.

Selecting In the present study silver nanoparticles were exposed to fish Cyprinus carpio and the changes in the hormonal level were observed. Silver nanoparticles and silver-containing compounds cause adverse effects in human and animals. Environmental pollutants cause an impairment of fish internal function and a characteristic elevation of plasma thyroid hormones. In fish, hormones are critical towards maintaining proper physiological function and amongst the hormones found in fish the...

Cardiac abnormalities classification using principal component analysis
Natarajan, M., Krishnan, J. and Malathi, R

Cardiac patients require long term monitoring of Electrocardiogram signals. However, it is a very tedious and time-consuming task to analyze the ECG recording beat by beat in a long-term monitoring. This is because the abnormal heart beats can occur randomly and a long-term ECG record, say 24 hours, may contain hundreds of thousands of beats. Hence, it is highly desirable to automate the entire process of ECG classification. The present work proposes a technique for ECG classification....

Proposed framework for e-governance applications
Dr. Ramnik Kaur

The governments of various countries introduced e-Governance applications to bridge the gap between government and citizens in order to provide effective and efficient services, to increase productivity and to extend other benefits to its citizens. The applications of e-projects employ information technology, telecommunication network implementing government policies over internet to serve better. The growing importance of e-Governance is spreading its branches in varied fields which are...

Cement slurry design for geothermal exploratory well in dholera field using a novel concept of multifunctional additives
Manan Shah, Anirbid Sircar, Mahesh Mandlik and Dwijen Vaidya

Perhaps the most critical component of the drilling process to the integrity and longevity of a geothermal well is the cementation of the casings. API class G cement is usually utilized for cementation of geothermal well in India, and additives are used to improve the properties of the cement slurry. The primary aim of cementation of geothermal well is to withstand the well in presence of geothermal fluids and high temperature. The objective of the study is to investigate the effect of...

Assessment of ground water quality in anantnag District of Kashmir Valley (J&K)
Aadil Gulzar, Mohammad Aneesul Mehmood, Rouf Ahmad Bhat and Sartaj Ahmad Ganie

The present research investigation has been carried out to assess the ground waterquality of district Anantnag of Kashmir (J and K) India for drinking and irrigational purposes. A total of twelve sampling sites (three sites from each tehsil) in the study area were selected for water quality analysis. The sampling sites were named as Janglaatmandi, Sopat, Dialgam, Shakerpora, Larkipora, Shahabad, Zalangam, Hillar, Damhal, Nowgam, Sundu and Gopalpora.For assessing water quality in the study...

Determination of trapping parameters of calcined alumina by various heating rate methods
Dr. Md Raheijuddin Sheikh

Trapping parameters of calcined alumina (alpha phase) has been determined by resorting to Various Heating Rate (VHR) method in the dose range from 5 to 100Gy. Peak finding by second derivative plot of the glow curve is used. It is observed that highly overlapped traps of charge (electron) could be observed by variation of radiation dose. As many as twelve traps could be located for the glow peaks in the range of temperature from 350 to 770 K. The traps are pretty close to each other and also...

Toxicity evaluation of the organophosphate compound chlorpyrifos on target and non-target organisms with reference to mice
Muniya Naik, M., Jayasankar, A., Narasimha Rao, C., Srineetha, U., Sudhakara Reddy, M., Udaykiran, V. and Sivasankar, R.

Chlorpyrifos is considered moderately hazardous to humans by the World Health Organization. Chlorpyrifos exposure may lead to acute toxicity at higher doses, Poisoning from chlorpyrifos may affect the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system and also skin and eye irritant. Healthy wistar strain mice of the same age group 100±10 days and weight 75±10 grams were selected as experimental animals for the present study. The organophosphate compound...

Toxicity evaluation of the organophosphate compound chlorpyrifos on target and non-target organisms with reference to mice
Muniya Naik, M., Jayasankar, A., Narasimha Rao, C., Srineetha, U., Sudhakara Reddy, M., Udaykiran, V. and Sivasankar, R.

Chlorpyrifos is considered moderately hazardous to humans by the World Health Organization. Chlorpyrifos exposure may lead to acute toxicity at higher doses, Poisoning from chlorpyrifos may affect the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system and also skin and eye irritant. Healthy wistar strain mice of the same age group 100±10 days and weight 75±10 grams were selected as experimental animals for the present study. The organophosphate compound...

Numerical investigation into a new shape of metamaterials at optical frequencies
Hanan Ali and Prof. Zhang Gouping

The development of metamaterials was driven by the desire to fulfill synthetic materials with optical properties beyond naturally available materials. Natural isotropic homogeneous materials are characterized by a frequency dependent permittivity ε(ω) and permeability μ(ω). Both of ε(ω) and μ(ω) describe the response of the media to an electromagnetic field, where ε(ω) describes the electric polarization induced by the electric field and μ(ω) describes the magnetic polarization induced by...

Study of microstructure and phase of plasma sprayed high molybdenum composite coating
Shailesh Mani Pandey, R.S.Walia andQasim Murtaza

Automotive sectors now days are focused on improving the engine efficiency. To enhance the tribological properties of the engine, the thermal spray technique was used for depositing the coating on the cast iron substrate. To provide a reliable basis for the practical application in automotive industry, composite powder containing 60% high carbon molybdenum, 20% pure molybdenum, 10% CrC and 10% NiCr deposited on the cast iron substrate by atmospheric plasma spray method. In this paper, to...

On the morphology and taxonomy of two multipurpose congeneric taxa-calotropis gigantea and c. procera (apocynaceae)
Ajai Kumar Singh, Shiv Narayan Dubey and R. K. Sahu

Two multipurpose congeneric taxa Calotropis gigantea and C. procera have been described in detail from morpho-taxonomic view point along with seedling morphology. The reported taxa can be distinguished by comparing corolla, corona, pollinial sac and fruit shape. At seedling stage they can be differentiated and identified on the basis of colour, collet, and shape of the first and second leaf blades.

Socio-cultural insight: The pangal in pre colonial Manipur
Dr. Oinam Ranjit Singh

Manipur, which is located strategically in North Eastern part of India, represents a land of immense variety of climate, land-scape, inhabitants, culture and tradition. Known through various names in the region between South Asia and South-East Asia, history records its existence as a Sovereign Asiatic kingdom since ancient time. Known as Kathe to the Burmese, Meklee to the Ahoms, Mooglei to the Cacharies, Cassey to the Shans, the people of this land have undergone several ordeals in the...

Nanotechnology in clinical microbiology: A mini review
Mayuri Rani, Tanu Sagar and Shukla Das

Now days there are limitation of current technologies available for diagnosis due to high cost and short shelve half-life of some reagents such as enzymes and DNA primers, limit the application of most conventional pathogen detection techniques in developing nations. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) , require extensive sample preparation and have long turn around times, which delay prompt response and disease containment. Also decreased...

Standardized advertisement strategy for consumer products in emerging economies: A two – step clustering method
Parthajit Doley and Mithun J. Sharma

Global competition of multinational firms illuminates the need of standardized consumer products and considers the benefits of standardized advertising in prospective economically similar countries. The role played by standardized advertising strategy in the structural adjustment between business and changing global scenario is dynamics for the ongoing growth and value creation of consumer products. The paper tests the prospect of implementation of standardized advertisement strategy for...

Optimization of the performance of potassium chloride, choline chloride and polyol as shale inhibiting agent in reservoir drilling fluid
Dr. Prasenjit Talukdar

Although, the depth of invasion is controllable to a certain degree by designing the drilling fluids on the basis of concentration and particle size of the bridging material and of the pore sizes of the reservoir rock, the invasion of solids and filtrate, and corresponding formation damage are inherent to drilling fluid. Therefore, the reservoir drilling fluid should be designed to generate saline inhibitive filtrate which would not swell the clay envelop in and around the payzone particles...

Awareness and attitude of college students towards the addiction of smart phones
Dr. Kalaiselvi, A., Mr. Deepan, D. and Mrs. Magarajothireshmi, S.

There is an extraordinary growth in demand for smartphone market in the last decade. This paved a way for an upward trend in usage of smartphones for personal and official communication, gaming and online shopping. The smartphones have become part and parcel of the modern day life style. Many people are so addicted to their phones that they can’t keep it away while driving, eating, studying, and talking to someone etc. Addiction to smart phone can make a person careless and cause several...

The application of image processing for horti-agricultural experiments
Prabira Kumar Sethy, Subhashree Rath, Dr. Nalinikanta Barpanda Santi Kumari Behera and Amiya Kumar Rath

Horti-Agricultural industry is demanding techno-logical solutions focused on automating agricultural tasks in order to increase the production and benefits while reducing time and costs. Technological advances in precision agriculture have an essential role and enable the implementation of new techniques based on sensor technologies and image processing systems. The no. of application using machine vision and image processing techniques in the Horti-Agriculture structure is in-creasing...

Thiolated truxene derivatives as hole-transporting materials for efficient perovskite solar cells
Anirban Pradhan

New C3 symmetric star-shaped thiolated hole-transporting materials (HTMs) including a truxene core have been successfully synthesized and investigated for high performance perovskite solar cells. These findings open the opportunities for efficient HTMs based on the functionalized truxene utilizing the strong interactions of their functional groups with perovskite. Maximum power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 11.87 % has been achieved by employing thiolated truxene derivatives.

Screening of serum amylase and lipase status in pregnant women
Sabiu Murtala Dambazau Umar Aliyu Umar and Deepa Singh

Background: Pregnancy is a dynamic process characterized by dramatic physiological changes. The knowledge of blood parameters is important for assessing the physiological status and health of an individual. Pancreatic enzymes - lipase and amylase play an important role in lipids and carbohydrates metabolism.
Aims and Objectives: This study is aimed at screening the status of amylase and lipase in healthy pregnant female attending anti-natal routine at Vasundhra Hospital and Fertility...

Assessment of effect of moisture and light on mold growth
Joseph Vinod, Nourhan, B., Naresh, K. and Rajendra, M.,

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. It is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history it has been popular around the world and is one of the oldest artificial foods, having been of importance since the dawn of agriculture. Bread is a staple of many diets throughout the world, from thriving metropolises to developing nations. Mold is ugly fungi, something no one wants to eat. No matter how many preservatives are in it, all...

Panchayatraj system in Tamilnadu during british period (1600 ad – 1947 ad) – A study
Ranganathan, D.

The article entitled panchayatraj system in tamilnadu during british period – a study, deals about the evolution of Panchayat Raj system inherited from the past in Tamilnadu. It denotes the nomenclature derivation for the word “Panchayat” and it is the body of drenching the thirst of people in economic, Political and social spheres from the particular topography. It also insists upon the Panchayat Raj system is an empirical set up for administration and backbone for Indian democratic...

Urokinase enzyme; recent advances in understanding of its receptor, structureand physiological aspects
Manoj G Tyagi, RohitKodagali, PichumaniBalagurumoorthy, VishakhaTyagi and VikramS Gota

The urokinase enzyme is a serine protease released by the kidney and is aimportant member of the Pulmonary renal cascade. The uPA system consists of the serine proteinases uPA and plasmin, two serpin plasminogen activator inhibi¬tors (PAI; PAI-1 and PAI-2), the serpin plasmin inhibitor α2-anti-plasmin, and the cell surface uPA receptor (uPAR), a member of the glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored protein family. There are two types of plasminogen activators (PAs): tissue-type...

Fpga based ecg signal noise reduction
Dipeeka Kalamkar and Prof. Patil, S.S.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) flag is utilized as a part of medicinal and social insurance field to check the heart beat rate of patient to analyze different sorts of sicknesses. This work expects to execute choice that fulfills the prerequisite about framework adaptability, versatility, speed upgrade and lower equipment cost. Already some work is done utilizing MATLAB device yet this work proposes ECG flag sifting utilizing VHDL. It is seen to have created better sifting outcomes with change in...

Physicochemical studies of nicotinic acid in aqueous medium in presence of ionic liquids, 1-butyl-2, 3-dimethylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate and 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tosylate at different temperatures
Kalipada Sarkar and Mahendra Nath Roy

The apparent molar volume (ϕV) and viscosity B-coefficient have been estimated of 0.01 m, 0.03 m and 0.05 m aqueous nicotinic acid solutions in presence of the ionic liquids (IL), 1-butyl-2, 3 – dimethylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate (BdmimBF4) and 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tosylate (EmimOTs) at 298 K, 303 K and 308 K from densities (ρ) and viscosities (η) measurements. The limiting apparent molar volumes (ϕV0) and experimental slopes (SV*) obtained from the Masson equation have been...

Biomass and carbon allometry for kandelia obovata, sheue, liu and yong plantation in northern Viet nam
Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh and Pham Hong Tinh

Despite the known potential of Kandelia obovata Sheue, Liu & Yong plantation in sequestrating carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, there are relatively few studies including precise estimates of the amount of carbon in these plantations. In this study it was determined the biomass-carbon conversion factors for stems, branches, leaves and roots of Kandelia obovata Sheue, Liu & Yong plantation in the coastal provinces of Northern Vietnam. We developed allometric equations to estimate...

Nutritive alteration of cauliflower head infected with alternaria brassicicola from Maharashtra State, India
Mayur A. Dongre and Borse, K. N.

Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L.) were cultivated as a vegetable for their inflorescence meristem. In Indian history, it was assumed that this vegetable was cultivated in India from last 170 years. British people bring this crop to India in 1822(Gopalkrishnan, T.R., 2007). It is the biennial plant. Maharashtra stands eighth among the cauliflower growing states in India. Alternaria brassicicola causes head rot disease to cauliflower in Preharvest as well as post-harvest condition. This...

Preparation of sesbania grandiflora cookie
Sinthiya, R., Saraswathy, K., Menaha, R. and Shiyamala, M.

Agathi keerai is one of the spinach varieties which have many medicinal values. Normal intake of Agathi spinach is in the form of soups and fry. Our research is based on development of new product Agathi leaves cookies. It involves processing steps like drying, pulverization etc. Therefore, the product is completely nutritious. Our paper results in sensory evaluation of the product.

Deep learning-an upcoming technology
Krupa, T. K. and Venkatagiri, J.

Deep learning allows computational models that are composed of multiple processing layers to learn representations of data with multiple levels of abstraction. These methods have dramatically improved the state-of-the-art in speech recognition, visual object recognition, object detection and many other domains such as drug discovery and genomics. Deep learning discovers intricate structure in large data sets by using the backpropagation algorithm to indicate how a machine should change its...

Antibacterial activity of phyllanthus amarus plant extract against resistant pathogenic bacterial strains: An ethanomedicinal plant
Manish Pathak, U.K Singh and Gaurav Upadhyay

Objective: To evaluate antimicrobial activity of Phyllanthus amarus plant extract against resistant pathogenic bacterial strains.
Methods: Aqueous and acetone extract of Phyllanthus amarus (Family: Euphorbiaceae) was studied against resistant pathogenic bacterial strains (Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus fecalis, Salmonella typhi, Salmonella paratyphi B, Proteus vulgaris and Serratia marsescens) by disc diffusion method comparable to that of a standard...

Critical evaluation of the poem by johan keats “Ode on a grecian urn”
Shaheen Akhter

John Keats, one of the representative poets of romantic age, has reached its climax in its love of art and nature, worship of beauty and his expertise in philosophy of life in his famous ode "ode on a Grecian urn”. This specific ode is authentic proof of oft quoted remark about Keats that he was more Greek than Greeks. He has philosophized the concepts of love, beauty and art. According to Keats, in love, there is no consummation. The in-satiated love is the real love; He perceives. Keats...

Perspectives of online education (E-learning)
Tere Cárdenas Gándara

With the aid of the Information Technology (IT), a gigantic step in the evolution of distance education has been given, creating a new concept: e-learning, online education or distributed education. The inclusion of IT in education has allowed the opportunity of having alternative methods of formation for increasing the access to knowledge and learning to millions of children, young people and adults around the world. Talking about IT in education is also thinking of the diverse tools that...

Spectrophotometric determination of the deltamethrin
Gimenez, L. I., Michellod, A. M. M., Jorge, M. J., Pila, A. N., Bordón,A. G., Profeta, M. I., Romero,J. M. and Jorge, Y N. L.

In the province of Corrientes is found highest production of indoor plants from all Argentina, specially in the northeast of this province. This is because the low frequency orthelack of frosts, allowing a lower cost in the production, since heating is not needed. In this type of cultive is commonly used the deltamethrin, as the result of this, the validation of a simple method comparable with the gas chromatography for the determination of this Pesticide on both, irrigation and consumption...

Numerical solution of hydromagnetic incompressible laminar flow over nonlinear stretching sheet
Chaltu Asefa Elfeta, Mitiku Daba Firdi and Habtamu Bayissa Yadeta

In this thesis, the problem of the magnetohydrodynamics boundary layer flow of an incompressible viscous fluid over a non-linear stretching sheet is studied. Using a suitable similarity transformation, the governing partial differential equations are transformed into a system of nonlinear higher order ordinary differential equations. The resulting equations are solved numerically using implicit finite difference scheme known as Keller box method by implementing in matlab. The effects of flow...

Optimization and enzymatic degradation of coir pith and sugarcane leaves by pleurotus platypus through utilizing nitrogen, sulphur and phenolic compound
Gayathiri, E., Bharathi, B., Pushpakarani Rajeswari and Selvadhas, S.

Among white rot basidiomycetes Pleurotus sp., is reported to be most efficient colonizers and degraders of lignocelluloses. The white rot edible mushroom Pleurotus platypus has considered as a moderate temperature loving fungus, having an optimum growth temperature ranges from 20-30°C. Alkaline pH (8) favored the fungal growth and extracellular lignin peroxidase and laccase production. Pleurotus platypus reported to produce extracellular lignin peroxidase under nitrogen and sulphur...

Troubles faced by the policyholder in claim settlement in LIC
Dr. Meeravali Shaik, Mr. Chandra Sekhar, T. and Mr. Koteswara Rao, R.

Insurance is a technique whereby the dubious dangers of people are joined in aggregate through little individual commitments out of which the individuals who endure misfortunes are repaid as a claim by the insurance agency if such a misfortune occasion fits in with the protection assenting i.e. the protection strategy archive. Accordingly, 'guarantee', which may come about because of such indeterminate occasion, is notice to the insurance agency that installment of a sum is expected under...

Synthesis and characterization of some trasition metal complexes using bis-(benzil)-2-aminothiophenol
Anita Kumari

Binuclear complexes of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) with bis-(-benzil)-2-aminothiophenol, Schiff base ligand, have been synthesized and characterized on the basis of molar mass, elemental analysis, IR and electronic spectral studies, molar conductance and magnetic susceptibility measurement. On the basis of above physicochemical and spectrometric measurements it is proposed that the compounds act in a bi-dentate manner. Such complexes have varieties of useful pharmaceutical activities...

Mechanical properties of coconut shell as coarse aggregate in Lightweight concrete
Afolayan, J. O., Ejeh S.P, Amartey Y.D. and Idris, A.

Coconut shell is an agricultural waste from the processing of coconut, the knowledge of it’s engineering properties can boost the usage and the confidence of the designer in utilizing it as an alternative material of application in civil engineering construction. Therefore, the focus of this experimentation is to provide laboratory results of the mechanical properties of coco nut shell aggregate that can establish its potential for usage as light weight aggregate in concrete production. The...

Site selection of solar farms for district malakand using analytical hierarchy process (ahp)
Majid, A., Khizar A., 2, Gul W. and Zuhaib A. Khan

The energy deficiency of the modern world can only be overcome by the proper utilization of the renewable energy resources. Pakistan and specially Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province is facing major energy problems, to reduce these problems one of the option is to install solar farms in different areas of the KPK province. This research paper, deals with site selection for solar farm in Malakand Division. There are many sites in Malakand Division, but selection of the most suitable site for...

Diplomacy in Islam
Arshid Iqbal Dar and Jamsheed Ahmed Sayed

Diplomacy is a reflection of the values of nations and peoples, their cultural and civilizational specificities, political choices, and their religious precepts and traditions. It is a portrait of the past, a reflection of the present and a vision of the future. Any form of diplomacy is built around the principles governing the political structure of the State it represents, whose interests it serves and whose entity in embodies abroad .Diplomacy can be defined as the art and science of...

Knowledge and attitude to climate change among undergraduate students in the faculty of agriculture, university of Nigeria, Nsukka
Dimelu, M.U., Ojo, O.F. and Iwuala, N. O.

Environmental awareness among students is highly influenced by their background, knowledge, attitude and sensitivity towards the environment. The study assessed the knowledge and attitude to climate change among undergraduate students in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Nigeria. A Proportionate random sampling technique was employed to select 92 students. Data were collected through the use of structured questionnaire and analyzed using percentage, mean score and...

Evaluation of teacher performance: a case of learning managment and commitment task in elementary school
Roos. M. S. Tuerah

Background: This research intends to acquire data on the influence of mastery learning materials, learning management and commitment to perform tasks to the performance of primary school teachers, and this research approach using quantitative and survey methods.
Method: Population research are primary school teachers in Tomohon city that ad’s up to 700 people. With drawl of samples using the techniques Proportional Stratified Random Sampling and the number of samples obtained 195...

Synthesis, characterization and electrical study of ppy/photoproduct nanocomposite
Syed Kazim Moosvi, Abdullah Dar, M., Owais Mehraj, Waseem Naqash and Kowsar Majid

This paper deals with synthesis of nanocomposite of PPY with photoproduct of ferricyanide and piperazine. The synthesized photoproduct and nanocomposite material is characterized by standard analytical techniques like FTIR, X-ray diffraction (XRD), UV-Vis spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The XRD analysis confirms two things; first synthesized nanocomposite shows crystalline nature, secondly, the phase structure of composite remains unchanged during doping of photoproduct in...

Phylogeny and characteristics of unculturable bacteria with metagenomics approach
Bhupendra Prasad and Jitendra Malviya

Metagenomics is the genomic analysis of bacteria by direct extraction and cloning of DNA from an assemblage of bacteria. Explanation of Metagenomics stemmed from the ineluctable evidence that as-yet-uncultured bacteria represent the vast majority of organisms in most environments on earth. The supporting analyses of 16S rRNA gene sequences would have been direct amplified from the environment that can change the discovery of microbial life. In microbiology, bacteria needed to be cultured in...

Assessment of egfr expression in different grades of leukoplakia – A cross sectional study
Dr. Usha Sharma, Dr. Vandana Shah, Dr. Surabhi Sinha and Dr. Harish, M.

Introduction: Oral carcinogenesis is a multistage molecular and histological process displaying a number of genetic and phenotypic changes at each stage. The progression towards malignancy therefore includes a series of histopathologicalalterations ranging from reactive hyperkeratosis to hyperplasia progressing to dysplasia, eventually into carcinoma insitu and invasive carcinoma.
Material and Methodology: A total of 42 participants clinically diagnosed with leukoplakia were...

Graphic and plastic art of the Kharam tribe of Manipur
Dr. Sagolshem Jayalaxmi Devi

The Kharam, one of the small tribes of Manipur is found inhabiting in four villages of Senapati District. The Kharam believe that their ancestors originated from a cave located near Makhel, which is about ten kilometers away from Oklong village, Senapati District. Another theory suggests that they along with other groups of Tibeto-Burman family came from south west China. The present study is about the graphic and plastic art of the Kharam tribe of Manipur. It is very interesting to note the...

Women position in the traditional kharam society: An ethno historical approach
Dr. W. Dhiren Singh

The Kharams are one of the natives of Manipur. Being a patrilineal society, only the sons inherit the family property. However, if the parents are rich; they offer even the immovable property to their daughters as marriage gift. But in comparing with other tribes, the Kharam woman enjoys more power and privileges in the society. A woman has the right to marry, divorce and choose mate according to her own choice. The women play vital role in running and maintaining the house. They are very...

Traditional techniques of food preservation of the communities of north east India: The bodo
Dr. Oinam Ranjit Singh

The Bodo of the North Eastern region of India have their own traditional methods for preservation of food since early days. Flesh of animals, various types of fishes, fruits and vegetables etc. are the main food items which have been preserved for later consumption. Preserved food items are enjoyed by them when such foods are not available in fresh and they also wanted to consume the preserved foods for having different. Besides, the people also generally preserved the foods for consuming...

The bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology- experience at b. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad
Dr. Hiren Mundiya and Nishith Thakor

Background: FNAC is a crucial primary screening investigation for thyroid lesions nowadays. It is critical that the cyto-pathologist communicate thyroid FNA interpretations to the referring physician in terms that are succinct, unambiguous, and helpful clinically. The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology (TBSRTC) functions as a link between pathologist and physician/surgeon to understand the reporting and helpful to avoid any misunderstanding. It also provides diagnostic...

Bioefficacy of certain botanical crude extracts against spodoptera litura on tomato
Ankita Awasthi and Sangeeta Avasthi

Spodoptera litura is a polyphagous and cosmopolitan pest. This generalist can grow and survive on wide range of plant species. It causes an estimated loss of 25.8 to 100% in crop production. Establishment of S. litura would have devastating consequences on the quantity and quality of food and fiber crops. Generally chemical pesticides are used to control the infestation of Spodoptera litura but the indiscriminate use of such pesticides develops pest resistance and adversely affected the non-...

Isolation of vitexin from methanolic extract of beet root (beta vulgaris) and evaluation of in vivo antitumour activity against s-180 ac rat model followed by molecular docking against Topoisomerase-I
Neelima Devi, K., Asish Bhaumik, Ch. Manasa, Arup Saha and Pranjit Baruah

The main objective of the present research work was the isolation of the bioactive molecule vitexin present in the methanolic extract of beet root (Beta vulgaris) and evaluation of antitumor activity. Vitexin was characterized by HPLC-MS, IR, H1-NMR, 13C-NMR etc. Molecular docking of vitexin with respect to the target protein Topoisomerase-I was evaluated by Auto dock program with PDB id 1A36 and displayed the binding energy -3.95 k.cal/mol. In vivo antitumor activity of ME-BRT was carried...

Aquatic insects as bio-indicator of water pollution – a study on lower stretch of Bahini River, Guwahati, Assam, North East India
Biman Kumar Sarma and Binode Kumar Baruah

The Bahini River (about 14 – 16 Km) located in the south east corner of Guwahati City. This study is a part of bio-monitoring programme using aquatic insect as bio-indicator species of the lower stretch of Bahini River during 2010 – 2012. The study revealed the presence of 8 genera of aquatic insects belonging 7 families and 3 orders. Biological Monitoring Working Party score and Bio-sensitivity Assessment (BSA) index were calculated to find out the status of the water quality of lotic...

A remote sensing approach to define landscape dynamics in raniganj coalfield area through trend line analysis
Amit Sarkar

Opencast mining certainly put forwards enormous treasure and service benefits. Alongside it adversely causes widespread environmental decay especially land alteration and mutation. Therefore in recent time land use land cover changes in human influenced area have been a breakthrough for research (Steven, 1987). The researcher strives to asses and interpret the pattern of land use change due to opencast coal mining in Sodepur, Salanpur, Sripur, Satgram, Pandaveswer, Kunstoria, Kajora, Kenda...

Aquatic coleoptera of ghaga beel, a closed type freshwatr wetland of Nalbari District of Assam, India
Alakesh Barman and Dr. Rantu Mani Deka

The present study deals with study of aquatic Coleoptera species of Ghaga Beel. The geographical position of the Beel is 26o 28 ∕ 21.10 // N –to 26 o 28 / 25.05 //N and 91 o 28 / 51.84 // E to 91 o 29 / 19.80 // and covering an area of about 50 hectares. The present study revealed presence of 12 species of aquatic Coleoptera comprising of 4 families. The family Gyrinidae comprising of 1 species, Noteridae comprising of 2 species, Hydropphilidae comprising of 4 species and Dytiscidae...

Diversity of spiders from satpuda mountain, India
Magare, S. R.

Diversity, Ecology and systematics of Spiders from Satpuda mountain area was studied during 2015-2016. Study area comprises 20 different collection spots in about 100 sq. km zone of Satpuda Mountains in North Maharashtra, India. A total of 98 individuals belonging to 11 different species were observed and studied from 10 localities. Six families represent 11 species. A maximum of 05 species represented from Araneidae family, 02 from Salticidae and only 01 from Sparassidae, Lycosidae,...

Sex ratio and reproductive performance of the female mud crab scylla serrata (forskal) in coringa mangroves, Andhra Pradesh, India
Vijaya Bharathi, T., Myla S. Chakravarty and Ganesh, P. R. C.

Sex ratio and reproductive performance of the female crab, Scylla serrata was studied for two years in Coringa mangroves. The crab was a continuous breeder with peak season in winter months (October, November and December). The overall sex ratio of male to female was 1:1.09 with the highest ratio of 1:1.8 in December and the lowest (1:0.84) in May. Males were more in number in the size groups of 2.0-3.9cm, 10.0-11.9cm and 12.0-13.9cm with 1:0.67, 1:0.70 and 1:0.20 male to female ratios...

Evaluation of the effect of yoga therapy on some haematological parameters of hiv infected subjects- a randomized controlled trial
Dr. Krishna Sharma, K. and Hrushikesh, P.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the condition in the body that the whole immune system is collapsed due to the Virus namely Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV). The treatment of HIV/AIDS is a highly challenged job across the world. Yoga has got the potential to bring the prosperity and happiness to the practitioner. Attaining perfect health through yoga is a time tested factor. The present study is chosen in order to find out an alternative and authentic approach through yoga,...

Study of hydrophobicity, surface accessibility, and antigenicity of Protein from dracunculiasis
Sonu Mishra and Virendra S. Gomase

To investigate the surface accessisbility , antigenecity and hydrophobicity a protein sequence of 527 amino acids were taken from Dracunculus medinensis and in- depth study were conducted through various B-cell epitopes prediction methods, hydrophobicity prediction methods which provides the highest accurate outcomes. In course of the investigation we detected the maximal hydrophilicity region that could be an antigenic site, which also posses hydrophobic characteristics, because of well...

Assessment of comparative operating cost of new dragline Vs. outlive dragline
Roshan Kumar Patel and Alok, Dr. Nawal Kishore

Economic exploitation of coal now a days is very indispensable. Cost and economics play a crucial role in deciding the financial profit for an organisation. Proper planning and selection of equipment considerably affects total revenue generated by mine. Draglines are the most expensive surface mining equipment which have been abundantly used in surface mine operation and civil engineering for decades. They are versatile and provide an efficient mining method in terms of cost and economics...

A critical appraisal of forest acts and policies in colonial and post colonial India with emphasis on ‘forest rights act – 2006’
Dr. Anirban Roy

Indian forests have experienced a lot of changes in its management throughout the history. Traditional and customary rights of the forest dwelling people were denied over the forest resources at colonial period. Several forest policies have been announced in colonial India that only protected the financial interest of the colonialists. Stringent acts were enforced to restrict forest dwellers from extracting forest products for their livelihood. Post Colonial India experienced even more...

Studies on distribution, nitrogenase activity, sem imaging and molecular identification of free living diazotrophic bacterial isolates of forest ecosystem
Sornalatha, T. and Mahalingam, P.U.

The present study was focused on distribution of microbial and diazotrophic Azotobacter and Azospirillum population in rhizosphere soil samples. Total microbial population viz, bacteria, fungi, actiomycetes and diazotrophic Azotobacter and Azospirillum were enumerated from five different rhizosphere soil samples and compared the distribution of diazotrophic Azotobacter and Azospirillum with other three microbial groups. The result of enumeration of total microbial population indicates the...

Graha roga in pediatric advancement w.s.r. to skanda graha
Dr. Renu Rani, Dr. Satyawati Rathia, Dr. Kori, V.K., Patel, K.S. and Dr. Rajagopala, S.

Graha is a broad spectrum term and collection of symptoms defined in Ayurveda classics, wherein the aetiology is unknown. References regarding Graha Rogas are available in the Vedas, word Grahi is mentioned in Atarva veda. Mahabharata first time explained morphology of Graha Rogas, whereas Ayurveda texts explain the clinical features along with management, though the number of Balagraha varies from text to text. The advancement of technology and diagnostics in the subject of paediatrics in...

A review on embedded system for traffic density monitoring and update service for traveller
Dr. Nilesh N. Kasat

We are facing the traffic congestion and traffic jams day by day, due to increasing number of vehicles. This paper proposes a method to make control on heavy traffic issue. This method is based on real time traffic density measurement, by using image processing technique. The theme is to measure traffic density on every road and provide the IVR System to the traveler arriving on the road for traffic density updates. Due to this facility the incoming traveler on the heavy traffic road can be...

Ethno-medicinal study on the traditional herbal knowledge of the tiwa tribe of morigaon District of Assam, India
Rajashree Bordoloi, Kusum Kashyap and Abhijit Das

An ethnomedicinal survey was conducted on Tiwa Tribe of Morigaon district of Assam, India during 2015 to 2017 in the villages of Borchila, Ga-khujuwa, Kahua-ati, Gokhai-khonda and Dalang-ghat of Morigaon district of Assam, India. During this survey, it was found that this community used 45 valuable plant species of 31 different families to cure various diseases and ailments. They use these plants to cure the diseases like skin disease, eye infection, diarrhoea, rheumatism, tooth problems,...

A secure iot based modern healthcare system by using body sensor network (bsn)
Dr. Nilesh N. Kasat

Biomedical field serves as the benefit for human society. But in today's reckless running world people are casual about their health. Cases of heart attacks and deaths due to lack of help are increasing rapidly. For this purpose A secure IOT based modern healthcare system is best solution. Individuals with the heart condition who have been advised by their doctor to join in a regular exercise program would benefit from using the heart monitor so that they can be aware of their heart rate and...

Do watershed programs ensure drought proofing? – evidence from Government intervention in Karnataka, India
Ananda Vadivelu, G.

Watershed development has been an important strategy to raise agricultural productivity. An important intervention of the Ministry of Rural Development in association with state governments is the Drought Prone Areas Programme (DPAP). The study was conducted in Karnataka which is the third highest state in the country in the proportion of dry land area. The outcomes in terms of crop productivity, livestock assets and migration have been poor during the post-project year largely due to poor...

A histopathological overview of lesions of anal canal
Dr. Hiren Mundiya and Dr. Ruchira Wadhwa

Background: A wide variety of lesions of anal canal commonly presenting with bleeding per rectum are increasing in incidence nowadays. While majority of them are of non-neoplastic in nature, diagnosis and treatment of neoplastic lesions are of paramount importance. Histo-pathological examination is helpful in categorization of lesions of anal canal along with staging and grading of malignant lesionsto improvise the therapeutic decisions.
Aims: to study distribution and prevalence of...

Synthesis of 2-trifluloromethyl benzo[g]quinazolin-4-one nucleosides
Laila M. Break

Synthesis of 2-trifluloromethylbenzo[g]quinazolin-4-one which have been ribosylated by coupling with 1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-

Polyphenol oxidase, acid phosphatase and photosynthetic enzymes activity in cajanus cajan seedlings under cadmium stress
Priyadarshini, B., Muni Kumar, D. and Sujatha, B.

Role of polyphenolic compounds in different biological functions like biotic and abiotic stress resistance make them important for plants. In the present investigation different cadmium (Cd) concentrations representing 0, 0.02, 0.04 and 0.06 mM were used in three pigeonpea cultivars (LRG30, LRG41 and ICPL85063) on various enzymatic activities. Polyphenol oxidase and acid phosphatase activity of the different parts of the three pigeonpea cultivars increased with increasing seedling growth and...

Adaptable benefits of selected rhizospheric isolates from rice and legumes
Manimekalai, G. and Kannahi, M.

Biofertilizer is a relatively safer, environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach as an alternative to reduce chemical fertilizer usage. The selection of bacterial strains with multiple beneficial characteristics are important to maximize the effectiveness on the host plant. Due to a fore mentioned interest, several Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterial (PGPR) and rhizobial strains were isolated from rice and legume roots. Six bacterial strains namely TS1, TS2, TP3, TP4, TR5, TR6...

A universal bldc motor drive with optimized performance
Manoj Kumar Pandey, Anurag Tripathi and Bharti Dwivedi

In this paper, an enhanced input converter circuit for Brushless DC motor drive system is presented. Drive’s converter circuit is designed in such a way to realize all the standards of input power system. Based on the signals frominput voltage divider, converter generates a constant DC bus voltage to drive the Brushless DC motor. Drive's inverter designed with SPWM instead of square PWM, hence there is no pulsation torque. The experimental results are presented to verify the stability of the...

Health of malnourished children
Shradha Trivedi and Sunita Mishra

Childhood under nutrition includes fatal growth retardation, stunting, wasting and deficiency of vitamins along with sub-optimum breastfeeding is a cause if majority of all children death. Childhood under nutrition is known to be at an increased risk of death. Nutritional status indicators especially bio-markers can be used to identify to those infants and children at a higher risk of dying due to morbidity and mortality. The level of education is often viewed as an indicator of the...

Studies on present status of aquatic birds in and around tighra reservoir Gwalior District Madhya Pradesh, India
Lodhi, R. K., Gurjwar, R. K., Rawat, S. N., Dutta, R. and Rao, R. J.

Avifauna plays a significant role in ecological balance of an ecosystem. Their diversity related to the habitat diversity that provides a variety of roosting, nesting, feeding and breeding sites. The present study on aquatic birds carried out at Tighra reservoir. This study helps to evaluate bird density and diversity, species composition, abundance and distribution of aquatic birds of Tighra reservoir. Respectively total 56 species were found belong to 17families and 8 orders. The most...

On β^* g^*-closed sets in topological spaces
Sharmila Banu, S., Anand, B., Logeshwari, J. and Manonmani, J.

The purpose of this paper is to define and study β^* g^*-closed sets and β^* g^* p-closed sets, β^* g^* s-closed sets in Topological spaces.

Hydrolysis of phosphate mono ester of 2-methoxy-4-nitro aniline proceeds via p-n bond fission
Dr. Amit Chaudhary

Study Kinetic study of the hydrolysis of mono-2-methoxy-4-nitroaniline phosphate has been carried out both in acid (0.1 to 6.0 mol. dm-.3 HCl) as well as in buffer medium (1.24 to 7.46 pH) in aqueous solution at 97 ± 0.5oC. The rate of hydrolysis was determined by measuring the rate of appearance of inorganic phosphate by colorimetric method1 (Allen’s modified method). The concentration of the monoester in all the kinetic runs was maintained 5.0 × 10–4 mol. dm–3. Reactive species of...

Ultrasonography evaluation of renal cyst disease in Nnewi Urban, South East Nigeria
Ugwuanyi Daniel, C., Chiegwu Hyacinth, U., Anakwue Angel-Mary, C. and Eze, E.K.

Renal cysts were common findings in the kidneys encountered in daily routine ultrasound examination. The majority is benign, but they can become complicated in the case of infection, hemorrhage, and ischemia. Sonographic evaluation plays a great role in classification and characterization of these lesions. The aim of this study was to assess the occurrence of renal cyst, to assess the renal cysts and classify them according to the sonographic appearance and find relationship with age and sex...

Prevalence of caesarean section in western provincial general hospital
Roseline Asiko Abwalaba, Ronald Omenge Obwoge and Tecla Sum

Caesarean section is a common surgical procedure worldwide that is performed on pregnant Women with an estimated prevalence rate of 33%. Owing to its variable indications the Prevalence rate of caesarean section ranges from 4% in Africa to 29% in Latin America and the Caribbean. The operation is only 100 years old. WHO recommends that caesarean section rate should not exceed 15%. The study was conduct to determine the prevalence of caesarean section and factors associated with it. The study...

Study β- T1/2 Space
Al-Gradi, M.S. and Bashir, M.A.

In this paper we study β -In this paper we study β - T1/2 spaces via the concept of generalized closed sets of type β and also the relationship of tand also the relationship of thisspace to both β – T0 andβ- T1.It is showed that the space is located betweenβ - T1/2is located between the space β – T0 and space β - T1.

8 Gy single fraction of radiation in brain metastasis: Single institution experience
Dr. Nabila Javed, Dr. Javed Iqbal, Dr. Noorul Ain, Dr. Muhammad Rauf Khattak, Dr. Zainab Jan, Dr. Naheed Ahmad, Mr. Habib Ahmad, Dr. Rawail Ahmad and Dr. Khadija Afzal

Brain metastasis develops in 20-40 % of diagnosed cancer patients worldwide during the course of their illness and represent most frequent neurological complications of systemic cancer as a major cause of morbidity and mortality. The cornerstones of treatment for metastatic brain disease are surgery, whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) and radio surgery along with varying doses of steroids. As majority of patients present with multiple brain lesions which precludes the option of surgical...



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